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H A Dbrand_solaris.s92 call *x86_md_clear /* Flush micro-arch state */
112 call *x86_md_clear /* Flush micro-arch state */
H A Dmachprivregs.h132 #define FAST_INTR_RETURN call *x86_md_clear; jmp tr_iret_user
H A Dsyscall_asm_amd64.s654 call *x86_md_clear
952 call *x86_md_clear
1260 call *x86_md_clear
1317 call *x86_md_clear
H A Dlocore.s1194 call *x86_md_clear
1600 call *x86_md_clear
1610 call *x86_md_clear
H A Dmp_pc.c457 x86_md_clear();
H A Dcpuid.c2144 * x86_md_clear().
2167 * - x86_md_clear which will flush the MDS related state. This is done when we
2173 void (*x86_md_clear)(void) = x86_md_clear_noop; variable
2188 x86_md_clear = x86_md_clear_noop;
2194 x86_md_clear = x86_md_clear_verw;
2227 * have MDS_NO, then we need to do a verw (x86_md_clear) and not a full
2248 spec_uarch_flush = x86_md_clear;
H A Dexception.s311 call *x86_md_clear
1089 call *x86_md_clear
H A Di86_subr.s758 call *x86_md_clear
H A Dcpu_idle.c536 x86_md_clear();
H A Dx86_archext.h1065 * x86_md_clear is the main entry point that should be called to deal with
1069 extern void (*x86_md_clear)(void);

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