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printf.cH A D14-Feb-202115.5 KiB765451

sh.cH A D14-Feb-202130.7 KiB1,453893

sh.char.cH A D14-Feb-20211.9 KiB11636

sh.char.hH A D14-Feb-20212.1 KiB6941

sh.dir.cH A D14-Feb-202115.4 KiB746485

sh.dir.hH A D14-Feb-2021746 278

sh.dol.cH A D14-Feb-202114.9 KiB768578

sh.err.cH A D14-Feb-20214.2 KiB212107

sh.exec.cH A D14-Feb-20218.6 KiB460313

sh.exp.cH A D14-Feb-202112 KiB702582

sh.file.cH A D14-Feb-202117.3 KiB816577

sh.func.cH A D14-Feb-202126.8 KiB1,6481,374

sh.glob.cH A D14-Feb-202116.4 KiB974797

sh.hH A D14-Feb-202116.4 KiB570312

sh.hist.cH A D14-Feb-20212.9 KiB168134

sh.init.cH A D14-Feb-20214.2 KiB207181

sh.lex.cH A D14-Feb-202124.1 KiB1,4471,264

sh.local.hH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB5919

sh.misc.cH A D14-Feb-20217.3 KiB539412

sh.parse.cH A D14-Feb-202111.7 KiB692555

sh.print.cH A D14-Feb-20213.6 KiB232157

sh.proc.cH A D14-Feb-202127.1 KiB1,3061,050

sh.proc.hH A D14-Feb-20213.1 KiB9150

sh.sem.cH A D14-Feb-202111.5 KiB528403

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sh.tchar.cH A D14-Feb-202118.5 KiB888584

sh.tconst.cH A D14-Feb-20219.3 KiB208181

sh.time.cH A D14-Feb-20215.4 KiB263194

wait.hH A D14-Feb-20213.5 KiB10448

wait3.cH A D14-Feb-20213.6 KiB14679


2To fix #1098866, the directory structure is modified.
3This directory contains machine independent source codes of csh.
4Two files are currently machine dependent. These are
5	signal.c and signal.h
6Machine dependent files are moved under $(MACH) directory.
8So, if you are going to port csh for other architecture,
9you have to do:
10	1) create a directory for the new architecture.
11		(Say, intel)
13	2) create following files.
14	   (You can use sparc/{Makefile, signal.c, signal.h} as templates.
15		intel/Makefile
16		intel/signal.c
17			You need to modify sigvechandler()
18		intel/signal.h
19			You need to modify struct sigcontext.
21In future, I am planning to rewrite csh so it uses modern
22signal interface so csh will not have any machine dependent
25usr/src/cmd/csh/SCCS/{s.signal.c, s.signal.h} are move under
26usr/src/cmd/csh/sparc/SCCS. So, if you wish to see sccs histories
27of signal.c and signal.h, please refer to usr/src/cmd/csh/sparc/SCCS.