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cddcb3da18-Aug-2010 Sukumar Swaminathan

6926521 Sun VTS test fails for qlge interface
6964519 qlge driver panic when the MTU is set to 9000

a6766df406-May-2010 Sukumar Swaminathan

6946395 Qlogic CNA drops frames in some cases while running netperf reads

accf27a505-Apr-2010 Sukumar Swaminathan

6923815 Implement FMA functionality in qlge driver
6936309 qlge 1.03 performance is only at about 2G in Sparc M series systems

bafec74207-Nov-2009 Sukumar Swaminathan

PSARC/2009/525 qlge - QLogic PCIe converged NIC driver
6871527 FCoE, qlge driver - Add NIC side of support for new Qlogic FCoE adapter, Europa