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H A Dfileno.c51 check_file(FILE *fp, int fd, const char *msg) in check_file() function
75 check_file(f, fdbase, "Consecutive FDs"); in check_open_n()
102 check_file(fmem, -1, "basic fmemopen()"); in check_memstream()
103 check_file(omem, -1, "basic open_memstream()"); in check_memstream()
104 check_file(wmem, -1, "basic open_wmemstream()"); in check_memstream()
123 check_file(f, fd, "fdopen"); in check_fdopen()
132 check_file(f, dupfd, "fdopen of dup2'd file"); in check_fdopen()
138 check_file(f, fno_nextfd, "freopen dup2'd FILE *"); in check_fdopen()
161 check_file(f, fno_nextfd, "alternating memstream, fopen " in check_alternate()
177 check_file(f, fno_nextfd, "alternating memstream, fopen " in check_alternate()
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H A Dctfstrip.c37 static boolean_t check_file(const char *, mode_t *);
58 if (!check_file(*p, &mode)) in main()
68 check_file(const char *filename, mode_t *mode) in check_file() function
H A Danal.c76 static errmask_t check_file(struct file *fp);
152 errs |= check_file(fp); in analyze()
355 check_file(struct file *fp) in check_file() function
433 errs |= check_file(cp); in check_file()
H A DREADME303 in anal.c: read analyze, check_file, check_changes & queue_file
365 check_file
368 anal.c:check_file
H A Dmisc.c43 check_file(char * filename) in check_file() function
H A Dnetpr.h168 extern int check_file(char *);
H A Dnetpr.c278 if ((filesize = check_file(job_data->filename)) == -1) { in main()
H A Doption.c80 static int check_file(audit_fcb_t *, int);
888 if (check_file(fcb, mode)) { /* check file name */ in proc_file()
966 check_file(audit_fcb_t *fcb, int do_check) in check_file() function
H A Dbuiltins.c4530 auto int check_file (char *file); in setup_func()
4535 int check_file (char *file) in setup_func()
4688 if (! check_file (stage1)) in setup_func()
4693 if (! check_file (stage1)) in setup_func()
4700 if (! check_file (stage1)) in setup_func()
4710 if (! check_file (stage2)) in setup_func()
4726 if (check_file (stage1_5)) in setup_func()
H A Dzpool_vdev.c284 check_file(const char *file, boolean_t force, boolean_t isspare) in check_file() function
1197 ret = check_file(path, force, isspare); in is_device_in_use()
H A Dmon.c83 static int check_file(int, int, uchar_t **, int);
4086 check_file(int fd, int verbose, uchar_t **buf_ptr, int dl_info_offset) in check_file() function
4258 err = check_file(file_fd, verbose, &buf, FW_DL_INFO); in l_check_file()
4430 if (err = check_file(file_fd, verbose, &buf_ptr, FW_DL_INFO)) { in l_download()
H A DChangeLog3481 check_file checks if the file FILE exists.