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H A Dmutex.h42 * cookie argument to mutex_init() encodes the interrupt level to block.
46 * mutex_init(). It is identical to MUTEX_ADAPTIVE.
48 * MUTEX_DRIVER is always used by drivers. mutex_init() converts this to
86 #define mutex_init kmutex_init macro
H A Dstub_stand.c86 mutex_init(mutex_t *mp, int type, void *arg) function
H A Dmutex.c35 * Mutexes come in two flavors: adaptive and spin. mutex_init(9F)
560 * mutex_init() as their allocation in this fashion guarantees
567 mutex_init(kmutex_t *mp, char *name, kmutex_type_t type, void *ibc) function
597 cmn_err(CE_WARN, "mutex_init: %p is not %d byte "
606 cmn_err(CE_WARN, "mutex_init: further unaligned"
H A Dexternal.c565 mutex_init(mutex_t *mp, int type, void *arg) function
H A Dsynch.c126 #pragma weak _mutex_init = mutex_init
129 mutex_init(mutex_t *mp, int type, void *arg) function
159 * Callers of mutex_init() with the LOCK_ROBUST attribute
161 * Multiple calls to mutex_init() are allowed; all but
162 * the first return EBUSY. A call to mutex_init() is
197 * (and don't check the return code from mutex_init),
H A DMakefile1058 mutex_init.9f \
1946 mutex_init.9f := LINKSRC = mutex.9f

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