History log of /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/logging.c
Revision Date Author Comments
6ba597c56d749c61b4f783157f63196d7b2445f0 26-Feb-2010 Anurag S. Maskey <Anurag.Maskey@Sun.COM> PSARC/2008/532 NWAM Phase 1
PSARC/2009/577 Network Auto-Magic (NWAM) Phase 1 Updates
PSARC/2010/049 Network Auto-Magic (NWAM) Phase 1 Updates part 2
4087814 User friendly utility wanted for network config, able to add network interfaces.
6509720 support configuration using DHCP "inform" and static IP address
6553627 network/physical:default and network/physical:nwam should be mutually-exclusive (perhaps a property)
6609581 nwam does not start the dns/client service after configuring the network
6664072 nwam profiles should include name service configuration properties
6723947 setting static MAC address should be possible
6794043 NWAM needs more complete profile support
6914190 Support for unmanaged network interfaces in NWAM - hands off
6921971 nwamd fails to run teardown/net-svc after suspend/resume

rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/interface.c => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/ncu_ip.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/wireless.c => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/ncu_phys.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/events.c => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/routing_events.c
rename : usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/functions.h => usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/lib/nwamd/util.h