1e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost /*
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20e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost  */
21e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
22e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost /*
23f657cd55SCheng Sean Ye  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost  * Use is subject to license terms.
25e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost  */
26e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
27e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/types.h>
28e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/cmn_err.h>
29e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/errno.h>
30e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/systm.h>
31e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/sunddi.h>
32e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/pci_cfgspace.h>
33e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/pci.h>
34e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/pcie.h>
35e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <vm/seg_kmem.h>
36e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/mman.h>
37e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include <sys/cpu_module.h>
38e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost #include "intel_nhm.h"
39e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
40e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost static ddi_acc_handle_t dev_pci_hdl[MAX_CPU_NODES][CPU_PCI_DEVS][CPU_PCI_FUNCS];
41e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
42e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost void
nhm_pci_cfg_setup(dev_info_t * dip)43e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_cfg_setup(dev_info_t *dip)
44e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
45e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	pci_regspec_t reg;
46e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	int i, j, k;
47e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
48e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	reg.pci_phys_mid = 0;
49e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	reg.pci_phys_low = 0;
50e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	reg.pci_size_hi = 0;
51e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	reg.pci_size_low = PCIE_CONF_HDR_SIZE; /* overriden in pciex */
52e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	for (i = 0; i < MAX_CPU_NODES; i++) {
53e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		for (j = 0; j < CPU_PCI_DEVS; j++) {
54e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 			for (k = 0; k < CPU_PCI_FUNCS; k++) {
55e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				reg.pci_phys_hi = ((SOCKET_BUS(i))
56e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    << PCI_REG_BUS_SHIFT) +
57e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    (j << PCI_REG_DEV_SHIFT) +
58e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    (k << PCI_REG_FUNC_SHIFT);
59e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				if (ddi_prop_update_int_array(
60e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    DDI_MAJOR_T_UNKNOWN, dip, "reg",
61e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    (int *)&reg, sizeof (reg)/sizeof (int)) !=
62e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    DDI_PROP_SUCCESS)
63e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 					cmn_err(CE_WARN, "nhm_pci_cfg_setup: "
64e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 					    "cannot create reg property");
65e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
66e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				if (pci_config_setup(dip,
67e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				    &dev_pci_hdl[i][j][k]) != DDI_SUCCESS)
68e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 					cmn_err(CE_WARN, "intel_nhm: "
69e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 					    "pci_config_setup failed");
70e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 			}
71e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		}
72e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	}
73*9ff4cbe7SAdrian Frost 	ddi_prop_remove_all(dip);
74e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
75e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
76e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost void
nhm_pci_cfg_free()77e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_cfg_free()
78e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
79e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	int i, j, k;
80e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
81e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	for (i = 0; i < MAX_CPU_NODES; i++) {
82e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		for (j = 0; j < CPU_PCI_DEVS; j++) {
83e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 			for (k = 0; k < CPU_PCI_FUNCS; k++) {
84e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 				pci_config_teardown(&dev_pci_hdl[i][j][k]);
85e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 			}
86e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		}
87e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	}
88e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
89e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
90e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost static ddi_acc_handle_t
nhm_get_hdl(int bus,int dev,int func)91e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_get_hdl(int bus, int dev, int func)
92e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
93e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
94e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	int slot;
95e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
96e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	if (bus >= SOCKET_BUS(MAX_CPU_NODES) && bus <= SOCKET_BUS(0) &&
97e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	    dev < CPU_PCI_DEVS && func < CPU_PCI_FUNCS) {
98e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		slot = SOCKET_BUS(0) - bus;
99e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		ASSERT(slot >= 0 && slot < MAX_CPU_NODES);
100e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		hdl = dev_pci_hdl[slot][dev][func];
101e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	} else {
102e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 		hdl = 0;
103e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	}
104e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	return (hdl);
105e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
106e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
107e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost uint8_t
nhm_pci_getb(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,int * interpose)108e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_getb(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, int *interpose)
109e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
110e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
111e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
112e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
113e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	return (cmi_pci_getb(bus, dev, func, reg, interpose, hdl));
114e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
115e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
116e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost uint16_t
nhm_pci_getw(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,int * interpose)117e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_getw(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, int *interpose)
118e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
119e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
120e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
121e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
122e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	return (cmi_pci_getw(bus, dev, func, reg, interpose, hdl));
123e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
124e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
125e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost uint32_t
nhm_pci_getl(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,int * interpose)126e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_getl(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, int *interpose)
127e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
128e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
129e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
130e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
131e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	return (cmi_pci_getl(bus, dev, func, reg, interpose, hdl));
132e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
133e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
134e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost void
nhm_pci_putb(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,uint8_t val)135e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_putb(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, uint8_t val)
136e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
137e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
138e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
139e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
140e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	cmi_pci_putb(bus, dev, func, reg, hdl, val);
141e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
142e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
143e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost void
nhm_pci_putw(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,uint16_t val)144e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_putw(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, uint16_t val)
145e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
146e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
147e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
148e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
149e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	cmi_pci_putw(bus, dev, func, reg, hdl, val);
150e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }
151e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
152e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost void
nhm_pci_putl(int bus,int dev,int func,int reg,uint32_t val)153e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost nhm_pci_putl(int bus, int dev, int func, int reg, uint32_t val)
154e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost {
155e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	ddi_acc_handle_t hdl;
156e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 
157e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	hdl = nhm_get_hdl(bus, dev, func);
158e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost 	cmi_pci_putl(bus, dev, func, reg, hdl, val);
159e3d60c9bSAdrian Frost }