xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/i86xpv/io/xpvtod.c (revision 843e1988)
1*843e1988Sjohnlev /*
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22*843e1988Sjohnlev /*
23*843e1988Sjohnlev  * Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24*843e1988Sjohnlev  * Use is subject to license terms.
25*843e1988Sjohnlev  */
27*843e1988Sjohnlev #pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
29*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/types.h>
30*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/systm.h>
31*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/mutex.h>
32*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/time.h>
33*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/clock.h>
34*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/archsystm.h>
35*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/modctl.h>
36*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/autoconf.h>
37*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/cmn_err.h>
38*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/atomic.h>
39*843e1988Sjohnlev #include <sys/hypervisor.h>
41*843e1988Sjohnlev /*
42*843e1988Sjohnlev  * tod driver module for i86xpv
43*843e1988Sjohnlev  */
45*843e1988Sjohnlev static timestruc_t
todxen_get(tod_ops_t * top)46*843e1988Sjohnlev todxen_get(tod_ops_t *top)
47*843e1988Sjohnlev {
48*843e1988Sjohnlev 	todinfo_t tod;
49*843e1988Sjohnlev 	timestruc_t ts, wcts;
50*843e1988Sjohnlev 	shared_info_t *si = HYPERVISOR_shared_info;
51*843e1988Sjohnlev 	uint32_t xen_wc_version;
52*843e1988Sjohnlev 	hrtime_t now;
54*843e1988Sjohnlev 	ASSERT(MUTEX_HELD(&tod_lock));
56*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
57*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * Pick up the wallclock base time
58*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
59*843e1988Sjohnlev 	do {
60*843e1988Sjohnlev 		xen_wc_version = si->wc_version;
62*843e1988Sjohnlev 		membar_consumer();
64*843e1988Sjohnlev 		wcts.tv_sec = si->wc_sec;
65*843e1988Sjohnlev 		wcts.tv_nsec = si->wc_nsec;
67*843e1988Sjohnlev 		membar_consumer();
69*843e1988Sjohnlev 	} while ((si->wc_version & 1) | (xen_wc_version ^ si->wc_version));
71*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
72*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * Compute the TOD as the wallclock (boot) time plus time-since-boot
73*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * (/not/ hrtime!) and normalize.
74*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
75*843e1988Sjohnlev 	now = xpv_getsystime() +
76*843e1988Sjohnlev 	    (hrtime_t)wcts.tv_nsec + (hrtime_t)wcts.tv_sec * NANOSEC;
77*843e1988Sjohnlev 	ts.tv_sec = (time_t)(now / NANOSEC);
78*843e1988Sjohnlev 	ts.tv_nsec = (long)(now % NANOSEC);
80*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
81*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * Apply GMT lag correction from /etc/rtc_config to get UTC time
82*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
83*843e1988Sjohnlev 	ts.tv_sec += ggmtl();
85*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
86*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * Validate the TOD in case of total insanity
87*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
88*843e1988Sjohnlev 	tod = utc_to_tod(ts.tv_sec);
89*843e1988Sjohnlev 	if (tod.tod_year < 69) {
90*843e1988Sjohnlev 		static int range_warn = 1;	/* warn only once */
92*843e1988Sjohnlev 		if (range_warn) {
93*843e1988Sjohnlev 			/*
94*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 * If we're dom0, go invoke the underlying driver; the
95*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 * routine should complain if it discovers something
96*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 * wrong.
97*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 */
98*843e1988Sjohnlev 			if (DOMAIN_IS_INITDOMAIN(xen_info))
99*843e1988Sjohnlev 				(void) TODOP_GET(top->tod_next);
101*843e1988Sjohnlev 			/*
102*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 * Check the virtual hardware.
103*843e1988Sjohnlev 			 */
104*843e1988Sjohnlev 			if (tod.tod_year > 38)
105*843e1988Sjohnlev 				cmn_err(CE_WARN,
106*843e1988Sjohnlev 				    "hypervisor wall clock is out "
107*843e1988Sjohnlev 				    "of range -- time needs to be reset");
108*843e1988Sjohnlev 			range_warn = 0;
109*843e1988Sjohnlev 		}
110*843e1988Sjohnlev 		tod.tod_year += 100;
111*843e1988Sjohnlev 		ts.tv_sec = tod_to_utc(tod);
112*843e1988Sjohnlev 	}
114*843e1988Sjohnlev 	return (ts);
115*843e1988Sjohnlev }
117*843e1988Sjohnlev /*
118*843e1988Sjohnlev  * On dom0, invoke the underlying driver to update the physical RTC,
119*843e1988Sjohnlev  * and tell the hypervisor to update its idea of global time.
120*843e1988Sjohnlev  *
121*843e1988Sjohnlev  * On domU, we don't have permission to update the machine's physical RTC,
122*843e1988Sjohnlev  * so quietly ignore the attempt.
123*843e1988Sjohnlev  */
124*843e1988Sjohnlev static void
todxen_set(tod_ops_t * top,timestruc_t ts)125*843e1988Sjohnlev todxen_set(tod_ops_t *top, timestruc_t ts)
126*843e1988Sjohnlev {
127*843e1988Sjohnlev 	xen_platform_op_t op;
129*843e1988Sjohnlev 	if (DOMAIN_IS_INITDOMAIN(xen_info)) {
130*843e1988Sjohnlev 		ASSERT(MUTEX_HELD(&tod_lock));
131*843e1988Sjohnlev 		TODOP_SET(top->tod_next, ts);
133*843e1988Sjohnlev 		op.cmd = XENPF_settime;
134*843e1988Sjohnlev 		op.interface_version = XENPF_INTERFACE_VERSION;
135*843e1988Sjohnlev 		op.u.settime.secs = ts.tv_sec - ggmtl();
136*843e1988Sjohnlev 		op.u.settime.nsecs = ts.tv_nsec;
137*843e1988Sjohnlev 		op.u.settime.system_time = xpv_getsystime();
138*843e1988Sjohnlev 		(void) HYPERVISOR_platform_op(&op);
139*843e1988Sjohnlev 	}
140*843e1988Sjohnlev }
142*843e1988Sjohnlev static tod_ops_t todxen_ops = {
143*843e1988Sjohnlev 	TOD_OPS_VERSION,
144*843e1988Sjohnlev 	todxen_get,
145*843e1988Sjohnlev 	todxen_set,
146*843e1988Sjohnlev 	NULL
147*843e1988Sjohnlev };
149*843e1988Sjohnlev static struct modlmisc modlmisc = {
150*843e1988Sjohnlev 	&mod_miscops,
151*843e1988Sjohnlev 	"TOD module for i86xpv"
152*843e1988Sjohnlev };
154*843e1988Sjohnlev static struct modlinkage modl = {
155*843e1988Sjohnlev 	MODREV_1,
156*843e1988Sjohnlev 	&modlmisc
157*843e1988Sjohnlev };
159*843e1988Sjohnlev int
_init(void)160*843e1988Sjohnlev _init(void)
161*843e1988Sjohnlev {
162*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
163*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * In future we might need to do something more sophisticated
164*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * for versioning, i.e. dealing with older hardware TOD modules
165*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * underneath us, but for now, anything else but "same" is a
166*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * fatal error.
167*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
168*843e1988Sjohnlev 	if (tod_ops->tod_version != todxen_ops.tod_version)
169*843e1988Sjohnlev 		panic("TOD module version mismatch");
171*843e1988Sjohnlev 	/*
172*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * Stitch the ops vector linkage together, with this module
173*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 * sitting on the "front" of the ops list.
174*843e1988Sjohnlev 	 */
175*843e1988Sjohnlev 	todxen_ops.tod_next = tod_ops;
176*843e1988Sjohnlev 	tod_ops = &todxen_ops;
178*843e1988Sjohnlev 	return (mod_install(&modl));
179*843e1988Sjohnlev }
181*843e1988Sjohnlev int
_fini(void)182*843e1988Sjohnlev _fini(void)
183*843e1988Sjohnlev {
184*843e1988Sjohnlev 	return (EBUSY);
185*843e1988Sjohnlev }
187*843e1988Sjohnlev int
_info(struct modinfo * modinfo)188*843e1988Sjohnlev _info(struct modinfo *modinfo)
189*843e1988Sjohnlev {
190*843e1988Sjohnlev 	return (mod_info(&modl, modinfo));
191*843e1988Sjohnlev }