1*a3114836SGerry Liu /*
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21*a3114836SGerry Liu /*
22*a3114836SGerry Liu  * Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
23*a3114836SGerry Liu  * Use is subject to license terms.
24*a3114836SGerry Liu  */
25*a3114836SGerry Liu /*
26*a3114836SGerry Liu  * Copyright (c) 2010, Intel Corporation.
27*a3114836SGerry Liu  * All rights reserved.
28*a3114836SGerry Liu  */
29*a3114836SGerry Liu 
30*a3114836SGerry Liu #ifndef	_SYS_DRMACH_ACPI_H
31*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	_SYS_DRMACH_ACPI_H
32*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/types.h>
33*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/cmn_err.h>
34*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/param.h>
35*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/sunddi.h>
36*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/acpi/acpi.h>
37*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/acpica.h>
38*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/acpidev.h>
39*a3114836SGerry Liu #include <sys/drmach.h>
40*a3114836SGerry Liu 
41*a3114836SGerry Liu #ifdef __cplusplus
42*a3114836SGerry Liu extern "C" {
43*a3114836SGerry Liu #endif
44*a3114836SGerry Liu 
45*a3114836SGerry Liu #ifdef	_KERNEL
46*a3114836SGerry Liu 
47*a3114836SGerry Liu /* Use ACPI handle as DRMACH handle on x86 systems. */
48*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_HANDLE		ACPI_HANDLE
49*a3114836SGerry Liu 
50*a3114836SGerry Liu /* Macros to deal with object type. */
51*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_OBJ(id)		((drmach_common_t *)id)
52*a3114836SGerry Liu 
53*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_NULL_ID(id)	((id) == 0)
54*a3114836SGerry Liu 
55*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_BOARD_ID(id)	\
56*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) && (DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_board_new))
57*a3114836SGerry Liu 
58*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_CPU_ID(id)	\
59*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) && (DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_cpu_new))
60*a3114836SGerry Liu 
61*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_MEM_ID(id)	\
62*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) && (DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_mem_new))
63*a3114836SGerry Liu 
64*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_IO_ID(id)	\
65*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) && (DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_io_new))
66*a3114836SGerry Liu 
67*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_DEVICE_ID(id)					\
68*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) &&						\
69*a3114836SGerry Liu 	(DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_cpu_new ||	\
70*a3114836SGerry Liu 	    DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_mem_new ||	\
71*a3114836SGerry Liu 	    DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_io_new))
72*a3114836SGerry Liu 
73*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_IS_ID(id)					\
74*a3114836SGerry Liu 	((id != 0) &&						\
75*a3114836SGerry Liu 	(DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_board_new ||	\
76*a3114836SGerry Liu 	    DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_cpu_new ||	\
77*a3114836SGerry Liu 	    DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_mem_new ||	\
78*a3114836SGerry Liu 	    DRMACH_OBJ(id)->isa == (void *)drmach_io_new))
79*a3114836SGerry Liu 
80*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_INTERNAL_ERROR() \
81*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drerr_new(1, EX86_INTERNAL, drmach_ie_fmt, __LINE__)
82*a3114836SGerry Liu 
83*a3114836SGerry Liu #ifdef DEBUG
84*a3114836SGerry Liu extern int drmach_debug;
85*a3114836SGerry Liu 
86*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_PR		if (drmach_debug) printf
87*a3114836SGerry Liu #else
88*a3114836SGerry Liu #define	DRMACH_PR		_NOTE(CONSTANTCONDITION) if (0) printf
89*a3114836SGerry Liu #endif /* DEBUG */
90*a3114836SGerry Liu 
91*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
92*a3114836SGerry Liu 	struct drmach_node	*node;
93*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void			*data;
94*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void			*func;
95*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_node_walk_args_t;
96*a3114836SGerry Liu 
97*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct drmach_node {
98*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void		*here;
99*a3114836SGerry Liu 
100*a3114836SGerry Liu 	DRMACH_HANDLE	(*get_dnode)(struct drmach_node *node);
101*a3114836SGerry Liu 	dev_info_t	*(*getdip)(struct drmach_node *node);
102*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		(*getproplen)(struct drmach_node *node, char *name,
103*a3114836SGerry Liu 				int *len);
104*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		(*getprop)(struct drmach_node *node, char *name,
105*a3114836SGerry Liu 				void *buf, int len);
106*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		(*walk)(struct drmach_node *node, void *data,
107*a3114836SGerry Liu 				int (*cb)(drmach_node_walk_args_t *args));
108*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_node_t;
109*a3114836SGerry Liu 
110*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
111*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 min_index;
112*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 max_index;
113*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 arr_sz;
114*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmachid_t	*arr;
115*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_array_t;
116*a3114836SGerry Liu 
117*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
118*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void		*isa;
119*a3114836SGerry Liu 
120*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void		(*dispose)(drmachid_t);
121*a3114836SGerry Liu 	sbd_error_t	*(*release)(drmachid_t);
122*a3114836SGerry Liu 	sbd_error_t	*(*status)(drmachid_t, drmach_status_t *);
123*a3114836SGerry Liu 
124*a3114836SGerry Liu 	char		 name[MAXNAMELEN];
125*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_common_t;
126*a3114836SGerry Liu 
127*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
128*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_common_t	 cm;
129*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint_t		 bnum;
130*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 assigned;
131*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 powered;
132*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 connected;
133*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 cond;
134*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_node_t	*tree;
135*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_array_t	*devices;
136*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 boot_board;	/* if board exists on bootup */
137*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_board_t;
138*a3114836SGerry Liu 
139*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
140*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_common_t	 cm;
141*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_board_t	*bp;
142*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 unum;
143*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint_t		 portid;
144*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 busy;
145*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 powered;
146*a3114836SGerry Liu 	const char	*type;
147*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_node_t	*node;
148*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_device_t;
149*a3114836SGerry Liu 
150*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct drmach_cpu {
151*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_device_t  dev;
152*a3114836SGerry Liu 	processorid_t    cpuid;
153*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint32_t	 apicid;
154*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_cpu_t;
155*a3114836SGerry Liu 
156*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct drmach_mem {
157*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_device_t dev;
158*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	mem_alignment;
159*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	slice_base;
160*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	slice_top;
161*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	slice_size;
162*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	base_pa;	/* lowest installed memory base */
163*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	nbytes;		/* size of installed memory */
164*a3114836SGerry Liu 	struct memlist *memlist;
165*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_mem_t;
166*a3114836SGerry Liu 
167*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct drmach_io {
168*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_device_t  dev;
169*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_io_t;
170*a3114836SGerry Liu 
171*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct drmach_domain_info {
172*a3114836SGerry Liu 	uint64_t	floating;
173*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		allow_dr;
174*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_domain_info_t;
175*a3114836SGerry Liu 
176*a3114836SGerry Liu typedef struct {
177*a3114836SGerry Liu 	drmach_board_t	*obj;
178*a3114836SGerry Liu 	int		 ndevs;
179*a3114836SGerry Liu 	void		*a;
180*a3114836SGerry Liu 	sbd_error_t	*(*found)(void *a, const char *, int, drmachid_t);
181*a3114836SGerry Liu 	sbd_error_t	*err;
182*a3114836SGerry Liu } drmach_board_cb_data_t;
183*a3114836SGerry Liu 
184*a3114836SGerry Liu extern drmach_domain_info_t drmach_domain;
185*a3114836SGerry Liu 
186*a3114836SGerry Liu extern drmach_board_t	*drmach_board_new(uint_t, int);
187*a3114836SGerry Liu extern sbd_error_t	*drmach_device_new(drmach_node_t *,
188*a3114836SGerry Liu 				drmach_board_t *, int, drmachid_t *);
189*a3114836SGerry Liu extern sbd_error_t	*drmach_cpu_new(drmach_device_t *, drmachid_t *);
190*a3114836SGerry Liu extern sbd_error_t	*drmach_mem_new(drmach_device_t *, drmachid_t *);
191*a3114836SGerry Liu extern sbd_error_t	*drmach_io_new(drmach_device_t *, drmachid_t *);
192*a3114836SGerry Liu 
193*a3114836SGerry Liu #endif	/* _KERNEL */
194*a3114836SGerry Liu 
195*a3114836SGerry Liu #ifdef __cplusplus
196*a3114836SGerry Liu }
197*a3114836SGerry Liu #endif
198*a3114836SGerry Liu 
199*a3114836SGerry Liu #endif	/* _SYS_DRMACH_ACPI_H */