1f77d3fa4Srs /*
2f77d3fa4Srs  * CDDL HEADER START
3f77d3fa4Srs  *
4f77d3fa4Srs  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5f77d3fa4Srs  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6f77d3fa4Srs  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7f77d3fa4Srs  *
8f77d3fa4Srs  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9f77d3fa4Srs  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10f77d3fa4Srs  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11f77d3fa4Srs  * and limitations under the License.
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13f77d3fa4Srs  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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15f77d3fa4Srs  * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
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19f77d3fa4Srs  * CDDL HEADER END
20f77d3fa4Srs  */
218c4f8890Srs /*
22*4c06356bSdh  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
238c4f8890Srs  * Use is subject to license terms.
248c4f8890Srs  */
298c4f8890Srs #ifdef __cplusplus
308c4f8890Srs extern "C" {
318c4f8890Srs #endif
338c4f8890Srs #if !defined(_BIT_FIELDS_LTOH) && !defined(_BIT_FIELDS_HTOL)
348c4f8890Srs #error  One of _BIT_FIELDS_LTOH or _BIT_FIELDS_HTOL must be defined
358c4f8890Srs #endif  /* _BIT_FIELDS_LTOH */
388c4f8890Srs #include <sys/scsi/adapters/mpapi_impl.h>
400e838bceSrs #define	MPAPI_SCSI_MAXPCLASSLEN	25
428c4f8890Srs /* Structure for MP_OID (kernel level only) */
448c4f8890Srs typedef struct mp_oid {
458c4f8890Srs #if defined(_BIT_FIELDS_HTOL)
468c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t	tstamp;
478c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t	type:8,
488c4f8890Srs 			seq_id:24;
498c4f8890Srs #else
508c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t	seq_id:24,
518c4f8890Srs 			type:8;
528c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t	tstamp;
538c4f8890Srs #endif
548c4f8890Srs } mp_oid_t;
568c4f8890Srs typedef union mpoid {
578c4f8890Srs 	uint64_t	raw_oid;	/* raw oid */
588c4f8890Srs 	mp_oid_t	disc_oid;	/* discrete oid */
598c4f8890Srs } mpoid_t;
628c4f8890Srs /*
638c4f8890Srs  * MP API item - A generic one to use in a list setup
648c4f8890Srs  * in a common way for all types of elements of
658c4f8890Srs  * Object type items required for mpapi.
668c4f8890Srs  */
688c4f8890Srs typedef	struct mpapi_item {
698c4f8890Srs 	mpoid_t			oid;
708c4f8890Srs 	void			*idata; /* item data */
713c70f4b3Scm 	kmutex_t		item_mutex;
720e838bceSrs } mpapi_item_t;
748c4f8890Srs typedef	struct mpapi_item_list {
758c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_item_t		*item;
768c4f8890Srs 	struct mpapi_item_list	*next;
770e838bceSrs } mpapi_item_list_t;
798c4f8890Srs /*
808c4f8890Srs  * MP API item header definition.
818c4f8890Srs  */
838c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_list_header {
848c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_item_list_t	*head;
858c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_item_list_t	*tail;
860e838bceSrs } mpapi_list_header_t;
888c4f8890Srs /*
89f77d3fa4Srs  * Structure to maintain mpapi initiator data.
908c4f8890Srs  */
918c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_initiator_data {
92f77d3fa4Srs 	void			*resp; /* initiator-port prop */
938c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*path_list;
948c4f8890Srs 	int			valid;
958c4f8890Srs 	mp_init_port_prop_t	prop;
968c4f8890Srs } mpapi_initiator_data_t;
988c4f8890Srs /*
99f77d3fa4Srs  * Structure to maintain mpapi lu data.
1008c4f8890Srs  */
1018c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_lu_data {
1028c4f8890Srs 	void			*resp; /* vlun */
1038c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*path_list;
1048c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*tpg_list;
1058c4f8890Srs 	int			valid;
1068c4f8890Srs 	mp_logical_unit_prop_t	prop;
1078c4f8890Srs } mpapi_lu_data_t;
1098c4f8890Srs /*
110f77d3fa4Srs  * Structure to maintain mpapi path data.
111*4c06356bSdh  *
112*4c06356bSdh  * The hide flag is set when pip was detroyed or should
113*4c06356bSdh  * have been destroyed(MDI_PATHINFO_FLAGS_DEVICE_REMOVED).
114*4c06356bSdh  * The valid flag is set to 0 when the path is neither online
115*4c06356bSdh  * nor standby state. When hide flag is set the valid flag set
116*4c06356bSdh  * to 0 also.
1178c4f8890Srs  */
1188c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_path_data {
1198c4f8890Srs 	void			*resp; /* pip */
1208c4f8890Srs 	char			*path_name;
1218c4f8890Srs 	int			valid;
122*4c06356bSdh 	int			hide;
1230e838bceSrs 	char			pclass[MPAPI_SCSI_MAXPCLASSLEN];
1248c4f8890Srs 	mp_path_prop_t		prop;
1258c4f8890Srs } mpapi_path_data_t;
1278c4f8890Srs /*
128f77d3fa4Srs  * Structure to maintain mpapi tpg data.
1298c4f8890Srs  */
1308c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_tpg_data {
131f77d3fa4Srs 	void			*resp;
1328c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*tport_list;
1338c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*lu_list; /* mpath lu or lun list */
1348c4f8890Srs 	int			valid;
1350e838bceSrs 	char			pclass[MPAPI_SCSI_MAXPCLASSLEN];
1368c4f8890Srs 	mp_tpg_prop_t		prop;
1378c4f8890Srs } mpapi_tpg_data_t;
1398c4f8890Srs /*
140f77d3fa4Srs  * Structure to maintain mpapi tport data.
1418c4f8890Srs  */
1428c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_tport_data {
1438c4f8890Srs 	void			*resp; /* target port prop */
1448c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*path_list;
1458c4f8890Srs 	int			valid;
1468c4f8890Srs 	mp_target_port_prop_t	prop;
1478c4f8890Srs } mpapi_tport_data_t;
1508c4f8890Srs /* Structure for mpapi private data */
1528c4f8890Srs typedef struct mpapi_priv {
1548c4f8890Srs 	/*
155f77d3fa4Srs 	 * Will be initialized with tod(time of day)
156f77d3fa4Srs 	 * This will enable detection of stale OIDs used by the upper layers.
1578c4f8890Srs 	 */
1588c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t		tstamp;
1598c4f8890Srs 	/*
160f77d3fa4Srs 	 * The Sequence number space is unique within an Object Type -
161f77d3fa4Srs 	 * that is there can be a seq# 2 in Object Type "initiator port"
162f77d3fa4Srs 	 * and also a seq#2 in object type 'Path LU'.
163f77d3fa4Srs 	 * Even though the Seq# space collides, the Object type field
164f77d3fa4Srs 	 * will make the OIDs unique.
165f77d3fa4Srs 	 * The following field will indicate what the next sequence number
166f77d3fa4Srs 	 * that can be used for a particular type of Object type -
167f77d3fa4Srs 	 * Object type will be used to index into the array element.
1688c4f8890Srs 	 */
1698c4f8890Srs 	uint32_t		oid_seq[MP_MAX_OBJECT_TYPE];
1718c4f8890Srs 	/*
1728c4f8890Srs 	 * One list for each type of object.
1738c4f8890Srs 	 */
1748c4f8890Srs 	mpapi_list_header_t	*obj_hdr_list[MP_MAX_OBJECT_TYPE];
1768c4f8890Srs } mpapi_priv_t;
1788c4f8890Srs #ifdef __cplusplus
1798c4f8890Srs }
1808c4f8890Srs #endif
1828c4f8890Srs #endif /* _SYS_SCSI_ADAPTERS_MPAPI_SCSI_VHCI_H */