xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/os/devid_cache.c (revision c6f039c7)
183c4dfe9Sjg /*
283c4dfe9Sjg  * CDDL HEADER START
383c4dfe9Sjg  *
483c4dfe9Sjg  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
583c4dfe9Sjg  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
683c4dfe9Sjg  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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883c4dfe9Sjg  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
983c4dfe9Sjg  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
1083c4dfe9Sjg  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
1183c4dfe9Sjg  * and limitations under the License.
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1383c4dfe9Sjg  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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1983c4dfe9Sjg  * CDDL HEADER END
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2183c4dfe9Sjg /*
224f1e984dSReed  * Copyright (c) 2006, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
236fe4f300SPavel Zakharov  * Copyright (c) 2018 by Delphix. All rights reserved.
2483c4dfe9Sjg  */
2683c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/note.h>
2783c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/t_lock.h>
2883c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/cmn_err.h>
2983c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/instance.h>
3083c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/conf.h>
3183c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/stat.h>
3283c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/ddi.h>
3383c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/hwconf.h>
3483c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/sunddi.h>
3583c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/sunndi.h>
36392e836bSGavin Maltby #include <sys/sunmdi.h>
3783c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/ddi_impldefs.h>
3883c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/ndi_impldefs.h>
3983c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/kobj.h>
4083c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/devcache.h>
4183c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/devid_cache.h>
4283c4dfe9Sjg #include <sys/sysmacros.h>
4483c4dfe9Sjg /*
4583c4dfe9Sjg  * Discovery refers to the heroic effort made to discover a device which
4683c4dfe9Sjg  * cannot be accessed at the physical path where it once resided.  Discovery
4783c4dfe9Sjg  * involves walking the entire device tree attaching all possible disk
4883c4dfe9Sjg  * instances, to search for the device referenced by a devid.  Obviously,
4983c4dfe9Sjg  * full device discovery is something to be avoided where possible.
5083c4dfe9Sjg  * Note that simply invoking devfsadm(1M) is equivalent to running full
5183c4dfe9Sjg  * discovery at the devid cache level.
5283c4dfe9Sjg  *
5383c4dfe9Sjg  * Reasons why a disk may not be accessible:
5483c4dfe9Sjg  *	disk powered off
5583c4dfe9Sjg  *	disk removed or cable disconnected
5683c4dfe9Sjg  *	disk or adapter broken
5783c4dfe9Sjg  *
5883c4dfe9Sjg  * Note that discovery is not needed and cannot succeed in any of these
5983c4dfe9Sjg  * cases.
6083c4dfe9Sjg  *
6183c4dfe9Sjg  * When discovery may succeed:
6283c4dfe9Sjg  *	Discovery will result in success when a device has been moved
6383c4dfe9Sjg  *	to a different address.  Note that it's recommended that
6483c4dfe9Sjg  *	devfsadm(1M) be invoked (no arguments required) whenever a system's
6583c4dfe9Sjg  *	h/w configuration has been updated.  Alternatively, a
6683c4dfe9Sjg  *	reconfiguration boot can be used to accomplish the same result.
6783c4dfe9Sjg  *
6883c4dfe9Sjg  * Note that discovery is not necessary to be able to correct an access
6983c4dfe9Sjg  * failure for a device which was powered off.  Assuming the cache has an
7083c4dfe9Sjg  * entry for such a device, simply powering it on should permit the system
7183c4dfe9Sjg  * to access it.  If problems persist after powering it on, invoke
7283c4dfe9Sjg  * devfsadm(1M).
7383c4dfe9Sjg  *
7483c4dfe9Sjg  * Discovery prior to mounting root is only of interest when booting
7583c4dfe9Sjg  * from a filesystem which accesses devices by device id, which of
7683c4dfe9Sjg  * not all do.
7783c4dfe9Sjg  *
7883c4dfe9Sjg  * Tunables
7983c4dfe9Sjg  *
8083c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_discovery_boot (default 1)
8183c4dfe9Sjg  *	Number of times discovery will be attempted prior to mounting root.
8283c4dfe9Sjg  *	Must be done at least once to recover from corrupted or missing
8383c4dfe9Sjg  *	devid cache backing store.  Probably there's no reason to ever
84392e836bSGavin Maltby  *	set this to greater than one as a missing device will remain
8583c4dfe9Sjg  *	unavailable no matter how often the system searches for it.
8683c4dfe9Sjg  *
8783c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_discovery_postboot (default 1)
8883c4dfe9Sjg  *	Number of times discovery will be attempted after mounting root.
8983c4dfe9Sjg  *	This must be performed at least once to discover any devices
9083c4dfe9Sjg  *	needed after root is mounted which may have been powered
9183c4dfe9Sjg  *	off and moved before booting.
9283c4dfe9Sjg  *	Setting this to a larger positive number will introduce
9383c4dfe9Sjg  *	some inconsistency in system operation.  Searching for a device
9483c4dfe9Sjg  *	will take an indeterminate amount of time, sometimes slower,
9583c4dfe9Sjg  *	sometimes faster.  In addition, the system will sometimes
9683c4dfe9Sjg  *	discover a newly powered on device, sometimes it won't.
9783c4dfe9Sjg  *	Use of this option is not therefore recommended.
9883c4dfe9Sjg  *
9983c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_discovery_postboot_always (default 0)
10083c4dfe9Sjg  *	Set to 1, the system will always attempt full discovery.
10183c4dfe9Sjg  *
10283c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_discovery_secs (default 0)
10383c4dfe9Sjg  *	Set to a positive value, the system will attempt full discovery
10483c4dfe9Sjg  *	but with a minimum delay between attempts.  A device search
10583c4dfe9Sjg  *	within the period of time specified will result in failure.
10683c4dfe9Sjg  *
10783c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_cache_read_disable (default 0)
10883c4dfe9Sjg  *	Set to 1 to disable reading /etc/devices/devid_cache.
10983c4dfe9Sjg  *	Devid cache will continue to operate normally but
11083c4dfe9Sjg  *	at least one discovery attempt will be required.
11183c4dfe9Sjg  *
11283c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_cache_write_disable (default 0)
11383c4dfe9Sjg  *	Set to 1 to disable updates to /etc/devices/devid_cache.
11483c4dfe9Sjg  *	Any updates to the devid cache will not be preserved across a reboot.
11583c4dfe9Sjg  *
11683c4dfe9Sjg  * devid_report_error (default 0)
11783c4dfe9Sjg  *	Set to 1 to enable some error messages related to devid
11883c4dfe9Sjg  *	cache failures.
11983c4dfe9Sjg  *
12083c4dfe9Sjg  * The devid is packed in the cache file as a byte array.  For
12183c4dfe9Sjg  * portability, this could be done in the encoded string format.
12283c4dfe9Sjg  */
12583c4dfe9Sjg int devid_discovery_boot = 1;
12683c4dfe9Sjg int devid_discovery_postboot = 1;
12783c4dfe9Sjg int devid_discovery_postboot_always = 0;
12883c4dfe9Sjg int devid_discovery_secs = 0;
13083c4dfe9Sjg int devid_cache_read_disable = 0;
13183c4dfe9Sjg int devid_cache_write_disable = 0;
13383c4dfe9Sjg int devid_report_error = 0;
13683c4dfe9Sjg /*
13783c4dfe9Sjg  * State to manage discovery of devices providing a devid
13883c4dfe9Sjg  */
13983c4dfe9Sjg static int		devid_discovery_busy = 0;
14083c4dfe9Sjg static kmutex_t		devid_discovery_mutex;
14183c4dfe9Sjg static kcondvar_t	devid_discovery_cv;
14283c4dfe9Sjg static clock_t		devid_last_discovery = 0;
14583c4dfe9Sjg #ifdef	DEBUG
14683c4dfe9Sjg int nvp_devid_debug = 0;
14783c4dfe9Sjg int devid_debug = 0;
14883c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_registers = 0;
14983c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_finds = 0;
15083c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_lookups = 0;
15183c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_discovery = 0;
15283c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_matches = 0;
15383c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_paths = 0;
15483c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_failures = 0;
15583c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_hold = 0;
15683c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_unregisters = 0;
15783c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_removes = 0;
15883c4dfe9Sjg int devid_register_debug = 0;
15983c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_stale = 0;
16083c4dfe9Sjg int devid_log_detaches = 0;
16183c4dfe9Sjg #endif	/* DEBUG */
16383c4dfe9Sjg /*
16483c4dfe9Sjg  * devid cache file registration for cache reads and updates
16583c4dfe9Sjg  */
16683c4dfe9Sjg static nvf_ops_t devid_cache_ops = {
16783c4dfe9Sjg 	"/etc/devices/devid_cache",		/* path to cache */
16883c4dfe9Sjg 	devid_cache_unpack_nvlist,		/* read: nvlist to nvp */
16983c4dfe9Sjg 	devid_cache_pack_list,			/* write: nvp to nvlist */
17083c4dfe9Sjg 	devid_list_free,			/* free data list */
17183c4dfe9Sjg 	NULL					/* write complete callback */
17283c4dfe9Sjg };
17483c4dfe9Sjg /*
17583c4dfe9Sjg  * handle to registered devid cache handlers
17683c4dfe9Sjg  */
17783c4dfe9Sjg nvf_handle_t	dcfd_handle;
18083c4dfe9Sjg /*
18183c4dfe9Sjg  * Initialize devid cache file management
18283c4dfe9Sjg  */
18383c4dfe9Sjg void
devid_cache_init(void)18483c4dfe9Sjg devid_cache_init(void)
18583c4dfe9Sjg {
18683c4dfe9Sjg 	dcfd_handle = nvf_register_file(&devid_cache_ops);
18783c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(dcfd_handle);
18983c4dfe9Sjg 	list_create(nvf_list(dcfd_handle), sizeof (nvp_devid_t),
19083c4dfe9Sjg 	    offsetof(nvp_devid_t, nvp_link));
19283c4dfe9Sjg 	mutex_init(&devid_discovery_mutex, NULL, MUTEX_DEFAULT, NULL);
19383c4dfe9Sjg 	cv_init(&devid_discovery_cv, NULL, CV_DRIVER, NULL);
19483c4dfe9Sjg }
19683c4dfe9Sjg /*
19783c4dfe9Sjg  * Read and initialize the devid cache from the persistent store
19883c4dfe9Sjg  */
19983c4dfe9Sjg void
devid_cache_read(void)20083c4dfe9Sjg devid_cache_read(void)
20183c4dfe9Sjg {
20283c4dfe9Sjg 	if (!devid_cache_read_disable) {
20383c4dfe9Sjg 		rw_enter(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle), RW_WRITER);
20483c4dfe9Sjg 		ASSERT(list_head(nvf_list(dcfd_handle)) == NULL);
20583c4dfe9Sjg 		(void) nvf_read_file(dcfd_handle);
20683c4dfe9Sjg 		rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
20783c4dfe9Sjg 	}
20883c4dfe9Sjg }
21083c4dfe9Sjg static void
devid_nvp_free(nvp_devid_t * dp)21183c4dfe9Sjg devid_nvp_free(nvp_devid_t *dp)
21283c4dfe9Sjg {
21383c4dfe9Sjg 	if (dp->nvp_devpath)
21483c4dfe9Sjg 		kmem_free(dp->nvp_devpath, strlen(dp->nvp_devpath)+1);
21583c4dfe9Sjg 	if (dp->nvp_devid)
21683c4dfe9Sjg 		kmem_free(dp->nvp_devid, ddi_devid_sizeof(dp->nvp_devid));
21883c4dfe9Sjg 	kmem_free(dp, sizeof (nvp_devid_t));
21983c4dfe9Sjg }
22183c4dfe9Sjg static void
devid_list_free(nvf_handle_t fd)22283c4dfe9Sjg devid_list_free(nvf_handle_t fd)
22383c4dfe9Sjg {
22483c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t		*listp;
22583c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t	*np;
22783c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(RW_WRITE_HELD(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle)));
22983c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(fd);
23083c4dfe9Sjg 	while (np = list_head(listp)) {
23183c4dfe9Sjg 		list_remove(listp, np);
23283c4dfe9Sjg 		devid_nvp_free(np);
23383c4dfe9Sjg 	}
23483c4dfe9Sjg }
23683c4dfe9Sjg /*
23783c4dfe9Sjg  * Free an nvp element in a list
23883c4dfe9Sjg  */
23983c4dfe9Sjg static void
devid_nvp_unlink_and_free(nvf_handle_t fd,nvp_devid_t * np)24083c4dfe9Sjg devid_nvp_unlink_and_free(nvf_handle_t fd, nvp_devid_t *np)
24183c4dfe9Sjg {
24283c4dfe9Sjg 	list_remove(nvf_list(fd), np);
24383c4dfe9Sjg 	devid_nvp_free(np);
24483c4dfe9Sjg }
24683c4dfe9Sjg /*
24783c4dfe9Sjg  * Unpack a device path/nvlist pair to the list of devid cache elements.
24883c4dfe9Sjg  * Used to parse the nvlist format when reading
24983c4dfe9Sjg  * /etc/devices/devid_cache
25083c4dfe9Sjg  */
25183c4dfe9Sjg static int
devid_cache_unpack_nvlist(nvf_handle_t fd,nvlist_t * nvl,char * name)25283c4dfe9Sjg devid_cache_unpack_nvlist(nvf_handle_t fd, nvlist_t *nvl, char *name)
25383c4dfe9Sjg {
25483c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *np;
25583c4dfe9Sjg 	ddi_devid_t devidp;
25683c4dfe9Sjg 	int rval;
25783c4dfe9Sjg 	uint_t n;
25983c4dfe9Sjg 	NVP_DEVID_DEBUG_PATH((name));
26083c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(RW_WRITE_HELD(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle)));
26283c4dfe9Sjg 	/*
26383c4dfe9Sjg 	 * check path for a devid
26483c4dfe9Sjg 	 */
26583c4dfe9Sjg 	rval = nvlist_lookup_byte_array(nvl,
266a204de77Scth 	    DP_DEVID_ID, (uchar_t **)&devidp, &n);
26783c4dfe9Sjg 	if (rval == 0) {
26883c4dfe9Sjg 		if (ddi_devid_valid(devidp) == DDI_SUCCESS) {
26983c4dfe9Sjg 			ASSERT(n == ddi_devid_sizeof(devidp));
27083c4dfe9Sjg 			np = kmem_zalloc(sizeof (nvp_devid_t), KM_SLEEP);
27183c4dfe9Sjg 			np->nvp_devpath = i_ddi_strdup(name, KM_SLEEP);
27283c4dfe9Sjg 			np->nvp_devid = kmem_alloc(n, KM_SLEEP);
27383c4dfe9Sjg 			(void) bcopy(devidp, np->nvp_devid, n);
27483c4dfe9Sjg 			list_insert_tail(nvf_list(fd), np);
27583c4dfe9Sjg 			NVP_DEVID_DEBUG_DEVID((np->nvp_devid));
27683c4dfe9Sjg 		} else {
27783c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVIDERR((CE_CONT,
27883c4dfe9Sjg 			    "%s: invalid devid\n", name));
27983c4dfe9Sjg 		}
28083c4dfe9Sjg 	} else {
28183c4dfe9Sjg 		DEVIDERR((CE_CONT,
28283c4dfe9Sjg 		    "%s: devid not available\n", name));
28383c4dfe9Sjg 	}
28583c4dfe9Sjg 	return (0);
28683c4dfe9Sjg }
28883c4dfe9Sjg /*
28983c4dfe9Sjg  * Pack the list of devid cache elements into a single nvlist
29083c4dfe9Sjg  * Used when writing the nvlist file.
29183c4dfe9Sjg  */
29283c4dfe9Sjg static int
devid_cache_pack_list(nvf_handle_t fd,nvlist_t ** ret_nvl)29383c4dfe9Sjg devid_cache_pack_list(nvf_handle_t fd, nvlist_t **ret_nvl)
29483c4dfe9Sjg {
29583c4dfe9Sjg 	nvlist_t	*nvl, *sub_nvl;
29683c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t	*np;
29783c4dfe9Sjg 	int		rval;
29883c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t		*listp;
30083c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(RW_WRITE_HELD(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle)));
30283c4dfe9Sjg 	rval = nvlist_alloc(&nvl, NV_UNIQUE_NAME, KM_SLEEP);
30383c4dfe9Sjg 	if (rval != 0) {
30483c4dfe9Sjg 		nvf_error("%s: nvlist alloc error %d\n",
305a204de77Scth 		    nvf_cache_name(fd), rval);
30683c4dfe9Sjg 		return (DDI_FAILURE);
30783c4dfe9Sjg 	}
30983c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(fd);
31083c4dfe9Sjg 	for (np = list_head(listp); np; np = list_next(listp, np)) {
31183c4dfe9Sjg 		if (np->nvp_devid == NULL)
312a204de77Scth 			continue;
31383c4dfe9Sjg 		NVP_DEVID_DEBUG_PATH(np->nvp_devpath);
31483c4dfe9Sjg 		rval = nvlist_alloc(&sub_nvl, NV_UNIQUE_NAME, KM_SLEEP);
31583c4dfe9Sjg 		if (rval != 0) {
31683c4dfe9Sjg 			nvf_error("%s: nvlist alloc error %d\n",
317a204de77Scth 			    nvf_cache_name(fd), rval);
31883c4dfe9Sjg 			sub_nvl = NULL;
31983c4dfe9Sjg 			goto err;
32083c4dfe9Sjg 		}
32283c4dfe9Sjg 		rval = nvlist_add_byte_array(sub_nvl, DP_DEVID_ID,
323a204de77Scth 		    (uchar_t *)np->nvp_devid,
324a204de77Scth 		    ddi_devid_sizeof(np->nvp_devid));
32583c4dfe9Sjg 		if (rval == 0) {
32683c4dfe9Sjg 			NVP_DEVID_DEBUG_DEVID(np->nvp_devid);
32783c4dfe9Sjg 		} else {
32883c4dfe9Sjg 			nvf_error(
32983c4dfe9Sjg 			    "%s: nvlist add error %d (devid)\n",
33083c4dfe9Sjg 			    nvf_cache_name(fd), rval);
33183c4dfe9Sjg 			goto err;
33283c4dfe9Sjg 		}
33483c4dfe9Sjg 		rval = nvlist_add_nvlist(nvl, np->nvp_devpath, sub_nvl);
33583c4dfe9Sjg 		if (rval != 0) {
33683c4dfe9Sjg 			nvf_error("%s: nvlist add error %d (sublist)\n",
33783c4dfe9Sjg 			    nvf_cache_name(fd), rval);
33883c4dfe9Sjg 			goto err;
33983c4dfe9Sjg 		}
34083c4dfe9Sjg 		nvlist_free(sub_nvl);
34183c4dfe9Sjg 	}
34383c4dfe9Sjg 	*ret_nvl = nvl;
34483c4dfe9Sjg 	return (DDI_SUCCESS);
34683c4dfe9Sjg err:
347aab83bb8SJosef 'Jeff' Sipek 	nvlist_free(sub_nvl);
34883c4dfe9Sjg 	nvlist_free(nvl);
34983c4dfe9Sjg 	*ret_nvl = NULL;
35083c4dfe9Sjg 	return (DDI_FAILURE);
35183c4dfe9Sjg }
35383c4dfe9Sjg static int
e_devid_do_discovery(void)35483c4dfe9Sjg e_devid_do_discovery(void)
35583c4dfe9Sjg {
35683c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(mutex_owned(&devid_discovery_mutex));
35883c4dfe9Sjg 	if (i_ddi_io_initialized() == 0) {
35983c4dfe9Sjg 		if (devid_discovery_boot > 0) {
36083c4dfe9Sjg 			devid_discovery_boot--;
36183c4dfe9Sjg 			return (1);
36283c4dfe9Sjg 		}
36383c4dfe9Sjg 	} else {
36483c4dfe9Sjg 		if (devid_discovery_postboot_always > 0)
36583c4dfe9Sjg 			return (1);
36683c4dfe9Sjg 		if (devid_discovery_postboot > 0) {
36783c4dfe9Sjg 			devid_discovery_postboot--;
36883c4dfe9Sjg 			return (1);
36983c4dfe9Sjg 		}
37083c4dfe9Sjg 		if (devid_discovery_secs > 0) {
37183c4dfe9Sjg 			if ((ddi_get_lbolt() - devid_last_discovery) >
37283c4dfe9Sjg 			    drv_usectohz(devid_discovery_secs * MICROSEC)) {
37383c4dfe9Sjg 				return (1);
37483c4dfe9Sjg 			}
37583c4dfe9Sjg 		}
37683c4dfe9Sjg 	}
37883c4dfe9Sjg 	DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT, "devid_discovery: no discovery\n"));
37983c4dfe9Sjg 	return (0);
38083c4dfe9Sjg }
38283c4dfe9Sjg static void
e_ddi_devid_hold_by_major(major_t major)38383c4dfe9Sjg e_ddi_devid_hold_by_major(major_t major)
38483c4dfe9Sjg {
38583c4dfe9Sjg 	DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT,
38683c4dfe9Sjg 	    "devid_discovery: ddi_hold_installed_driver %d\n", major));
38883c4dfe9Sjg 	if (ddi_hold_installed_driver(major) == NULL)
38983c4dfe9Sjg 		return;
39183c4dfe9Sjg 	ddi_rele_driver(major);
39283c4dfe9Sjg }
3946f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam /* legacy support - see below */
3956f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam static char *e_ddi_devid_hold_driver_list[] = { "sd", "ssd" };
39783c4dfe9Sjg #define	N_DRIVERS_TO_HOLD	\
39883c4dfe9Sjg 	(sizeof (e_ddi_devid_hold_driver_list) / sizeof (char *))
40083c4dfe9Sjg static void
e_ddi_devid_hold_installed_driver(ddi_devid_t devid)40183c4dfe9Sjg e_ddi_devid_hold_installed_driver(ddi_devid_t devid)
40283c4dfe9Sjg {
40383c4dfe9Sjg 	impl_devid_t	*id = (impl_devid_t *)devid;
40483c4dfe9Sjg 	major_t		major, hint_major;
40583c4dfe9Sjg 	char		hint[DEVID_HINT_SIZE + 1];
4066f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	struct devnames	*dnp;
40783c4dfe9Sjg 	char		**drvp;
40883c4dfe9Sjg 	int		i;
41083c4dfe9Sjg 	/* Count non-null bytes */
41183c4dfe9Sjg 	for (i = 0; i < DEVID_HINT_SIZE; i++)
41283c4dfe9Sjg 		if (id->did_driver[i] == '\0')
41383c4dfe9Sjg 			break;
41583c4dfe9Sjg 	/* Make a copy of the driver hint */
41683c4dfe9Sjg 	bcopy(id->did_driver, hint, i);
41783c4dfe9Sjg 	hint[i] = '\0';
41983c4dfe9Sjg 	/* search for the devid using the hint driver */
42083c4dfe9Sjg 	hint_major = ddi_name_to_major(hint);
421a204de77Scth 	if (hint_major != DDI_MAJOR_T_NONE) {
42283c4dfe9Sjg 		e_ddi_devid_hold_by_major(hint_major);
42383c4dfe9Sjg 	}
4256f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	/*
4266f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 * search for the devid with each driver declaring
4276f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 * itself as a devid registrant.
4286f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 */
4296f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	for (major = 0; major < devcnt; major++) {
4306f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 		if (major == hint_major)
4316f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 			continue;
4326f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 		dnp = &devnamesp[major];
4336f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 		if (dnp->dn_flags & DN_DEVID_REGISTRANT) {
4346f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 			e_ddi_devid_hold_by_major(major);
4356f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 		}
4366f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	}
4376f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 
4386f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	/*
4396f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 * Legacy support: may be removed once an upgrade mechanism
4406f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 * for driver conf files is available.
4416f25ad7fSJerry Gilliam 	 */
44283c4dfe9Sjg 	drvp = e_ddi_devid_hold_driver_list;
44383c4dfe9Sjg 	for (i = 0; i < N_DRIVERS_TO_HOLD; i++, drvp++) {
44483c4dfe9Sjg 		major = ddi_name_to_major(*drvp);
445a204de77Scth 		if (major != DDI_MAJOR_T_NONE && major != hint_major) {
44683c4dfe9Sjg 			e_ddi_devid_hold_by_major(major);
44783c4dfe9Sjg 		}
44883c4dfe9Sjg 	}
44983c4dfe9Sjg }
45183c4dfe9Sjg /*
45283c4dfe9Sjg  * Return success if discovery was attempted, to indicate
45383c4dfe9Sjg  * that the desired device may now be available.
45483c4dfe9Sjg  */
45583c4dfe9Sjg int
e_ddi_devid_discovery(ddi_devid_t devid)45683c4dfe9Sjg e_ddi_devid_discovery(ddi_devid_t devid)
45783c4dfe9Sjg {
45883c4dfe9Sjg 	int flags;
45983c4dfe9Sjg 	int rval = DDI_SUCCESS;
46183c4dfe9Sjg 	mutex_enter(&devid_discovery_mutex);
46383c4dfe9Sjg 	if (devid_discovery_busy) {
46483c4dfe9Sjg 		DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT, "devid_discovery: busy\n"));
46583c4dfe9Sjg 		while (devid_discovery_busy) {
46683c4dfe9Sjg 			cv_wait(&devid_discovery_cv, &devid_discovery_mutex);
46783c4dfe9Sjg 		}
46883c4dfe9Sjg 	} else if (e_devid_do_discovery()) {
46983c4dfe9Sjg 		devid_discovery_busy = 1;
47083c4dfe9Sjg 		mutex_exit(&devid_discovery_mutex);
47283c4dfe9Sjg 		if (i_ddi_io_initialized() == 0) {
47383c4dfe9Sjg 			e_ddi_devid_hold_installed_driver(devid);
47483c4dfe9Sjg 		} else {
47583c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT,
47683c4dfe9Sjg 			    "devid_discovery: ndi_devi_config\n"));
47783c4dfe9Sjg 			flags = NDI_DEVI_PERSIST | NDI_CONFIG | NDI_NO_EVENT;
47883c4dfe9Sjg 			if (i_ddi_io_initialized())
47983c4dfe9Sjg 				flags |= NDI_DRV_CONF_REPROBE;
48083c4dfe9Sjg 			(void) ndi_devi_config(ddi_root_node(), flags);
48183c4dfe9Sjg 		}
48383c4dfe9Sjg 		mutex_enter(&devid_discovery_mutex);
48483c4dfe9Sjg 		devid_discovery_busy = 0;
48583c4dfe9Sjg 		cv_broadcast(&devid_discovery_cv);
48683c4dfe9Sjg 		if (devid_discovery_secs > 0)
48783c4dfe9Sjg 			devid_last_discovery = ddi_get_lbolt();
48883c4dfe9Sjg 		DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT, "devid_discovery: done\n"));
48983c4dfe9Sjg 	} else {
49083c4dfe9Sjg 		rval = DDI_FAILURE;
49183c4dfe9Sjg 		DEVID_LOG_DISC((CE_CONT, "no devid discovery\n"));
49283c4dfe9Sjg 	}
49483c4dfe9Sjg 	mutex_exit(&devid_discovery_mutex);
49683c4dfe9Sjg 	return (rval);
49783c4dfe9Sjg }
49983c4dfe9Sjg /*
50083c4dfe9Sjg  * As part of registering a devid for a device,
50183c4dfe9Sjg  * update the devid cache with this device/devid pair
50283c4dfe9Sjg  * or note that this combination has registered.
503392e836bSGavin Maltby  *
504392e836bSGavin Maltby  * If a devpath is provided it will be used as the path to register the
505392e836bSGavin Maltby  * devid against, otherwise we use ddi_pathname(dip).  In both cases
506392e836bSGavin Maltby  * we duplicate the path string so that it can be cached/freed indepdently
507392e836bSGavin Maltby  * of the original owner.
50883c4dfe9Sjg  */
509392e836bSGavin Maltby static int
e_devid_cache_register_cmn(dev_info_t * dip,ddi_devid_t devid,char * devpath)510392e836bSGavin Maltby e_devid_cache_register_cmn(dev_info_t *dip, ddi_devid_t devid, char *devpath)
51183c4dfe9Sjg {
51283c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *np;
51383c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *new_nvp;
51483c4dfe9Sjg 	ddi_devid_t new_devid;
51583c4dfe9Sjg 	int new_devid_size;
51683c4dfe9Sjg 	char *path, *fullpath;
51783c4dfe9Sjg 	ddi_devid_t free_devid = NULL;
51883c4dfe9Sjg 	int pathlen;
51983c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t *listp;
52083c4dfe9Sjg 	int is_dirty = 0;
52383c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(ddi_devid_valid(devid) == DDI_SUCCESS);
525392e836bSGavin Maltby 	if (devpath) {
526392e836bSGavin Maltby 		pathlen = strlen(devpath) + 1;
527392e836bSGavin Maltby 		path = kmem_alloc(pathlen, KM_SLEEP);
528392e836bSGavin Maltby 		bcopy(devpath, path, pathlen);
529392e836bSGavin Maltby 	} else {
530392e836bSGavin Maltby 		/*
531392e836bSGavin Maltby 		 * We are willing to accept DS_BOUND nodes if we can form a full
532392e836bSGavin Maltby 		 * ddi_pathname (i.e. the node is part way to becomming
533392e836bSGavin Maltby 		 * DS_INITIALIZED and devi_addr/ddi_get_name_addr are non-NULL).
534392e836bSGavin Maltby 		 */
535392e836bSGavin Maltby 		if (ddi_get_name_addr(dip) == NULL)
536392e836bSGavin Maltby 			return (DDI_FAILURE);
537392e836bSGavin Maltby 
538392e836bSGavin Maltby 		fullpath = kmem_alloc(MAXPATHLEN, KM_SLEEP);
539392e836bSGavin Maltby 		(void) ddi_pathname(dip, fullpath);
540392e836bSGavin Maltby 		pathlen = strlen(fullpath) + 1;
541392e836bSGavin Maltby 		path = kmem_alloc(pathlen, KM_SLEEP);
542392e836bSGavin Maltby 		bcopy(fullpath, path, pathlen);
543392e836bSGavin Maltby 		kmem_free(fullpath, MAXPATHLEN);
544392e836bSGavin Maltby 	}
54683c4dfe9Sjg 	DEVID_LOG_REG(("register", devid, path));
54883c4dfe9Sjg 	new_nvp = kmem_zalloc(sizeof (nvp_devid_t), KM_SLEEP);
54983c4dfe9Sjg 	new_devid_size = ddi_devid_sizeof(devid);
55083c4dfe9Sjg 	new_devid = kmem_alloc(new_devid_size, KM_SLEEP);
55183c4dfe9Sjg 	(void) bcopy(devid, new_devid, new_devid_size);
55383c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_enter(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle), RW_WRITER);
55583c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(dcfd_handle);
55683c4dfe9Sjg 	for (np = list_head(listp); np; np = list_next(listp, np)) {
55783c4dfe9Sjg 		if (strcmp(path, np->nvp_devpath) == 0) {
55883c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_DEBUG2((CE_CONT,
55983c4dfe9Sjg 			    "register: %s path match\n", path));
56083c4dfe9Sjg 			if (np->nvp_devid == NULL) {
561a204de77Scth replace:			np->nvp_devid = new_devid;
56283c4dfe9Sjg 				np->nvp_flags |=
563a204de77Scth 				    NVP_DEVID_DIP | NVP_DEVID_REGISTERED;
56483c4dfe9Sjg 				np->nvp_dip = dip;
56583c4dfe9Sjg 				if (!devid_cache_write_disable) {
56683c4dfe9Sjg 					nvf_mark_dirty(dcfd_handle);
56783c4dfe9Sjg 					is_dirty = 1;
56883c4dfe9Sjg 				}
56983c4dfe9Sjg 				rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
57083c4dfe9Sjg 				kmem_free(new_nvp, sizeof (nvp_devid_t));
57183c4dfe9Sjg 				kmem_free(path, pathlen);
57283c4dfe9Sjg 				goto exit;
57383c4dfe9Sjg 			}
57483c4dfe9Sjg 			if (ddi_devid_valid(np->nvp_devid) != DDI_SUCCESS) {
57583c4dfe9Sjg 				/* replace invalid devid */
57683c4dfe9Sjg 				free_devid = np->nvp_devid;
57783c4dfe9Sjg 				goto replace;
57883c4dfe9Sjg 			}
57983c4dfe9Sjg 			/*
58083c4dfe9Sjg 			 * We're registering an already-cached path
58183c4dfe9Sjg 			 * Does the device's devid match the cache?
58283c4dfe9Sjg 			 */
58383c4dfe9Sjg 			if (ddi_devid_compare(devid, np->nvp_devid) != 0) {
58483c4dfe9Sjg 				DEVID_DEBUG((CE_CONT, "devid register: "
58583c4dfe9Sjg 				    "devid %s does not match\n", path));
5866fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				/*
5876fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				 * We do not expect devids to change, log it.
5886fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				 */
5896fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				char *devid_stored =
5906fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				    ddi_devid_str_encode(np->nvp_devid, NULL);
5916fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				char *devid_new =
5926fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				    ddi_devid_str_encode(devid, NULL);
5936fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 
5946fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				cmn_err(CE_CONT, "devid register: devid for "
5956fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				    "%s does not match. stored: %s, new: %s.",
5966fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				    path, devid_stored, devid_new);
5976fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 
5986fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				ddi_devid_str_free(devid_stored);
5996fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 				ddi_devid_str_free(devid_new);
6006fe4f300SPavel Zakharov 
60183c4dfe9Sjg 				/*
60283c4dfe9Sjg 				 * Replace cached devid for this path
60383c4dfe9Sjg 				 * with newly registered devid.  A devid
60483c4dfe9Sjg 				 * may map to multiple paths but one path
60583c4dfe9Sjg 				 * should only map to one devid.
60683c4dfe9Sjg 				 */
60783c4dfe9Sjg 				devid_nvp_unlink_and_free(dcfd_handle, np);
60883c4dfe9Sjg 				np = NULL;
60983c4dfe9Sjg 				break;
61083c4dfe9Sjg 			} else {
61183c4dfe9Sjg 				DEVID_DEBUG2((CE_CONT,
61283c4dfe9Sjg 				    "devid register: %s devid match\n", path));
61383c4dfe9Sjg 				np->nvp_flags |=
614a204de77Scth 				    NVP_DEVID_DIP | NVP_DEVID_REGISTERED;
61583c4dfe9Sjg 				np->nvp_dip = dip;
61683c4dfe9Sjg 				rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
61783c4dfe9Sjg 				kmem_free(new_nvp, sizeof (nvp_devid_t));
61883c4dfe9Sjg 				kmem_free(path, pathlen);
61983c4dfe9Sjg 				kmem_free(new_devid, new_devid_size);
62083c4dfe9Sjg 				return (DDI_SUCCESS);
62183c4dfe9Sjg 			}
62283c4dfe9Sjg 		}
62383c4dfe9Sjg 	}
62583c4dfe9Sjg 	/*
62683c4dfe9Sjg 	 * Add newly registered devid to the cache
62783c4dfe9Sjg 	 */
62883c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(np == NULL);
63083c4dfe9Sjg 	new_nvp->nvp_devpath = path;
63183c4dfe9Sjg 	new_nvp->nvp_flags = NVP_DEVID_DIP | NVP_DEVID_REGISTERED;
63283c4dfe9Sjg 	new_nvp->nvp_dip = dip;
63383c4dfe9Sjg 	new_nvp->nvp_devid = new_devid;
63583c4dfe9Sjg 	if (!devid_cache_write_disable) {
63683c4dfe9Sjg 		is_dirty = 1;
63783c4dfe9Sjg 		nvf_mark_dirty(dcfd_handle);
63883c4dfe9Sjg 	}
63983c4dfe9Sjg 	list_insert_tail(nvf_list(dcfd_handle), new_nvp);
64183c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
64383c4dfe9Sjg exit:
64483c4dfe9Sjg 	if (free_devid)
64583c4dfe9Sjg 		kmem_free(free_devid, ddi_devid_sizeof(free_devid));
64783c4dfe9Sjg 	if (is_dirty)
64883c4dfe9Sjg 		nvf_wake_daemon();
65083c4dfe9Sjg 	return (DDI_SUCCESS);
65183c4dfe9Sjg }
653392e836bSGavin Maltby int
e_devid_cache_register(dev_info_t * dip,ddi_devid_t devid)654392e836bSGavin Maltby e_devid_cache_register(dev_info_t *dip, ddi_devid_t devid)
655392e836bSGavin Maltby {
656392e836bSGavin Maltby 	return (e_devid_cache_register_cmn(dip, devid, NULL));
657392e836bSGavin Maltby }
658392e836bSGavin Maltby 
65983c4dfe9Sjg /*
66088acca04SGavin Maltby  * Unregister a device's devid; the devinfo may hit on multiple entries
66188acca04SGavin Maltby  * arising from both pHCI and vHCI paths.
66288acca04SGavin Maltby  * Called as an instance detachs.
66388acca04SGavin Maltby  * Invalidate the devid's devinfo reference.
66488acca04SGavin Maltby  * Devid-path remains in the cache.
66583c4dfe9Sjg  */
66688acca04SGavin Maltby 
66783c4dfe9Sjg void
e_devid_cache_unregister(dev_info_t * dip)66883c4dfe9Sjg e_devid_cache_unregister(dev_info_t *dip)
66983c4dfe9Sjg {
67083c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *np;
67183c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t *listp;
67383c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_enter(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle), RW_WRITER);
67583c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(dcfd_handle);
67683c4dfe9Sjg 	for (np = list_head(listp); np; np = list_next(listp, np)) {
67783c4dfe9Sjg 		if (np->nvp_devid == NULL)
67883c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
67983c4dfe9Sjg 		if ((np->nvp_flags & NVP_DEVID_DIP) && np->nvp_dip == dip) {
68083c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_LOG_UNREG((CE_CONT,
681a204de77Scth 			    "unregister: %s\n", np->nvp_devpath));
68283c4dfe9Sjg 			np->nvp_flags &= ~NVP_DEVID_DIP;
68383c4dfe9Sjg 			np->nvp_dip = NULL;
68483c4dfe9Sjg 		}
68583c4dfe9Sjg 	}
68783c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
68883c4dfe9Sjg }
690392e836bSGavin Maltby int
e_devid_cache_pathinfo(mdi_pathinfo_t * pip,ddi_devid_t devid)691392e836bSGavin Maltby e_devid_cache_pathinfo(mdi_pathinfo_t *pip, ddi_devid_t devid)
692392e836bSGavin Maltby {
693392e836bSGavin Maltby 	char *path = mdi_pi_pathname(pip);
694392e836bSGavin Maltby 
695392e836bSGavin Maltby 	return (e_devid_cache_register_cmn(mdi_pi_get_client(pip), devid,
696392e836bSGavin Maltby 	    path));
697392e836bSGavin Maltby }
698392e836bSGavin Maltby 
69983c4dfe9Sjg /*
70083c4dfe9Sjg  * Purge devid cache of stale devids
70183c4dfe9Sjg  */
70283c4dfe9Sjg void
devid_cache_cleanup(void)70383c4dfe9Sjg devid_cache_cleanup(void)
70483c4dfe9Sjg {
70583c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *np, *next;
70683c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t *listp;
70783c4dfe9Sjg 	int is_dirty = 0;
70983c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_enter(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle), RW_WRITER);
71183c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(dcfd_handle);
71283c4dfe9Sjg 	for (np = list_head(listp); np; np = next) {
71383c4dfe9Sjg 		next = list_next(listp, np);
71483c4dfe9Sjg 		if (np->nvp_devid == NULL)
71583c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
71683c4dfe9Sjg 		if ((np->nvp_flags & NVP_DEVID_REGISTERED) == 0) {
71783c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_LOG_REMOVE((CE_CONT,
718a204de77Scth 			    "cleanup: %s\n", np->nvp_devpath));
71983c4dfe9Sjg 			if (!devid_cache_write_disable) {
72083c4dfe9Sjg 				nvf_mark_dirty(dcfd_handle);
72183c4dfe9Sjg 				is_dirty = 0;
72283c4dfe9Sjg 			}
72383c4dfe9Sjg 			devid_nvp_unlink_and_free(dcfd_handle, np);
72483c4dfe9Sjg 		}
72583c4dfe9Sjg 	}
72783c4dfe9Sjg 	rw_exit(nvf_lock(dcfd_handle));
72983c4dfe9Sjg 	if (is_dirty)
73083c4dfe9Sjg 		nvf_wake_daemon();
73183c4dfe9Sjg }
73483c4dfe9Sjg /*
73583c4dfe9Sjg  * Build a list of dev_t's for a device/devid
73683c4dfe9Sjg  *
73783c4dfe9Sjg  * The effect of this function is cumulative, adding dev_t's
73883c4dfe9Sjg  * for the device to the list of all dev_t's for a given
73983c4dfe9Sjg  * devid.
74083c4dfe9Sjg  */
74183c4dfe9Sjg static void
e_devid_minor_to_devlist(dev_info_t * dip,char * minor_name,int ndevts_alloced,int * devtcntp,dev_t * devtsp)74283c4dfe9Sjg e_devid_minor_to_devlist(
74383c4dfe9Sjg 	dev_info_t	*dip,
74483c4dfe9Sjg 	char		*minor_name,
74583c4dfe9Sjg 	int		ndevts_alloced,
74683c4dfe9Sjg 	int		*devtcntp,
74783c4dfe9Sjg 	dev_t		*devtsp)
74883c4dfe9Sjg {
749b9ccdc5aScth 	int			circ;
75083c4dfe9Sjg 	struct ddi_minor_data	*dmdp;
75183c4dfe9Sjg 	int			minor_all = 0;
75283c4dfe9Sjg 	int			ndevts = *devtcntp;
75483c4dfe9Sjg 	ASSERT(i_ddi_devi_attached(dip));
75683c4dfe9Sjg 	/* are we looking for a set of minor nodes? */
75783c4dfe9Sjg 	if ((minor_name == DEVID_MINOR_NAME_ALL) ||
75883c4dfe9Sjg 	    (minor_name == DEVID_MINOR_NAME_ALL_CHR) ||
75983c4dfe9Sjg 	    (minor_name == DEVID_MINOR_NAME_ALL_BLK))
76083c4dfe9Sjg 		minor_all = 1;
76283c4dfe9Sjg 	/* Find matching minor names */
763b9ccdc5aScth 	ndi_devi_enter(dip, &circ);
76483c4dfe9Sjg 	for (dmdp = DEVI(dip)->devi_minor; dmdp; dmdp = dmdp->next) {
76683c4dfe9Sjg 		/* Skip non-minors, and non matching minor names */
76783c4dfe9Sjg 		if ((dmdp->type != DDM_MINOR) || ((minor_all == 0) &&
76883c4dfe9Sjg 		    strcmp(dmdp->ddm_name, minor_name)))
76983c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
77183c4dfe9Sjg 		/* filter out minor_all mismatches */
77283c4dfe9Sjg 		if (minor_all &&
77383c4dfe9Sjg 		    (((minor_name == DEVID_MINOR_NAME_ALL_CHR) &&
77483c4dfe9Sjg 		    (dmdp->ddm_spec_type != S_IFCHR)) ||
77583c4dfe9Sjg 		    ((minor_name == DEVID_MINOR_NAME_ALL_BLK) &&
77683c4dfe9Sjg 		    (dmdp->ddm_spec_type != S_IFBLK))))
77783c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
77983c4dfe9Sjg 		if (ndevts < ndevts_alloced)
78083c4dfe9Sjg 			devtsp[ndevts] = dmdp->ddm_dev;
78183c4dfe9Sjg 		ndevts++;
78283c4dfe9Sjg 	}
783b9ccdc5aScth 	ndi_devi_exit(dip, circ);
78583c4dfe9Sjg 	*devtcntp = ndevts;
78683c4dfe9Sjg }
78883c4dfe9Sjg /*
78983c4dfe9Sjg  * Search for cached entries matching a devid
79083c4dfe9Sjg  * Return two lists:
79183c4dfe9Sjg  *	a list of dev_info nodes, for those devices in the attached state
79283c4dfe9Sjg  *	a list of pathnames whose instances registered the given devid
79383c4dfe9Sjg  * If the lists passed in are not sufficient to return the matching
79483c4dfe9Sjg  * references, return the size of lists required.
79583c4dfe9Sjg  * The dev_info nodes are returned with a hold that the caller must release.
79683c4dfe9Sjg  */
79783c4dfe9Sjg static int
e_devid_cache_devi_path_lists(ddi_devid_t devid,int retmax,int * retndevis,dev_info_t ** retdevis,int * retnpaths,char ** retpaths)79883c4dfe9Sjg e_devid_cache_devi_path_lists(ddi_devid_t devid, int retmax,
7996fe4f300SPavel Zakharov     int *retndevis, dev_info_t **retdevis, int *retnpaths, char **retpaths)
80083c4dfe9Sjg {
80183c4dfe9Sjg 	nvp_devid_t *np;
80283c4dfe9Sjg 	int ndevis, npaths;
80383c4dfe9Sjg 	dev_info_t *dip, *pdip;
80483c4dfe9Sjg 	int circ;
80583c4dfe9Sjg 	int maxdevis = 0;
80683c4dfe9Sjg 	int maxpaths = 0;
80783c4dfe9Sjg 	list_t *listp;
80983c4dfe9Sjg 	ndevis = 0;
81083c4dfe9Sjg 	npaths = 0;
81183c4dfe9Sjg 	listp = nvf_list(dcfd_handle);
81283c4dfe9Sjg 	for (np = list_head(listp); np; np = list_next(listp, np)) {
81383c4dfe9Sjg 		if (np->nvp_devid == NULL)
81483c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
81583c4dfe9Sjg 		if (ddi_devid_valid(np->nvp_devid) != DDI_SUCCESS) {
81683c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVIDERR((CE_CONT,
81783c4dfe9Sjg 			    "find: invalid devid %s\n",
81883c4dfe9Sjg 			    np->nvp_devpath));
81983c4dfe9Sjg 			continue;
82083c4dfe9Sjg 		}
82183c4dfe9Sjg 		if (ddi_devid_compare(devid, np->nvp_devid) == 0) {
82283c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_DEBUG2((CE_CONT,
82383c4dfe9Sjg 			    "find: devid match: %s 0x%x\n",
82483c4dfe9Sjg 			    np->nvp_devpath, np->nvp_flags));
82583c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_LOG_MATCH(("find", devid, np->nvp_devpath));
82683c4dfe9Sjg 			DEVID_LOG_PATHS((CE_CONT, "%s\n", np->nvp_devpath));
82883c4dfe9Sjg 			/*
82983c4dfe9Sjg 			 * Check if we have a cached devinfo reference for this
83083c4dfe9Sjg 			 * devid.  Place a hold on it to prevent detach
83183c4dfe9Sjg 			 * Otherwise, use the path instead.
83283c4dfe9Sjg 			 * Note: returns with a hold on each dev_info
83383c4dfe9Sjg 			 * node in the list.
83483c4dfe9Sjg 			 */