xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/klm/Makefile (revision 0aaef2f5)
1*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin#
2*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# This file and its contents are supplied under the terms of the
3*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# Common Development and Distribution License ("CDDL"), version 1.0.
4*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# You may only use this file in accordance with the terms of version
5*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# 1.0 of the CDDL.
6*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin#
7*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# A full copy of the text of the CDDL should have accompanied this
8*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# source.  A copy is of the CDDL is also available via the Internet
9*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# at http://www.illumos.org/license/CDDL.
10*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin#
11*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
12*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin#
13*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# Copyright 2010 Nexenta Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
14*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin# Copyright (c) 2012 by Delphix. All rights reserved.
15*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin#
16*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
17*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinininclude ../../../Makefile.master
18*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
19*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininNLM_PROT_X= ../rpcsvc/nlm_prot.x
20*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininSM_INTER_X= ../rpcsvc/sm_inter.x
21*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininNSM_ADDR_X= ../rpcsvc/nsm_addr.x
22*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
23*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininRPCGENFLAGS = -C -M -i 0
24*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininSED_INCL='/^.include/s:\.\..*/rpcsvc:rpcsvc:'
25*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
26*bbaa8b60SDan KruchininDERIVED_FILES= nlm_prot_clnt.c nlm_prot_xdr.c \
27*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin		sm_inter_clnt.c sm_inter_xdr.c \
28*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin		nsm_addr_clnt.c nsm_addr_xdr.c
29*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
30*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinininstall_h: all_h
31*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
32*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininall_h: $(DERIVED_FILES)
33*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
34*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininnlm_prot_clnt.c : $(NLM_PROT_X) nlm_prot_clnt.sed
35*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -l -o $@.tmp $(NLM_PROT_X)
36*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -f nlm_prot_clnt.sed < $@.tmp > $@
37*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
38*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
39*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininnlm_prot_xdr.c : $(NLM_PROT_X)
40*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -c -o $@.tmp $(NLM_PROT_X)
41*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -e $(SED_INCL) < $@.tmp > $@
42*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
43*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
44*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininsm_inter_clnt.c : $(SM_INTER_X) sm_inter_clnt.sed
45*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -l -o $@.tmp $(SM_INTER_X)
46*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -f sm_inter_clnt.sed < $@.tmp > $@
47*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
48*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
49*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininsm_inter_xdr.c : $(SM_INTER_X)
50*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -c -o $@.tmp $(SM_INTER_X)
51*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -e $(SED_INCL) < $@.tmp > $@
52*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
53*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
54*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininnsm_addr_clnt.c : $(NSM_ADDR_X) nsm_addr_clnt.sed
55*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -l -o $@.tmp $(NSM_ADDR_X)
56*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -f nsm_addr_clnt.sed < $@.tmp > $@
57*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
58*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
59*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininnsm_addr_xdr.c : $(NSM_ADDR_X)
60*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RPCGEN) $(RPCGENFLAGS) -c -o $@.tmp $(NSM_ADDR_X)
61*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	sed -e $(SED_INCL) < $@.tmp > $@
62*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) -f $@.tmp
63*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
64*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinincheck:
65*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
66*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininclean:
67*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin	$(RM) $(DERIVED_FILES)
68*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
69*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchininclobber:	clean
70*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin
71*bbaa8b60SDan Kruchinin.KEEP_STATE: