xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/nxge/nxge_ipp.c (revision 4df3b64d)
144961713Sgirish /*
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344961713Sgirish  *
444961713Sgirish  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
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2144961713Sgirish /*
2263e23a19Syc  * Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
2344961713Sgirish  * Use is subject to license terms.
2444961713Sgirish  */
2644961713Sgirish #include <nxge_impl.h>
2744961713Sgirish #include <nxge_ipp.h>
2914ea4bb7Ssd #define	NXGE_IPP_FIFO_SYNC_TRY_COUNT 100
31a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
3244961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_init(p_nxge_t nxgep)3344961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_init(p_nxge_t nxgep)
3444961713Sgirish {
35a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
36a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t config;
37a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
38a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t pkt_size;
39a3c5bd6dSspeer 	ipp_status_t istatus;
40a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
41a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint64_t val;
42a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t d0, d1, d2, d3, d4;
43a3c5bd6dSspeer 	int i;
44a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t dfifo_entries;
4644961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
4744961713Sgirish 	portn = NXGE_GET_PORT_NUM(nxgep->function_num);
4944961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_init: port%d", portn));
5144961713Sgirish 	/* Initialize ECC and parity in SRAM of DFIFO and PFIFO */
5259ac0c16Sdavemq 	if (nxgep->niu_type == N2_NIU) {
5359ac0c16Sdavemq 		dfifo_entries = IPP_NIU_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
542e59129aSraghus 	} else if (NXGE_IS_VALID_NEPTUNE_TYPE(nxgep)) {
5544961713Sgirish 		if (portn < 2)
5644961713Sgirish 			dfifo_entries = IPP_P0_P1_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
5744961713Sgirish 		else
5844961713Sgirish 			dfifo_entries = IPP_P2_P3_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
5959ac0c16Sdavemq 	} else {
6044961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
6159ac0c16Sdavemq 	}
6344961713Sgirish 	for (i = 0; i < dfifo_entries; i++) {
64a3c5bd6dSspeer 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_write_dfifo(handle,
6552ccf843Smisaki 		    portn, i, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
6644961713Sgirish 			goto fail;
67a3c5bd6dSspeer 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_read_dfifo(handle, portn,
6852ccf843Smisaki 		    i, &d0, &d1, &d2, &d3, &d4)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
6944961713Sgirish 			goto fail;
7044961713Sgirish 	}
7244961713Sgirish 	/* Clear PFIFO DFIFO status bits */
7344961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
7444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
7544961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
7644961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
7844961713Sgirish 	/*
7944961713Sgirish 	 * Soft reset to make sure we bring the FIFO pointers back to the
8044961713Sgirish 	 * original initial position.
8144961713Sgirish 	 */
8244961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_reset(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
8344961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
8544961713Sgirish 	/* Clean up ECC counter */
8644961713Sgirish 	IPP_REG_RD(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_ECC_ERR_COUNTER_REG, &val);
87f6485eecSyc 	IPP_REG_RD(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_BAD_CKSUM_ERR_CNT_REG, &val);
8844961713Sgirish 	IPP_REG_RD(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_DISCARD_PKT_CNT_REG, &val);
9044961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
9144961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
9344961713Sgirish 	/* Configure IPP port */
9444961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_iconfig(handle, INIT, portn, ICFG_IPP_ALL))
9552ccf843Smisaki 	    != NPI_SUCCESS)
9644961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
9744961713Sgirish 	nxgep->ipp.iconfig = ICFG_IPP_ALL;
9944961713Sgirish 	config = CFG_IPP | CFG_IPP_DFIFO_ECC_CORRECT | CFG_IPP_DROP_BAD_CRC |
10052ccf843Smisaki 	    CFG_IPP_TCP_UDP_CKSUM;
10144961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_config(handle, INIT, portn, config)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
10244961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
10344961713Sgirish 	nxgep->ipp.config = config;
10544961713Sgirish 	/* Set max packet size */
10644961713Sgirish 	pkt_size = IPP_MAX_PKT_SIZE;
107a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_set_max_pktsize(handle, portn,
10852ccf843Smisaki 	    IPP_MAX_PKT_SIZE)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
10944961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
11044961713Sgirish 	nxgep->ipp.max_pkt_size = pkt_size;
11244961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_init: port%d", portn));
11444961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_OK);
11544961713Sgirish fail:
11644961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
11752ccf843Smisaki 	    "nxge_ipp_init: Fail to initialize IPP Port #%d\n",
11852ccf843Smisaki 	    portn));
11944961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
12044961713Sgirish }
122a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
12344961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_disable(p_nxge_t nxgep)12444961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_disable(p_nxge_t nxgep)
12544961713Sgirish {
126a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
127a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t config;
128a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
129a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
13014ea4bb7Ssd 	uint16_t wr_ptr, rd_ptr;
13114ea4bb7Ssd 	uint32_t try_count;
13344961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
13444961713Sgirish 	portn = NXGE_GET_PORT_NUM(nxgep->function_num);
13644961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_disable: port%d", portn));
13714ea4bb7Ssd 	(void) nxge_rx_mac_disable(nxgep);
13914ea4bb7Ssd 	/*
140a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Wait until ip read and write fifo pointers are equal
14114ea4bb7Ssd 	 */
14214ea4bb7Ssd 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
14314ea4bb7Ssd 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
14414ea4bb7Ssd 	try_count = NXGE_IPP_FIFO_SYNC_TRY_COUNT;
14614ea4bb7Ssd 	while ((try_count > 0) && (rd_ptr != wr_ptr)) {
14714ea4bb7Ssd 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
14814ea4bb7Ssd 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
14914ea4bb7Ssd 		try_count--;
15014ea4bb7Ssd 	}
15214ea4bb7Ssd 	if (try_count == 0) {
15314ea4bb7Ssd 		if ((rd_ptr != 0) && (wr_ptr != 1)) {
15414ea4bb7Ssd 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
15552ccf843Smisaki 			    " nxge_ipp_disable: port%d failed"
15652ccf843Smisaki 			    " rd_fifo != wr_fifo", portn));
15714ea4bb7Ssd 			goto fail;
15814ea4bb7Ssd 		}
15914ea4bb7Ssd 	}
16044961713Sgirish 	/* disable the IPP */
16144961713Sgirish 	config = nxgep->ipp.config;
162a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_config(handle, DISABLE,
16352ccf843Smisaki 	    portn, config)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
16444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
16644961713Sgirish 	/* IPP soft reset */
167a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_reset(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
16844961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
17044961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_disable: port%d", portn));
17144961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_OK);
17244961713Sgirish fail:
17344961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
17452ccf843Smisaki 	    "nxge_ipp_disable: Fail to disable IPP Port #%d\n", portn));
17544961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
17644961713Sgirish }
178a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
17944961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_reset(p_nxge_t nxgep)18044961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_reset(p_nxge_t nxgep)
18144961713Sgirish {
182a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
183a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t config;
184a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
185a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
18644961713Sgirish 	uint16_t wr_ptr, rd_ptr;
18744961713Sgirish 	uint32_t try_count;
18944961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
19044961713Sgirish 	portn = NXGE_GET_PORT_NUM(nxgep->function_num);
19244961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_reset: port%d", portn));
19444961713Sgirish 	/* disable the IPP */
19544961713Sgirish 	config = nxgep->ipp.config;
196a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_config(handle, DISABLE,
19752ccf843Smisaki 	    portn, config)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
19844961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
20044961713Sgirish 	/*
201a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Wait until ip read and write fifo pointers are equal
20244961713Sgirish 	 */
20344961713Sgirish 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
20444961713Sgirish 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
20514ea4bb7Ssd 	try_count = NXGE_IPP_FIFO_SYNC_TRY_COUNT;
20744961713Sgirish 	while ((try_count > 0) && (rd_ptr != wr_ptr)) {
20844961713Sgirish 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
20944961713Sgirish 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
21044961713Sgirish 		try_count--;
21144961713Sgirish 	}
21344961713Sgirish 	if (try_count == 0) {
21414ea4bb7Ssd 		if ((rd_ptr != 0) && (wr_ptr != 1)) {
21514ea4bb7Ssd 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
21652ccf843Smisaki 			    " nxge_ipp_disable: port%d failed"
21752ccf843Smisaki 			    " rd_fifo != wr_fifo", portn));
21814ea4bb7Ssd 			goto fail;
21914ea4bb7Ssd 		}
22044961713Sgirish 	}
22244961713Sgirish 	/* IPP soft reset */
22344961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_reset(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS) {
22444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
22544961713Sgirish 	}
22744961713Sgirish 	/* to reset control FIFO */
228a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_zcp_rest_cfifo_port(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
22944961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
23144961713Sgirish 	/*
232a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Making sure that error source is cleared if this is an injected
233a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * error.
23444961713Sgirish 	 */
23544961713Sgirish 	IPP_REG_WR(handle, portn, IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG, 0);
23744961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_reset: port%d", portn));
23844961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_OK);
23944961713Sgirish fail:
24044961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
24152ccf843Smisaki 	    "nxge_ipp_init: Fail to Reset IPP Port #%d\n",
24252ccf843Smisaki 	    portn));
24344961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
24444961713Sgirish }
246a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
24744961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_enable(p_nxge_t nxgep)24844961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_enable(p_nxge_t nxgep)
24944961713Sgirish {
250a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
251a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t config;
252a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
253a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t pkt_size;
254a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
25644961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
25744961713Sgirish 	portn = NXGE_GET_PORT_NUM(nxgep->function_num);
25944961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_enable: port%d", portn));
26144961713Sgirish 	config = CFG_IPP | CFG_IPP_DFIFO_ECC_CORRECT | CFG_IPP_DROP_BAD_CRC |
26252ccf843Smisaki 	    CFG_IPP_TCP_UDP_CKSUM;
26344961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_config(handle, INIT, portn, config)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
26444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
26544961713Sgirish 	nxgep->ipp.config = config;
26744961713Sgirish 	/* Set max packet size */
26844961713Sgirish 	pkt_size = IPP_MAX_PKT_SIZE;
269a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_set_max_pktsize(handle, portn,
27052ccf843Smisaki 	    IPP_MAX_PKT_SIZE)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
27144961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
27244961713Sgirish 	nxgep->ipp.max_pkt_size = pkt_size;
27444961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_enable: port%d", portn));
27544961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_OK);
27644961713Sgirish fail:
27744961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
27852ccf843Smisaki 	    "nxge_ipp_init: Fail to Enable IPP Port #%d\n", portn));
27944961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
28044961713Sgirish }
282678453a8Sspeer /* ARGSUSED */
283678453a8Sspeer nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_drain(p_nxge_t nxgep)284678453a8Sspeer nxge_ipp_drain(p_nxge_t nxgep)
285678453a8Sspeer {
286678453a8Sspeer 	uint8_t portn;
287678453a8Sspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
288678453a8Sspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
289678453a8Sspeer 	uint16_t wr_ptr, rd_ptr;
290678453a8Sspeer 	uint32_t try_count;
292678453a8Sspeer 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
293678453a8Sspeer 	portn = NXGE_GET_PORT_NUM(nxgep->function_num);
295678453a8Sspeer 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_drain: port%d", portn));
297678453a8Sspeer 	/*
298678453a8Sspeer 	 * Wait until ip read and write fifo pointers are equal
299678453a8Sspeer 	 */
300678453a8Sspeer 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
301678453a8Sspeer 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
302678453a8Sspeer 	try_count = NXGE_IPP_FIFO_SYNC_TRY_COUNT;
304678453a8Sspeer 	while ((try_count > 0) && (rd_ptr != wr_ptr)) {
305678453a8Sspeer 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
306678453a8Sspeer 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
307678453a8Sspeer 		try_count--;
308678453a8Sspeer 	}
310678453a8Sspeer 	if (try_count == 0) {
311678453a8Sspeer 		if ((rd_ptr != 0) && (wr_ptr != 1)) {
312678453a8Sspeer 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
313678453a8Sspeer 			    " nxge_ipp_drain: port%d failed"
314678453a8Sspeer 			    " rd_fifo != wr_fifo", portn));
315678453a8Sspeer 			goto fail;
316678453a8Sspeer 		}
317678453a8Sspeer 	}
319678453a8Sspeer 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_drain: port%d", portn));
320678453a8Sspeer 	return (NXGE_OK);
321678453a8Sspeer fail:
322678453a8Sspeer 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL, "nxge_ipp_init: "
323678453a8Sspeer 	    "Fail to Reset IPP Port #%d\n", portn));
324678453a8Sspeer 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
325678453a8Sspeer }
327a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
32844961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_handle_sys_errors(p_nxge_t nxgep)32944961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_handle_sys_errors(p_nxge_t nxgep)
33044961713Sgirish {
331a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
332a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
333a3c5bd6dSspeer 	p_nxge_ipp_stats_t statsp;
334a3c5bd6dSspeer 	ipp_status_t istatus;
335a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
336a3c5bd6dSspeer 	p_ipp_errlog_t errlogp;
337a3c5bd6dSspeer 	boolean_t rxport_fatal = B_FALSE;
338a3c5bd6dSspeer 	nxge_status_t status = NXGE_OK;
33953f3d8ecSyc 	uint8_t cnt8;
34053f3d8ecSyc 	uint16_t cnt16;
34244961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
34344961713Sgirish 	statsp = (p_nxge_ipp_stats_t)&nxgep->statsp->ipp_stats;
34444961713Sgirish 	portn = nxgep->mac.portnum;
34644961713Sgirish 	errlogp = (p_ipp_errlog_t)&statsp->errlog;
34844961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
34944961713Sgirish 		return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
351a3c5bd6dSspeer 	if (istatus.value == 0) {
35244961713Sgirish 		/*
35344961713Sgirish 		 * The error is not initiated from this port, so just exit.
35444961713Sgirish 		 */
35544961713Sgirish 		return (NXGE_OK);
356a3c5bd6dSspeer 	}
35844961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.dfifo_missed_sop) {
35944961713Sgirish 		statsp->sop_miss++;
36044961713Sgirish 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_eopm_rdptr(handle, portn,
36152ccf843Smisaki 		    &errlogp->dfifo_rd_ptr)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
36244961713Sgirish 			return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
36344961713Sgirish 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_state_mach(handle, portn,
36452ccf843Smisaki 		    &errlogp->state_mach)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
36544961713Sgirish 			return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
366b37cc459SToomas Soome 		NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
36752ccf843Smisaki 		    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_SOP_MISS);
36844961713Sgirish 		if (statsp->sop_miss < IPP_MAX_ERR_SHOW)
36944961713Sgirish 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
37052ccf843Smisaki 			    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: fatal error: sop_miss\n"));
37144961713Sgirish 		rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
37244961713Sgirish 	}
37344961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.dfifo_missed_eop) {
37444961713Sgirish 		statsp->eop_miss++;
37544961713Sgirish 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_eopm_rdptr(handle, portn,
37652ccf843Smisaki 		    &errlogp->dfifo_rd_ptr)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
37744961713Sgirish 			return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
37844961713Sgirish 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_state_mach(handle, portn,
37952ccf843Smisaki 		    &errlogp->state_mach)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
38044961713Sgirish 			return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
381b37cc459SToomas Soome 		NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
38252ccf843Smisaki 		    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_EOP_MISS);
38344961713Sgirish 		NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
38452ccf843Smisaki 		    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: fatal error: eop_miss\n"));
38544961713Sgirish 		rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
38644961713Sgirish 	}
38744961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.dfifo_uncorr_ecc_err) {
38814ea4bb7Ssd 		boolean_t ue_ecc_valid;
390a3c5bd6dSspeer 		if ((status = nxge_ipp_eccue_valid_check(nxgep,
39152ccf843Smisaki 		    &ue_ecc_valid)) != NXGE_OK)
39214ea4bb7Ssd 			return (status);
39414ea4bb7Ssd 		if (ue_ecc_valid) {
39514ea4bb7Ssd 			statsp->dfifo_ue++;
39614ea4bb7Ssd 			if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_ecc_syndrome(handle, portn,
39752ccf843Smisaki 			    &errlogp->ecc_syndrome)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
39814ea4bb7Ssd 				return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
399b37cc459SToomas Soome 			NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
40052ccf843Smisaki 			    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_DFIFO_UE);
40114ea4bb7Ssd 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
40252ccf843Smisaki 			    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: fatal error: dfifo_ue\n"));
40314ea4bb7Ssd 			rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
40414ea4bb7Ssd 		}
40544961713Sgirish 	}
40644961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.pre_fifo_perr) {
40744961713Sgirish 		statsp->pfifo_perr++;
408b37cc459SToomas Soome 		NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
40952ccf843Smisaki 		    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_PERR);
41044961713Sgirish 		if (statsp->pfifo_perr < IPP_MAX_ERR_SHOW)
41144961713Sgirish 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
41252ccf843Smisaki 			    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: "
41352ccf843Smisaki 			    "fatal error: pre_pifo_perr\n"));
41444961713Sgirish 		rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
41544961713Sgirish 	}
41644961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.pre_fifo_overrun) {
41744961713Sgirish 		statsp->pfifo_over++;
418b37cc459SToomas Soome 		NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
41952ccf843Smisaki 		    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_OVER);
42044961713Sgirish 		if (statsp->pfifo_over < IPP_MAX_ERR_SHOW)
42144961713Sgirish 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
42252ccf843Smisaki 			    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: "
42352ccf843Smisaki 			    "fatal error: pfifo_over\n"));
42444961713Sgirish 		rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
42544961713Sgirish 	}
42644961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.pre_fifo_underrun) {
42744961713Sgirish 		statsp->pfifo_und++;
428b37cc459SToomas Soome 		NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
42952ccf843Smisaki 		    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_UND);
43044961713Sgirish 		if (statsp->pfifo_und < IPP_MAX_ERR_SHOW)
43144961713Sgirish 			NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
43252ccf843Smisaki 			    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: "
43352ccf843Smisaki 			    "fatal error: pfifo_und\n"));
43444961713Sgirish 		rxport_fatal = B_TRUE;
43544961713Sgirish 	}
43644961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.bad_cksum_cnt_ovfl) {
437d710877aSyc 		/*
43863e23a19Syc 		 * Do not send FMA ereport or log error message
43963e23a19Syc 		 * in /var/adm/messages because this error does not
44063e23a19Syc 		 * indicate a HW failure.
44163e23a19Syc 		 *
442d710877aSyc 		 * Clear bit BAD_CS_MX of register IPP_INT_STAT
443d710877aSyc 		 * by reading register IPP_BAD_CS_CNT
444d710877aSyc 		 */
44553f3d8ecSyc 		(void) npi_ipp_get_cs_err_count(handle, portn, &cnt16);
44644961713Sgirish 		statsp->bad_cs_cnt += IPP_BAD_CS_CNT_MASK;
44744961713Sgirish 	}
44844961713Sgirish 	if (istatus.bits.w0.pkt_discard_cnt_ovfl) {
449d710877aSyc 		/*
45063e23a19Syc 		 * Do not send FMA ereport or log error message
45163e23a19Syc 		 * in /var/adm/messages because this error does not
45263e23a19Syc 		 * indicate a HW failure.
45363e23a19Syc 		 *
454d710877aSyc 		 * Clear bit PKT_DIS_MX of register IPP_INT_STAT
455d710877aSyc 		 * by reading register IPP_PKT_DIS
456d710877aSyc 		 */
45753f3d8ecSyc 		(void) npi_ipp_get_pkt_dis_count(handle, portn, &cnt16);
45844961713Sgirish 		statsp->pkt_dis_cnt += IPP_PKT_DIS_CNT_MASK;
45944961713Sgirish 	}
46053f3d8ecSyc 	if (istatus.bits.w0.ecc_err_cnt_ovfl) {
461d710877aSyc 		/*
462d710877aSyc 		 * Clear bit ECC_ERR_MAX of register IPP_INI_STAT
463d710877aSyc 		 * by reading register IPP_ECC
464d710877aSyc 		 */
46553f3d8ecSyc 		(void) npi_ipp_get_ecc_err_count(handle, portn, &cnt8);
46653f3d8ecSyc 		statsp->ecc_err_cnt += IPP_ECC_CNT_MASK;
467f6485eecSyc 		/*
468f6485eecSyc 		 * A defect in Neptune port2's IPP module could generate
469f6485eecSyc 		 * many fake but harmless ECC errors under stress and cause
470f6485eecSyc 		 * the ecc-error-counter register IPP_ECC to reach its
471f6485eecSyc 		 * maximum value in a few seconds. To avoid false alarm, do
472f6485eecSyc 		 * not report the error if it is port2.
473f6485eecSyc 		 */
474f6485eecSyc 		if (portn != 2) {
475b37cc459SToomas Soome 			NXGE_FM_REPORT_ERROR(nxgep, portn, 0,
476f6485eecSyc 			    NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_ECC_ERR_MAX);
477f6485eecSyc 			if (statsp->ecc_err_cnt < (IPP_MAX_ERR_SHOW *
478f6485eecSyc 			    IPP_ECC_CNT_MASK)) {
479f6485eecSyc 				NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
480f6485eecSyc 				    "nxge_ipp_err_evnts: pkt_ecc_err_max\n"));
481f6485eecSyc 			}
482f6485eecSyc 		}
48353f3d8ecSyc 	}
48444961713Sgirish 	/*
485a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Making sure that error source is cleared if this is an injected
486a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * error.
48744961713Sgirish 	 */
48844961713Sgirish 	IPP_REG_WR(handle, portn, IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG, 0);
49044961713Sgirish 	if (rxport_fatal) {
49144961713Sgirish 		NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL,
49252ccf843Smisaki 		    " nxge_ipp_handle_sys_errors:"
49352ccf843Smisaki 		    " fatal Error on  Port #%d\n", portn));
49444961713Sgirish 		status = nxge_ipp_fatal_err_recover(nxgep);
49544961713Sgirish 		if (status == NXGE_OK) {
49644961713Sgirish 			FM_SERVICE_RESTORED(nxgep);
49744961713Sgirish 		}
49844961713Sgirish 	}
49944961713Sgirish 	return (status);
50044961713Sgirish }
502a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
50344961713Sgirish void
nxge_ipp_inject_err(p_nxge_t nxgep,uint32_t err_id)50444961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_inject_err(p_nxge_t nxgep, uint32_t err_id)
50544961713Sgirish {
506a3c5bd6dSspeer 	ipp_status_t ipps;
507a3c5bd6dSspeer 	ipp_ecc_ctrl_t ecc_ctrl;
508a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn = nxgep->mac.portnum;
51044961713Sgirish 	switch (err_id) {
51144961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_DFIFO_UE:
51244961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.value = 0;
51344961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_dbl = 1;
51444961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_1 = 1;
51544961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_lst = 1;
51644961713Sgirish 		cmn_err(CE_NOTE, "!Write 0x%llx to IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG\n",
51752ccf843Smisaki 		    (unsigned long long) ecc_ctrl.value);
51844961713Sgirish 		IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG,
51952ccf843Smisaki 		    ecc_ctrl.value);
52044961713Sgirish 		break;
52244961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_DFIFO_CE:
52344961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.value = 0;
52444961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_sng = 1;
52544961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_1 = 1;
52644961713Sgirish 		ecc_ctrl.bits.w0.cor_snd = 1;
52744961713Sgirish 		cmn_err(CE_NOTE, "!Write 0x%llx to IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG\n",
52852ccf843Smisaki 		    (unsigned long long) ecc_ctrl.value);
52944961713Sgirish 		IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG,
53052ccf843Smisaki 		    ecc_ctrl.value);
53144961713Sgirish 		break;
53344961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_EOP_MISS:
53444961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_SOP_MISS:
53544961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_PERR:
53644961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_ECC_ERR_MAX:
53744961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_OVER:
53844961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_UND:
53944961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_BAD_CS_MX:
54044961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PKT_DIS_MX:
54144961713Sgirish 	case NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_RESET_FAIL:
54244961713Sgirish 		IPP_REG_RD(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_INT_STATUS_REG,
54352ccf843Smisaki 		    &ipps.value);
54444961713Sgirish 		if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_EOP_MISS)
54544961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.dfifo_missed_eop = 1;
54644961713Sgirish 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_SOP_MISS)
54744961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.dfifo_missed_sop = 1;
54844961713Sgirish 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_DFIFO_UE)
54944961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.dfifo_uncorr_ecc_err = 1;
55044961713Sgirish 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_DFIFO_CE)
55144961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.dfifo_corr_ecc_err = 1;
55244961713Sgirish 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_PERR)
55344961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.pre_fifo_perr = 1;
554d710877aSyc 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_ECC_ERR_MAX) {
555d710877aSyc 			/*
556d710877aSyc 			 * Fill register IPP_ECC with max ECC-error-
557d710877aSyc 			 * counter value (0xff) to set the ECC_ERR_MAX bit
558d710877aSyc 			 * of the IPP_INT_STAT register and trigger an
559d710877aSyc 			 * FMA ereport.
560d710877aSyc 			 */
561d710877aSyc 			IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn,
563d710877aSyc 		} else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_OVER)
56444961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.pre_fifo_overrun = 1;
56544961713Sgirish 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PFIFO_UND)
56644961713Sgirish 			ipps.bits.w0.pre_fifo_underrun = 1;
567d710877aSyc 		else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_BAD_CS_MX) {
568d710877aSyc 			/*
569d710877aSyc 			 * Fill IPP_BAD_CS_CNT with max bad-checksum-counter
570d710877aSyc 			 * value (0x3fff) to set the BAD_CS_MX bit of
571d710877aSyc 			 * IPP_INT_STAT and trigger an FMA ereport.
572d710877aSyc 			 */
573d710877aSyc 			IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn,
575d710877aSyc 		} else if (err_id == NXGE_FM_EREPORT_IPP_PKT_DIS_MX) {
576d710877aSyc 			/*
577d710877aSyc 			 * Fill IPP_PKT_DIS with max packet-discard-counter
578d710877aSyc 			 * value (0x3fff) to set the PKT_DIS_MX bit of
579d710877aSyc 			 * IPP_INT_STAT and trigger an FMA ereport.
580d710877aSyc 			 */
581d710877aSyc 			IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn,
583d710877aSyc 		}
58444961713Sgirish 		cmn_err(CE_NOTE, "!Write 0x%llx to IPP_INT_STATUS_REG\n",
58552ccf843Smisaki 		    (unsigned long long) ipps.value);
58644961713Sgirish 		IPP_REG_WR(nxgep->npi_handle, portn, IPP_INT_STATUS_REG,
58752ccf843Smisaki 		    ipps.value);
58844961713Sgirish 		break;
58944961713Sgirish 	}
59044961713Sgirish }
592a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
59344961713Sgirish nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_fatal_err_recover(p_nxge_t nxgep)59444961713Sgirish nxge_ipp_fatal_err_recover(p_nxge_t nxgep)
59544961713Sgirish {
596a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_handle_t handle;
597a3c5bd6dSspeer 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
598a3c5bd6dSspeer 	nxge_status_t status = NXGE_OK;
599a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint8_t portn;
600a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint16_t wr_ptr;
601a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint16_t rd_ptr;
602a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t try_count;
603a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t dfifo_entries;
604a3c5bd6dSspeer 	ipp_status_t istatus;
605a3c5bd6dSspeer 	uint32_t d0, d1, d2, d3, d4;
606a3c5bd6dSspeer 	int i;
60844961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, RX_CTL, "<== nxge_ipp_fatal_err_recover"));
60944961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
61052ccf843Smisaki 	    "Recovering from RxPort error..."));
61244961713Sgirish 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
61344961713Sgirish 	portn = nxgep->mac.portnum;
61544961713Sgirish 	/*
616a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Making sure that error source is cleared if this is an injected
617a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * error.
61844961713Sgirish 	 */
61944961713Sgirish 	IPP_REG_WR(handle, portn, IPP_ECC_CTRL_REG, 0);
62144961713Sgirish 	/* Disable RxMAC */
62244961713Sgirish 	if (nxge_rx_mac_disable(nxgep) != NXGE_OK)
62344961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
62544961713Sgirish 	/* When recovering from IPP, RxDMA channel resets are not necessary */
62644961713Sgirish 	/* Reset ZCP CFIFO */
62744961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "port%d Reset ZCP CFIFO...", portn));
62844961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_zcp_rest_cfifo_port(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
62944961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
63144961713Sgirish 	/*
632a3c5bd6dSspeer 	 * Wait until ip read and write fifo pointers are equal
63344961713Sgirish 	 */
63444961713Sgirish 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
63544961713Sgirish 	(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
63644961713Sgirish 	try_count = 512;
63844961713Sgirish 	while ((try_count > 0) && (rd_ptr != wr_ptr)) {
63944961713Sgirish 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr);
64044961713Sgirish 		(void) npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr);
64144961713Sgirish 		try_count--;
64244961713Sgirish 	}
64444961713Sgirish 	if (try_count == 0) {
64544961713Sgirish 		NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
64652ccf843Smisaki 		    " nxge_ipp_reset: port%d IPP stalled..."
64752ccf843Smisaki 		    " rd_fifo_ptr = 0x%x wr_fifo_ptr = 0x%x",
64852ccf843Smisaki 		    portn, rd_ptr, wr_ptr));
64944961713Sgirish 		/*
650a3c5bd6dSspeer 		 * This means the fatal error occurred on the first line of the
651a3c5bd6dSspeer 		 * fifo. In this case, just reset the IPP without draining the
652a3c5bd6dSspeer 		 * PFIFO.
65344961713Sgirish 		 */
65444961713Sgirish 	}
65659ac0c16Sdavemq 	if (nxgep->niu_type == N2_NIU) {
65759ac0c16Sdavemq 		dfifo_entries = IPP_NIU_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
6582e59129aSraghus 	} else if (NXGE_IS_VALID_NEPTUNE_TYPE(nxgep)) {
65944961713Sgirish 		if (portn < 2)
66044961713Sgirish 			dfifo_entries = IPP_P0_P1_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
66144961713Sgirish 		else
66244961713Sgirish 			dfifo_entries = IPP_P2_P3_DFIFO_ENTRIES;
66359ac0c16Sdavemq 	} else {
66444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
66559ac0c16Sdavemq 	}
66744961713Sgirish 	/* Clean up DFIFO SRAM entries */
66844961713Sgirish 	for (i = 0; i < dfifo_entries; i++) {
669a3c5bd6dSspeer 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_write_dfifo(handle, portn,
67052ccf843Smisaki 		    i, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
67144961713Sgirish 			goto fail;
672a3c5bd6dSspeer 		if ((rs = npi_ipp_read_dfifo(handle, portn, i,
67352ccf843Smisaki 		    &d0, &d1, &d2, &d3, &d4)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
67444961713Sgirish 			goto fail;
67544961713Sgirish 	}
67744961713Sgirish 	/* Clear PFIFO DFIFO status bits */
67844961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
67944961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
68044961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_status(handle, portn, &istatus)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
68144961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
68344961713Sgirish 	/* Reset IPP */
68444961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "port%d Reset IPP...", portn));
68544961713Sgirish 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_reset(handle, portn)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
68644961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
68844961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "port%d Reset RxMAC...", portn));
68944961713Sgirish 	if (nxge_rx_mac_reset(nxgep) != NXGE_OK)
69044961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
69244961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "port%d Initialize RxMAC...", portn));
69344961713Sgirish 	if ((status = nxge_rx_mac_init(nxgep)) != NXGE_OK)
69444961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
69644961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, IPP_CTL, "port%d Enable RxMAC...", portn));
69744961713Sgirish 	if (nxge_rx_mac_enable(nxgep) != NXGE_OK)
69844961713Sgirish 		goto fail;
70044961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL,
70152ccf843Smisaki 	    "Recovery successful, RxPort restored"));
70244961713Sgirish 	NXGE_DEBUG_MSG((nxgep, RX_CTL, "==> nxge_ipp_fatal_err_recover"));
70444961713Sgirish 	return (NXGE_OK);
70544961713Sgirish fail:
70644961713Sgirish 	NXGE_ERROR_MSG((nxgep, NXGE_ERR_CTL, "Recovery failed"));
70744961713Sgirish 	return (status | rs);
70844961713Sgirish }
710a3c5bd6dSspeer /* ARGSUSED */
7111a4557b6Syc /*
71253f3d8ecSyc  *    A hardware bug may cause fake ECCUEs (ECC Uncorrectable Error).
7131a4557b6Syc  * This function checks if a ECCUE is real(valid) or not.  It is not
7141a4557b6Syc  * real if rd_ptr == wr_ptr.
7151a4557b6Syc  *    The hardware module that has the bug is used not only by the IPP
7161a4557b6Syc  * FIFO but also by the ZCP FIFO, therefore this function is also
7171a4557b6Syc  * called by nxge_zcp_handle_sys_errors for validating the ZCP FIFO
7181a4557b6Syc  * error.
7191a4557b6Syc  */
72014ea4bb7Ssd nxge_status_t
nxge_ipp_eccue_valid_check(p_nxge_t nxgep,boolean_t * valid)72114ea4bb7Ssd nxge_ipp_eccue_valid_check(p_nxge_t nxgep, boolean_t *valid)
72214ea4bb7Ssd {
72314ea4bb7Ssd 	npi_handle_t handle;
72414ea4bb7Ssd 	npi_status_t rs = NPI_SUCCESS;
72514ea4bb7Ssd 	uint8_t portn;
72614ea4bb7Ssd 	uint16_t rd_ptr;
72714ea4bb7Ssd 	uint16_t wr_ptr;
72814ea4bb7Ssd 	uint16_t curr_rd_ptr;
72914ea4bb7Ssd 	uint16_t curr_wr_ptr;
73014ea4bb7Ssd 	uint32_t stall_cnt;
73114ea4bb7Ssd 	uint32_t d0, d1, d2, d3, d4;
73314ea4bb7Ssd 	handle = nxgep->npi_handle;
73414ea4bb7Ssd 	portn = nxgep->mac.portnum;
73514ea4bb7Ssd 	*valid = B_TRUE;
73714ea4bb7Ssd 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle, portn, &rd_ptr))
73852ccf843Smisaki 	    != NPI_SUCCESS)
73914ea4bb7Ssd 		goto fail;
7401a4557b6Syc 	if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle, portn, &wr_ptr))
74152ccf843Smisaki 	    != NPI_SUCCESS)
74214ea4bb7Ssd 		goto fail;
74414ea4bb7Ssd 	if (rd_ptr == wr_ptr) {
7451a4557b6Syc 		*valid = B_FALSE; /* FIFO not stuck, so it's not a real ECCUE */
74614ea4bb7Ssd 	} else {
74714ea4bb7Ssd 		stall_cnt = 0;
748ee5416c9Syc 		/*
749ee5416c9Syc 		 * Check if the two pointers are moving, the ECCUE is invali
750ee5416c9Syc 		 * if either pointer is moving, which indicates that the FIFO
751ee5416c9Syc 		 * is functional.
752ee5416c9Syc 		 */
75314ea4bb7Ssd 		while (stall_cnt < 16) {
754a3c5bd6dSspeer 			if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_rd_ptr(handle,
75552ccf843Smisaki 			    portn, &curr_rd_ptr)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
75614ea4bb7Ssd 				goto fail;
757a3c5bd6dSspeer 			if ((rs = npi_ipp_get_dfifo_wr_ptr(handle,
75852ccf843Smisaki 			    portn, &curr_wr_ptr)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
75914ea4bb7Ssd 				goto fail;
761ee5416c9Syc 			if (rd_ptr == curr_rd_ptr && wr_ptr == curr_wr_ptr) {
76214ea4bb7Ssd 				stall_cnt++;
763ee5416c9Syc 			} else {
76414ea4bb7Ssd 				*valid = B_FALSE;
76514ea4bb7Ssd 				break;
76614ea4bb7Ssd 			}
76714ea4bb7Ssd 		}
769*4df3b64dSToomas Soome 		if (*valid) {
770ee5416c9Syc 			/*
771d710877aSyc 			 * Further check to see if the ECCUE is valid. The
772ee5416c9Syc 			 * error is real if the LSB of d4 is 1, which
773ee5416c9Syc 			 * indicates that the data that has set the ECC
774ee5416c9Syc 			 * error flag is the 16-byte internal control word.
775ee5416c9Syc 			 */
776ee5416c9Syc 			if ((rs = npi_ipp_read_dfifo(handle, portn, rd_ptr,
777ee5416c9Syc 			    &d0, &d1, &d2, &d3, &d4)) != NPI_SUCCESS)
77814ea4bb7Ssd 				goto fail;
77914ea4bb7Ssd 			if ((d4 & 0x1) == 0)	/* Not the 1st line */
78014ea4bb7Ssd 				*valid = B_FALSE;
78114ea4bb7Ssd 		}
78214ea4bb7Ssd 	}
78314ea4bb7Ssd 	return (NXGE_OK);
78414ea4bb7Ssd fail:
78514ea4bb7Ssd 	return (NXGE_ERROR | rs);
78614ea4bb7Ssd }