xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/chxge/com/xpak.c (revision d39a76e7)
1*d39a76e7Sxw /*
2*d39a76e7Sxw  * CDDL HEADER START
3*d39a76e7Sxw  *
4*d39a76e7Sxw  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
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18*d39a76e7Sxw  *
19*d39a76e7Sxw  * CDDL HEADER END
20*d39a76e7Sxw  */
22*d39a76e7Sxw /*
23*d39a76e7Sxw  * Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Chelsio Communications.  All rights reserved.
24*d39a76e7Sxw  */
26*d39a76e7Sxw #pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"	/* xpak.c */
28*d39a76e7Sxw #include "cphy.h"
29*d39a76e7Sxw #include "elmer0.h"
31*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_reset(struct cphy * cphy,int wait)32*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_reset(struct cphy *cphy, int wait)
33*d39a76e7Sxw {
34*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
35*d39a76e7Sxw }
37*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_interrupt_enable(struct cphy * cphy)38*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_interrupt_enable(struct cphy *cphy)
39*d39a76e7Sxw {
40*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
41*d39a76e7Sxw }
43*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_interrupt_disable(struct cphy * cphy)44*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_interrupt_disable(struct cphy *cphy)
45*d39a76e7Sxw {
46*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
47*d39a76e7Sxw }
49*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_interrupt_clear(struct cphy * cphy)50*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_interrupt_clear(struct cphy *cphy)
51*d39a76e7Sxw {
52*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
53*d39a76e7Sxw }
55*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_set_loopback(struct cphy * cphy,int on)56*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_set_loopback(struct cphy *cphy, int on)
57*d39a76e7Sxw {
58*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
59*d39a76e7Sxw }
61*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_get_link_status(struct cphy * cphy,int * link_ok,int * speed,int * duplex,int * fc)62*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_get_link_status(struct cphy *cphy, int *link_ok, int *speed,
63*d39a76e7Sxw 				int *duplex, int *fc)
64*d39a76e7Sxw {
65*d39a76e7Sxw 	if (link_ok)
66*d39a76e7Sxw 		*link_ok = 1;
67*d39a76e7Sxw 	if (speed)
68*d39a76e7Sxw 		*speed = SPEED_10000;
69*d39a76e7Sxw 	if (duplex)
70*d39a76e7Sxw 		*duplex = DUPLEX_FULL;
71*d39a76e7Sxw 	if (fc)
72*d39a76e7Sxw 		*fc = PAUSE_RX | PAUSE_TX;
73*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
74*d39a76e7Sxw }
xpak_destroy(struct cphy * cphy)76*d39a76e7Sxw static void xpak_destroy(struct cphy *cphy)
77*d39a76e7Sxw {
78*d39a76e7Sxw 	t1_os_free((void *)cphy, sizeof(*cphy));
79*d39a76e7Sxw }
81*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef C99_NOT_SUPPORTED
82*d39a76e7Sxw static struct cphy_ops xpak_ops = {
83*d39a76e7Sxw 	 xpak_destroy,
84*d39a76e7Sxw          xpak_reset,
85*d39a76e7Sxw          xpak_interrupt_enable,
86*d39a76e7Sxw          xpak_interrupt_disable,
87*d39a76e7Sxw          xpak_interrupt_clear,
88*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
89*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
90*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
91*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
92*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
93*d39a76e7Sxw 	 xpak_set_loopback,
94*d39a76e7Sxw          NULL,
95*d39a76e7Sxw          xpak_get_link_status,
96*d39a76e7Sxw };
97*d39a76e7Sxw #else
98*d39a76e7Sxw static struct cphy_ops xpak_ops = {
99*d39a76e7Sxw 	.destroy           = xpak_destroy,
100*d39a76e7Sxw 	.reset             = xpak_reset,
101*d39a76e7Sxw 	.interrupt_enable  = xpak_interrupt_enable,
102*d39a76e7Sxw 	.interrupt_disable = xpak_interrupt_disable,
103*d39a76e7Sxw 	.interrupt_clear   = xpak_interrupt_clear,
104*d39a76e7Sxw 	.get_link_status   = xpak_get_link_status,
105*d39a76e7Sxw 	.set_loopback      = xpak_set_loopback,
106*d39a76e7Sxw };
107*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
109*d39a76e7Sxw /* ARGSUSED */
xpak_phy_create(adapter_t * adapter,int phy_addr,struct mdio_ops * mdio_ops)110*d39a76e7Sxw static struct cphy *xpak_phy_create(adapter_t * adapter, int phy_addr,
111*d39a76e7Sxw 				    struct mdio_ops *mdio_ops)
112*d39a76e7Sxw {
113*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct cphy *cphy = t1_os_malloc_wait_zero(sizeof(*cphy));
115*d39a76e7Sxw 	if (!cphy)
116*d39a76e7Sxw 		return NULL;
118*d39a76e7Sxw 	cphy->ops        = &xpak_ops;
119*d39a76e7Sxw 	cphy->adapter    = adapter;
120*d39a76e7Sxw 	cphy->mdio_read  = mdio_ops->read;
121*d39a76e7Sxw 	cphy->mdio_write = mdio_ops->write;
122*d39a76e7Sxw 	return cphy;
123*d39a76e7Sxw }
xpak_phy_reset(adapter_t * adapter)125*d39a76e7Sxw static int xpak_phy_reset(adapter_t *adapter)
126*d39a76e7Sxw {
127*d39a76e7Sxw 	u32 val;
129*d39a76e7Sxw 	(void) t1_tpi_read(adapter, A_ELMER0_GPO, &val);
130*d39a76e7Sxw 	val &= ~4;
131*d39a76e7Sxw 	(void) t1_tpi_write(adapter, A_ELMER0_GPO, val);
132*d39a76e7Sxw 	DELAY_MS(100);
134*d39a76e7Sxw 	/*
135*d39a76e7Sxw 	 * Errata #26 states to wait 5 seconds after reset before transceiver
136*d39a76e7Sxw 	 * becomes operational.
137*d39a76e7Sxw 	 */
138*d39a76e7Sxw 	(void) t1_tpi_write(adapter, A_ELMER0_GPO, val | 4);
139*d39a76e7Sxw 	DELAY_MS(5000);
141*d39a76e7Sxw 	/* Now lets enable the Laser. Delay 100us
142*d39a76e7Sxw 	 * as defined in XPAK errata.
143*d39a76e7Sxw 	 */
144*d39a76e7Sxw 	(void) t1_tpi_read(adapter, A_ELMER0_GPO, &val);
145*d39a76e7Sxw 	val |= 0x8000;
146*d39a76e7Sxw 	(void) t1_tpi_write(adapter, A_ELMER0_GPO, val);
147*d39a76e7Sxw 	DELAY_US(100);
148*d39a76e7Sxw 	return 0;
149*d39a76e7Sxw }
151*d39a76e7Sxw struct gphy t1_xpak_ops = {
152*d39a76e7Sxw 	xpak_phy_create,
153*d39a76e7Sxw 	xpak_phy_reset
154*d39a76e7Sxw };