xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/uts/common/io/chxge/ch.h (revision d39a76e7)
1*d39a76e7Sxw /*
2*d39a76e7Sxw  * CDDL HEADER START
3*d39a76e7Sxw  *
4*d39a76e7Sxw  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5*d39a76e7Sxw  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6*d39a76e7Sxw  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7*d39a76e7Sxw  *
8*d39a76e7Sxw  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9*d39a76e7Sxw  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10*d39a76e7Sxw  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11*d39a76e7Sxw  * and limitations under the License.
12*d39a76e7Sxw  *
13*d39a76e7Sxw  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14*d39a76e7Sxw  * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
15*d39a76e7Sxw  * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16*d39a76e7Sxw  * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17*d39a76e7Sxw  * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18*d39a76e7Sxw  *
19*d39a76e7Sxw  * CDDL HEADER END
20*d39a76e7Sxw  */
22*d39a76e7Sxw /*
23*d39a76e7Sxw  * Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24*d39a76e7Sxw  * Use is subject to license terms.
25*d39a76e7Sxw  */
27*d39a76e7Sxw /*
28*d39a76e7Sxw  * This file is part of the Chelsio T1 Ethernet driver.
29*d39a76e7Sxw  *
30*d39a76e7Sxw  * Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Chelsio Communications.  All rights reserved.
31*d39a76e7Sxw  */
33*d39a76e7Sxw #ifndef _CHELSIO_CH_H
34*d39a76e7Sxw #define	_CHELSIO_CH_H
36*d39a76e7Sxw #pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
38*d39a76e7Sxw #include <sys/debug.h>
40*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef __cplusplus
41*d39a76e7Sxw extern "C" {
42*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
44*d39a76e7Sxw /*
45*d39a76e7Sxw  * Definitions for module_info
46*d39a76e7Sxw  */
48*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHIDNUM		(666)		/* module ID number */
49*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHNAME		"chxge"		/* module name */
50*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHMINPSZ	(0)		/* min packet size */
51*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHMAXPSZ	ETHERMTU	/* max packet size */
52*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHHIWAT		(32 * 1024)	/* hi-water mark */
53*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHLOWAT		(1)		/* lo-water mark */
55*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_NO_HWCKSUM	0x1	/* hardware should no add checksum */
56*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_NO_CPL	0x2	/* no cpl header with data */
57*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_OFFLOAD	0x4	/* do TCP/IP offload processing */
58*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_ARP		0x8	/* dummy arp packet (don't free) */
59*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_TCP_MF	0x10	/* Indicator of Fragmented TCP */
60*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_UDP_MF	0x20	/* Indicator of Fragmented UDP */
61*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CH_UDP		0x40	/* Indicator of regular TCP */
63*d39a76e7Sxw #define	SZ_INUSE	64	/* # of in use counters */
65*d39a76e7Sxw /*
66*d39a76e7Sxw  * PCI registers
67*d39a76e7Sxw  */
68*d39a76e7Sxw #define	BAR0 1
69*d39a76e7Sxw #define	BAR1 2
70*d39a76e7Sxw #define	BAR2 3
71*d39a76e7Sxw #define	BAR3 4
73*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD
74*d39a76e7Sxw /*
75*d39a76e7Sxw  * TOE pre-mapped buffer structure
76*d39a76e7Sxw  */
77*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct tbuf {
78*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct tbuf	*tb_next;	/* next entry in free list */
79*d39a76e7Sxw 	caddr_t		tb_base;	/* base of buffer */
80*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint64_t	tb_pa;		/* physical address of buffer */
81*d39a76e7Sxw 	ulong_t		tb_dh;		/* dma handle */
82*d39a76e7Sxw 	ulong_t		tb_ah;		/* dma address handle */
83*d39a76e7Sxw 	void		*tb_sa;		/* address of card ctrl struct */
84*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	tb_debug;	/* initally 0 */
85*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	tb_len;		/* length of data */
86*d39a76e7Sxw } tbuf_t;
87*d39a76e7Sxw #endif	/* CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD */
89*d39a76e7Sxw /*
90*d39a76e7Sxw  * header structures to hold pre-mapped (DMA) kernel memory buffers.
91*d39a76e7Sxw  */
92*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct ch_esb {
93*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct ch_esb   *cs_next;	/* next entry in list */
94*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct ch_esb   *cs_owner;	/* list of buffers owned by ch_t */
95*d39a76e7Sxw 	void		*cs_sa;		/* card structure to get ch ptr */
96*d39a76e7Sxw 	ulong_t		cs_dh;		/* dma handle */
97*d39a76e7Sxw 	ulong_t		cs_ah;		/* dma address handle */
98*d39a76e7Sxw 	caddr_t		cs_buf;		/* vaddr of buffer */
99*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint64_t	cs_pa;		/* paddr of buffer */
100*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	cs_index;	/* index of buffer_in_use count */
101*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	cs_flag;	/* if set, commit suicide */
102*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef FRAGMENT				/* we assume no fragments */
103*d39a76e7Sxw 	ddi_dma_cookie_t cs_cookie[MAXFS];
104*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		cs_ncookie;
105*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
106*d39a76e7Sxw 	frtn_t		cs_frtn;	/* for esballoc */
107*d39a76e7Sxw } ch_esb_t;
109*d39a76e7Sxw /*
110*d39a76e7Sxw  * structure for linked list of multicast addresses that have been
111*d39a76e7Sxw  * assigned to the card.
112*d39a76e7Sxw  */
113*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct ch_mc {
114*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct ch_mc *cmc_next;
115*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint8_t cmc_mca[6];
116*d39a76e7Sxw } ch_mc_t;
118*d39a76e7Sxw /*
119*d39a76e7Sxw  * structure for linked list of pre-allocated dma handles for command Q
120*d39a76e7Sxw  */
121*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct free_dh {
122*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct free_dh *dhe_next;
123*d39a76e7Sxw 	ulong_t dhe_dh;
124*d39a76e7Sxw } free_dh_t;
126*d39a76e7Sxw /*
127*d39a76e7Sxw  * instance configuration
128*d39a76e7Sxw  */
129*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct ch_cfg {
130*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t cksum_enabled: 1;
131*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t burstsize_set: 1;
132*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t burstsize: 2;
133*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t transaction_cnt_set: 1;
134*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t transaction_cnt: 3;
135*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t relaxed_ordering: 1;
136*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t enable_dvma: 1;
137*d39a76e7Sxw } ch_cfg_t;
139*d39a76e7Sxw /*
140*d39a76e7Sxw  * Per-card state information
141*d39a76e7Sxw  */
142*d39a76e7Sxw typedef struct ch {
143*d39a76e7Sxw 	dev_info_t	*ch_dip;	/* device dev info */
144*d39a76e7Sxw 	gld_mac_info_t	*ch_macp;	/* gld mac structure */
146*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_cfg_t	ch_config;	/* instance configuration */
147*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		ch_flags;	/* state flags */
148*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		ch_state;	/* card state */
149*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		ch_blked;	/* card is blked on output */
150*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_lock;	/* lock for ch structure */
152*d39a76e7Sxw 	caddr_t		ch_pci;		/* PCI configuration vaddr */
153*d39a76e7Sxw 	ddi_acc_handle_t ch_hpci;	/* PCI configuration access handle */
154*d39a76e7Sxw 	off_t		ch_pcisz;	/* size of PCI configuration space */
156*d39a76e7Sxw 	caddr_t		ch_bar0;	/* PCI BAR0 vaddr */
157*d39a76e7Sxw 	ddi_acc_handle_t ch_hbar0;	/* PCI BAR0 access handle */
158*d39a76e7Sxw 	off_t		ch_bar0sz;	/* size of BAR0 space */
160*d39a76e7Sxw 	ddi_iblock_cookie_t ch_icookp; /* hardware interrupt cookie ptr */
161*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_intr;	/* lock for interrupts */
163*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_maximum_mtu;	/* maximum mtu for adapter */
165*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_sm_buf_sz;	/* size of sm esballoc bufs */
166*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_sm_buf_aln;	/* alignment of sm esballoc bufs */
167*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_esb_t	*ch_small_esb_free; /* free list sm esballoc bufs */
168*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_esb_t	*ch_small_owner; /* list small bufs owned by ch_t */
169*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_small_esbl;	/* lock for ch_small_esb list */
170*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		ch_sm_index;	/* small buffer in use count index */
172*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_bg_buf_sz;	/* size of bg esballoc bufs */
173*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_bg_buf_aln;	/* alignment of bg esballoc bufs */
174*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_esb_t	*ch_big_esb_free; /* free list of esballoc entries */
175*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_esb_t	*ch_big_owner;	/* list big bufs owned by ch_t */
176*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_big_esbl;	/* lock for ch_esb list */
177*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint_t		ch_big_index;	/* big buffer in use count index */
179*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_mc_lck;	/* lock of mulitcast list */
180*d39a76e7Sxw 	ch_mc_t		*ch_mc;		/* list of multicast entries */
181*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_mc_cnt;	/* cnt of multicast entries */
183*d39a76e7Sxw 	/* XXX see how we can use cmdQ_ce list and get rid of lock */
184*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	ch_dh_lck;	/* lock for ch_dh list */
185*d39a76e7Sxw 	free_dh_t	*ch_dh;		/* list of free dma headers for v2p */
187*d39a76e7Sxw #if defined(__sparc)
188*d39a76e7Sxw 	/* XXX see how we can use cmdQ_ce list and get rid of lock */
189*d39a76e7Sxw 	free_dh_t	*ch_vdh;	/* list of free dvma headers for v2p */
190*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
192*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_ip;		/* ip address from first arp */
194*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_mtu;		/* size of device MTU (1500 default) */
196*d39a76e7Sxw 	/* XXX config_data needs cleanup */
197*d39a76e7Sxw 	pe_config_data_t config_data;	/* card configuration vector */
199*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct pe_port_t port[4];	/* from freebsd/oschtoe.h driver */
200*d39a76e7Sxw 	pesge		*sge;
201*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct pemc3	*mc3;
202*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct pemc4	*mc4;
203*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct pemc5	*mc5;
204*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct petp	*tp;
205*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct pecspi	*cspi;
206*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct peespi	*espi;
207*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct peulp	*ulp;
208*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD
209*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	open_device_map;
210*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
211*d39a76e7Sxw 	struct adapter_params params;
212*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint16_t	vendor_id;
213*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint16_t	device_id;
214*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint16_t	device_subid;
215*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint16_t	chip_revision;
216*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint16_t	chip_version;
217*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	is_asic;
218*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	config;
219*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	ch_unit;
220*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint8_t		init_counter;
221*d39a76e7Sxw 	char		*ch_name;
222*d39a76e7Sxw 	/* statistics per card */
223*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	isr_intr;	/* # interrupts */
224*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	oerr;		/* send error (no mem) */
225*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	norcvbuf;
226*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD
227*d39a76e7Sxw 	int		ch_refcnt;
228*d39a76e7Sxw 	void		*ch_toeinst;
229*d39a76e7Sxw 	void		(*toe_rcv)(void *, mblk_t *);
230*d39a76e7Sxw 	void		(*toe_free)(void *, tbuf_t *);
231*d39a76e7Sxw 	int		(*toe_tunnel)(void *, mblk_t *);
232*d39a76e7Sxw 	kcondvar_t	*ch_tx_overflow_cv;
233*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	*ch_tx_overflow_mutex;
234*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
235*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	slow_intr_mask;
236*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef HOST_PAUSE
237*d39a76e7Sxw 	uint32_t	txxg_cfg1;	/* Place holder for MAC cfg reg1. */
238*d39a76e7Sxw 	int		pause_on;
239*d39a76e7Sxw 	hrtime_t	pause_time;
240*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
241*d39a76e7Sxw 	kmutex_t	mac_lock;	/* lock for MAC structure */
242*d39a76e7Sxw } ch_t;
244*d39a76e7Sxw /* ch_flags */
245*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PEIDLE		0x00	/* chip is uninitialized */
246*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PERUNNING	0x01	/* chip is initialized */
247*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PEPROMISC	0x04	/* promiscuous mode enabled */
248*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PEALLMULTI	0x08	/* all multicast enabled */
249*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PESUSPENDED	0x20	/* suspended interface */
250*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PENORES		0x40	/* ran out of xmit resources */
251*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PESTOP		0x80	/* gldm_stop done */
252*d39a76e7Sxw #define	PEINITDONE	0x100	/* initialization done */
253*d39a76e7Sxw #define	TSO_CAPABLE	0x200	/* TSO able */
255*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD
256*d39a76e7Sxw /* open_device_map flag */
257*d39a76e7Sxw #define	TOEDEV_DEVMAP_BIT 0x1
258*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
260*d39a76e7Sxw /*
261*d39a76e7Sxw  * DMA mapping defines
262*d39a76e7Sxw  */
263*d39a76e7Sxw #define	DMA_STREAM 1	/* use DDI_DMA_STREAMING for DMA xfers */
264*d39a76e7Sxw #define	DMA_4KALN  2	/* align memory to 4K page boundry */
265*d39a76e7Sxw #define	DMA_OUT    4	/* this is a write buffer */
266*d39a76e7Sxw #define	DMA_SMALN  8	/* aligned at small buffer boundry */
267*d39a76e7Sxw #define	DMA_BGALN  16	/* aligned at big buffer boundry */
269*d39a76e7Sxw /*
270*d39a76e7Sxw  * Number of multicast addresses per stream
271*d39a76e7Sxw  */
272*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHMAXMC   64
273*d39a76e7Sxw #define	CHMCALLOC (CHMAXMC * sizeof (struct ether_addr))
275*d39a76e7Sxw /* ----- Solaris memory - PCI - DMA mapping functions ------ */
277*d39a76e7Sxw void *ch_alloc_dma_mem(ch_t *, int, int, int, uint64_t *, ulong_t *, ulong_t *);
278*d39a76e7Sxw void ch_free_dma_mem(ulong_t, ulong_t);
279*d39a76e7Sxw void ch_unbind_dma_handle(ch_t *, free_dh_t *);
281*d39a76e7Sxw void ch_send_up(ch_t *, mblk_t *, uint32_t, int);
283*d39a76e7Sxw void ch_gld_ok(ch_t *);
285*d39a76e7Sxw uint32_t t1_read_reg_4(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg_val);
286*d39a76e7Sxw void t1_write_reg_4(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg_val, uint32_t write_val);
287*d39a76e7Sxw uint32_t t1_os_pci_read_config_2(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg, uint16_t *val);
288*d39a76e7Sxw uint32_t t1_os_pci_read_config_4(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg, uint32_t *val);
289*d39a76e7Sxw int t1_os_pci_write_config_2(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg, uint16_t val);
290*d39a76e7Sxw int t1_os_pci_write_config_4(ch_t *obj, uint32_t reg, uint32_t val);
291*d39a76e7Sxw uint32_t le32_to_cpu(uint32_t data);
293*d39a76e7Sxw void *t1_os_malloc_wait_zero(size_t len);
294*d39a76e7Sxw void t1_os_free(void *adr, size_t len);
295*d39a76e7Sxw int t1_num_of_ports(ch_t *obj);
296*d39a76e7Sxw int pe_os_mem_copy(ch_t *obj, void *dst, void *src, size_t len);
297*d39a76e7Sxw void *pe_os_malloc_contig_wait_zero(ch_t *, size_t, uint64_t *,
298*d39a76e7Sxw     ulong_t *, ulong_t *, uint32_t);
299*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_set_mac(ch_t *sa, unsigned char *ac_enaddr);
300*d39a76e7Sxw unsigned char *pe_get_mac(ch_t *sa);
301*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_set_promiscuous(ch_t *sa, int flag);
302*d39a76e7Sxw int pe_get_stats(ch_t *sa, uint64_t *speed, uint32_t *intrcnt,
303*d39a76e7Sxw     uint32_t *norcvbuf, uint32_t *oerrors, uint32_t *ierrors,
304*d39a76e7Sxw     uint32_t *underrun, uint32_t *overrun, uint32_t *framing,
305*d39a76e7Sxw     uint32_t *crc, uint32_t *carrier, uint32_t *collisions,
306*d39a76e7Sxw     uint32_t *xcollisions, uint32_t *late, uint32_t *defer,
307*d39a76e7Sxw     uint32_t *xerrs, uint32_t *rerrs, uint32_t *toolong, uint32_t *runt,
308*d39a76e7Sxw     ulong_t *multixmt, ulong_t *multircv, ulong_t *brdcstxmt,
309*d39a76e7Sxw     ulong_t *brdcstrcv);
310*d39a76e7Sxw int pe_attach(ch_t *);
311*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_detach(ch_t *);
312*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_init(void *);
313*d39a76e7Sxw uint_t pe_intr(ch_t *);
315*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_OFFLOAD
316*d39a76e7Sxw #define	toe_running(a) (a->open_device_map & TOEDEV_DEVMAP_BIT)
317*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
319*d39a76e7Sxw int pe_start(ch_t *sa, mblk_t *mb, uint32_t flg);
320*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_stop(ch_t *sa);
321*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_ioctl(ch_t *, queue_t *, mblk_t *);
322*d39a76e7Sxw int pe_set_mc(ch_t *, uint8_t *, int);
324*d39a76e7Sxw int tpi_read(ch_t *obj, u32 addr, u32 *value);
326*d39a76e7Sxw void CH_ALERT(const char *fmt, ...);
327*d39a76e7Sxw void CH_WARN(const char *fmt, ...);
328*d39a76e7Sxw void CH_ERR(const char *fmt, ...);
329*d39a76e7Sxw void t1_fatal_err(ch_t *chp);
331*d39a76e7Sxw #define	memset(s, c, n) bzero(s, n)
333*d39a76e7Sxw extern int enable_checksum_offload;
335*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_dma_handle_init(ch_t *, int);
336*d39a76e7Sxw free_dh_t *ch_get_dma_handle(ch_t *);
338*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_free_fake_arp(void *);
340*d39a76e7Sxw void pe_mark_freelists(ch_t *chp);
342*d39a76e7Sxw #if defined(__sparc)
343*d39a76e7Sxw free_dh_t *ch_get_dvma_handle(ch_t *);
344*d39a76e7Sxw void ch_unbind_dvma_handle(ch_t *, free_dh_t *);
345*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
347*d39a76e7Sxw #define	AMD_VENDOR_ID	0x1022
348*d39a76e7Sxw #define	AMD_BRIDGE	0x7450
349*d39a76e7Sxw #define	AMD_BRIDGE_REV	0x12
351*d39a76e7Sxw #ifdef __cplusplus
352*d39a76e7Sxw }
353*d39a76e7Sxw #endif
355*d39a76e7Sxw #endif	/* _CHELSIO_CH_H */