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27README file for the usr/src/stand directory:	(tpl 8/1/94)
28					please update this as required
30This tree has source code for both sparc and x86 platforms.
311). The lint target is implemented, but the source tree is not lint-free yet.
322). It is too much of a change to "clean-up" this directory at the time
33    of stand and stand.i386 merge.  So, let's use the following rule for
34    the benefit of all.
35    Each time you check in a new version of a file, please try to
36	a). lint that file individually
37	b). cstyle that file
383). Please avoid using the following fragments in the common/ directory
39	#ifdef i386
40	#ifdef sparc
414). The following fragment is non-ideal for the merge (promif) source base
42	#ifdef I386BOOT
43     It should be removed, re-org'ed after a good understanding of the
44     pieces involved and with suitable testing.
455). If you change "common" source files including Makefiles, you have
46    to build [ and test ] for all platforms.
476). The following list should be addressed and eliminated as we continue
48    to separate the PSM code out of shared common (PIM) code
49    a). nfs_readsize for sun4 and i386.
50    b). lib/fs/nfs_inet/netaddr.h: MAX_PKT_SIZE different between i386 and sparc
51    c). lib/fs/nfs_inet/nfsops.c: boot_nfs_read() uses local buffer for i386 case
52    d). all #ifdef sparc caused by prom_getversion() calls
54Commonly asked questions and brief answers:
56Q: Why is inetboot packaged differently?
57A: inetboot is loaded by PROM code, especially old PROMs.  They load
58   to certain specific address and can only recognize a.out header.
59   Thus, inetboot has to be packaged accordingly.  Note that the bootblk
60   for sparc has the same constraints.  These historical reasons do
61   not apply for i386 architecture.