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21148c5f43SAlan Wright 
22da6c28aaSamw /*
23148c5f43SAlan Wright  * Copyright (c) 2007, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
24*dafb549fSGordon Ross  * Copyright 2019 Nexenta Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
25da6c28aaSamw  */
27da6c28aaSamw /*
28da6c28aaSamw  * This module provides the high level interface to the LSA RPC functions.
29da6c28aaSamw  */
31da6c28aaSamw #include <strings.h>
32da6c28aaSamw #include <unistd.h>
34da6c28aaSamw #include <smbsrv/libsmb.h>
35da6c28aaSamw #include <smbsrv/libmlsvc.h>
36da6c28aaSamw #include <smbsrv/smbinfo.h>
37da6c28aaSamw #include <smbsrv/smb_token.h>
3989dc44ceSjose borrego #include <lsalib.h>
41*dafb549fSGordon Ross static uint32_t lsa_lookup_name_int(char *, uint16_t, smb_account_t *,
42*dafb549fSGordon Ross     boolean_t);
43*dafb549fSGordon Ross static uint32_t lsa_lookup_sid_int(smb_sid_t *, smb_account_t *, boolean_t);
44*dafb549fSGordon Ross 
457f667e74Sjose borrego static uint32_t lsa_lookup_name_builtin(char *, char *, smb_account_t *);
467f667e74Sjose borrego static uint32_t lsa_lookup_name_domain(char *, smb_account_t *);
487f667e74Sjose borrego static uint32_t lsa_lookup_sid_builtin(smb_sid_t *, smb_account_t *);
497f667e74Sjose borrego static uint32_t lsa_lookup_sid_domain(smb_sid_t *, smb_account_t *);
51b3700b07SGordon Ross static uint32_t lsa_list_accounts(mlsvc_handle_t *);
52b3700b07SGordon Ross static uint32_t lsa_map_status(uint32_t);
54dc20a302Sas /*
55dc20a302Sas  * Lookup the given account and returns the account information
567f667e74Sjose borrego  * in the passed smb_account_t structure.
5789dc44ceSjose borrego  *
5889dc44ceSjose borrego  * The lookup is performed in the following order:
5989dc44ceSjose borrego  *    well known accounts
6089dc44ceSjose borrego  *    local accounts
6189dc44ceSjose borrego  *    domain accounts
6289dc44ceSjose borrego  *
6389dc44ceSjose borrego  * If it's established the given account is well know or local
6489dc44ceSjose borrego  * but the lookup fails for some reason, the next step(s) won't be
6589dc44ceSjose borrego  * performed.
66dc20a302Sas  *
67dc20a302Sas  * If the name is a domain account, it may refer to a user, group or
68dc20a302Sas  * alias. If it is a local account, its type should be specified
69dc20a302Sas  * in the sid_type parameter. In case the account type is unknown
70dc20a302Sas  * sid_type should be set to SidTypeUnknown.
71dc20a302Sas  *
7289dc44ceSjose borrego  * account argument could be either [domain\]name or [domain/]name.
7389dc44ceSjose borrego  *
7489dc44ceSjose borrego  * Return status:
7589dc44ceSjose borrego  *
7689dc44ceSjose borrego  *   NT_STATUS_SUCCESS		Account is successfully translated
7789dc44ceSjose borrego  *   NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED	Couldn't translate the account
78dc20a302Sas  */
79dc20a302Sas uint32_t
lsa_lookup_name(char * account,uint16_t type,smb_account_t * info)807f667e74Sjose borrego lsa_lookup_name(char *account, uint16_t type, smb_account_t *info)
81*dafb549fSGordon Ross {
82*dafb549fSGordon Ross 	return (lsa_lookup_name_int(account, type, info, B_TRUE));
83*dafb549fSGordon Ross }
84*dafb549fSGordon Ross 
85*dafb549fSGordon Ross /* Variant that avoids the call out to AD. */
86*dafb549fSGordon Ross uint32_t
lsa_lookup_lname(char * account,uint16_t type,smb_account_t * info)87*dafb549fSGordon Ross lsa_lookup_lname(char *account, uint16_t type, smb_account_t *info)
88*dafb549fSGordon Ross {
89*dafb549fSGordon Ross 	return (lsa_lookup_name_int(account, type, info, B_FALSE));
90*dafb549fSGordon Ross }
91*dafb549fSGordon Ross 
92*dafb549fSGordon Ross uint32_t
lsa_lookup_name_int(char * account,uint16_t type,smb_account_t * info,boolean_t try_ad)93*dafb549fSGordon Ross lsa_lookup_name_int(char *account, uint16_t type, smb_account_t *info,
94*dafb549fSGordon Ross     boolean_t try_ad)
95dc20a302Sas {
9689dc44ceSjose borrego 	char nambuf[SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN];
9789dc44ceSjose borrego 	char dombuf[SMB_PI_MAX_DOMAIN];
9889dc44ceSjose borrego 	char *name, *domain;
9989dc44ceSjose borrego 	uint32_t status;
10089dc44ceSjose borrego 	char *slash;
10189dc44ceSjose borrego 
1025831d79bSGordon Ross 	if (account == NULL)
1035831d79bSGordon Ross 		return (NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED);
1045831d79bSGordon Ross 
10589dc44ceSjose borrego 	(void) strsubst(account, '/', '\\');
10689dc44ceSjose borrego 	(void) strcanon(account, "\\");
10789dc44ceSjose borrego 	/* \john -> john */
10889dc44ceSjose borrego 	account += strspn(account, "\\");
10989dc44ceSjose borrego 
11089dc44ceSjose borrego 	if ((slash = strchr(account, '\\')) != NULL) {
11189dc44ceSjose borrego 		*slash = '\0';
11289dc44ceSjose borrego 		(void) strlcpy(dombuf, account, sizeof (dombuf));
11389dc44ceSjose borrego 		(void) strlcpy(nambuf, slash + 1, sizeof (nambuf));
11489dc44ceSjose borrego 		*slash = '\\';
11589dc44ceSjose borrego 		name = nambuf;
11689dc44ceSjose borrego 		domain = dombuf;
117dc20a302Sas 	} else {
118dc20a302Sas 		name = account;
119dc20a302Sas 		domain = NULL;
120dc20a302Sas 	}
12289dc44ceSjose borrego 	status = lsa_lookup_name_builtin(domain, name, info);
12389dc44ceSjose borrego 	if (status == NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND) {
1247f667e74Sjose borrego 		status = smb_sam_lookup_name(domain, name, type, info);
12589dc44ceSjose borrego 		if (status == NT_STATUS_SUCCESS)
126dc20a302Sas 			return (status);
128*dafb549fSGordon Ross 		if (try_ad && ((domain == NULL) ||
129*dafb549fSGordon Ross 		    (status == NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND))) {
13089dc44ceSjose borrego 			status = lsa_lookup_name_domain(account, info);
131*dafb549fSGordon Ross 		}
132dc20a302Sas 	}
13489dc44ceSjose borrego 	return ((status == NT_STATUS_SUCCESS) ? status : NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED);
135dc20a302Sas }
137dc20a302Sas uint32_t
lsa_lookup_sid(smb_sid_t * sid,smb_account_t * info)1387f667e74Sjose borrego lsa_lookup_sid(smb_sid_t *sid, smb_account_t *info)
139*dafb549fSGordon Ross {
140*dafb549fSGordon Ross 	return (lsa_lookup_sid_int(sid, info, B_TRUE));
141*dafb549fSGordon Ross }
142*dafb549fSGordon Ross 
143*dafb549fSGordon Ross /* Variant that avoids the call out to AD. */
144*dafb549fSGordon Ross uint32_t
lsa_lookup_lsid(smb_sid_t * sid,smb_account_t * info)145*dafb549fSGordon Ross lsa_lookup_lsid(smb_sid_t *sid, smb_account_t *info)
146*dafb549fSGordon Ross {
147*dafb549fSGordon Ross 	return (lsa_lookup_sid_int(sid, info, B_FALSE));
148*dafb549fSGordon Ross }
149*dafb549fSGordon Ross 
150*dafb549fSGordon Ross static uint32_t
lsa_lookup_sid_int(smb_sid_t * sid,smb_account_t * info,boolean_t try_ad)151*dafb549fSGordon Ross lsa_lookup_sid_int(smb_sid_t *sid, smb_account_t *info, boolean_t try_ad)
152dc20a302Sas {
1537f667e74Sjose borrego 	uint32_t status;
1547f667e74Sjose borrego 
1556537f381Sas 	if (!smb_sid_isvalid(sid))
156dc20a302Sas 		return (NT_STATUS_INVALID_SID);
1587f667e74Sjose borrego 	status = lsa_lookup_sid_builtin(sid, info);
1597f667e74Sjose borrego 	if (status == NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND) {
1607f667e74Sjose borrego 		status = smb_sam_lookup_sid(sid, info);
161*dafb549fSGordon Ross 		if (try_ad && status == NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND) {
1627f667e74Sjose borrego 			status = lsa_lookup_sid_domain(sid, info);
163*dafb549fSGordon Ross 		}
1647f667e74Sjose borrego 	}
1667f667e74Sjose borrego 	return ((status == NT_STATUS_SUCCESS) ? status : NT_STATUS_NONE_MAPPED);
167dc20a302Sas }
169da6c28aaSamw /*
170da6c28aaSamw  * Obtains the primary domain SID and name from the specified server
17129bd2886SAlan Wright  * (domain controller).
172da6c28aaSamw  *
1738d7e4166Sjose borrego  * The requested information will be returned via 'info' argument.
1748d7e4166Sjose borrego  *
175b3700b07SGordon Ross  * Returns NT status codes. (Raw, not LSA-ized)
176da6c28aaSamw  */
177da6c28aaSamw DWORD
lsa_query_primary_domain_info(char * server,char * domain,smb_domain_t * info)17829bd2886SAlan Wright lsa_query_primary_domain_info(char *server, char *domain,
179a0aa776eSAlan Wright     smb_domain_t *info)
180da6c28aaSamw {
181da6c28aaSamw 	mlsvc_handle_t domain_handle;
182a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	char user[SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN];
183b3700b07SGordon Ross 	DWORD status;
184a0aa776eSAlan Wright 
185a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	smb_ipc_get_user(user, SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN);
187b3700b07SGordon Ross 	status = lsar_open(server, domain, user, &domain_handle);
188b3700b07SGordon Ross 	if (status != 0)
189b3700b07SGordon Ross 		return (status);
191da6c28aaSamw 	status = lsar_query_info_policy(&domain_handle,
1928d7e4166Sjose borrego 	    MSLSA_POLICY_PRIMARY_DOMAIN_INFO, info);
194da6c28aaSamw 	(void) lsar_close(&domain_handle);
195da6c28aaSamw 	return (status);
196da6c28aaSamw }
198da6c28aaSamw /*
199da6c28aaSamw  * Obtains the account domain SID and name from the current server
20029bd2886SAlan Wright  * (domain controller).
201da6c28aaSamw  *
2028d7e4166Sjose borrego  * The requested information will be returned via 'info' argument.
2038d7e4166Sjose borrego  *
204b3700b07SGordon Ross  * Returns NT status codes. (Raw, not LSA-ized)
205da6c28aaSamw  */
206da6c28aaSamw DWORD
lsa_query_account_domain_info(char * server,char * domain,smb_domain_t * info)20729bd2886SAlan Wright lsa_query_account_domain_info(char *server, char *domain,
208a0aa776eSAlan Wright     smb_domain_t *info)
209da6c28aaSamw {
210da6c28aaSamw 	mlsvc_handle_t domain_handle;
211a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	char user[SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN];
212b3700b07SGordon Ross 	DWORD status;
213a0aa776eSAlan Wright 
214a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	smb_ipc_get_user(user, SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN);
216b3700b07SGordon Ross 	status = lsar_open(server, domain, user, &domain_handle);
217b3700b07SGordon Ross 	if (status != 0)
218b3700b07SGordon Ross 		return (status);
220da6c28aaSamw 	status = lsar_query_info_policy(&domain_handle,
2218d7e4166Sjose borrego 	    MSLSA_POLICY_ACCOUNT_DOMAIN_INFO, info);
2228d7e4166Sjose borrego 
2238d7e4166Sjose borrego 	(void) lsar_close(&domain_handle);
2248d7e4166Sjose borrego 	return (status);
2258d7e4166Sjose borrego }
2268d7e4166Sjose borrego 
2278d7e4166Sjose borrego /*
2288d7e4166Sjose borrego  * lsa_query_dns_domain_info
2298d7e4166Sjose borrego  *
2308d7e4166Sjose borrego  * Obtains the DNS domain info from the specified server
2318d7e4166Sjose borrego  * (domain controller).
2328d7e4166Sjose borrego  *
2338d7e4166Sjose borrego  * The requested information will be returned via 'info' argument.
2348d7e4166Sjose borrego  *
235b3700b07SGordon Ross  * Returns NT status codes. (Raw, not LSA-ized)
2368d7e4166Sjose borrego  */
2378d7e4166Sjose borrego DWORD
lsa_query_dns_domain_info(char * server,char * domain,smb_domain_t * info)238a0aa776eSAlan Wright lsa_query_dns_domain_info(char *server, char *domain, smb_domain_t *info)
2398d7e4166Sjose borrego {
2408d7e4166Sjose borrego 	mlsvc_handle_t domain_handle;
241a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	char user[SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN];
242b3700b07SGordon Ross 	DWORD status;
243a0aa776eSAlan Wright 
244a0aa776eSAlan Wright 	smb_ipc_get_user(user, SMB_USERNAME_MAXLEN);
2458d7e4166Sjose borrego 
246b3700b07SGordon Ross 	status = lsar_open(server, domain, user, &domain_handle);
247b3700b07SGordon Ross 	if (status != 0)
248b3700b07SGordon Ross 		return (status);
2498d7e4166Sjose borrego