1*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
2*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
3*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Use is subject to license terms.
4*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
5*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
6*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #ifndef _ARPA_PORT_NAMESER_H
7*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	_ARPA_PORT_NAMESER_H
8*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
9*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
10*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * ISC changed the ns_updrec structure. However, it's a public interface
11*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * in Solaris, so we rename it here and wrap in sunw_updrec.c
12*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
13*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	ns_updrec	__ISC_ns_updrec
14*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
15*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
16*9525b14bSRao Shoaib /*
17*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * Due to the above, the following functions need to be renamed and
18*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * wrapped in sunw_updrec.c.
19*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  *
20*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * For BIND 8.2.2, ISC removed the dynamic update functions, and the
21*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * definition of the ns_updrec structure, from the public include files
22*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * (<resolv.h>, <arpa/nameser.h>. However, res_update(), res_mkupdate(),
23*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * and res_mkupdrec() are in the public libresolv interface in Solaris,
24*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * so we can't easily remove them. Thus, ISC's new versions of res_mkupdate()
25*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * etc. can't be exposed under their original names.
26*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  *
27*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * res_nmkupdate() and res_nupdate are new. We could either change them
28*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * to accept the <arpa/nameser.h> ns_updrec, or leave them unchanged and
29*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * undocumented. Since ISC may change ns_updrec again, we pick the latter
30*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  * solution for now.
31*9525b14bSRao Shoaib  */
32*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_mkupdate	__ISC_res_mkupdate
33*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_update	__ISC_res_update
34*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_mkupdrec	__ISC_res_mkupdrec
35*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_freeupdrec	__ISC_res_freeupdrec
36*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_nmkupdate	__ISC_res_nmkupdate
37*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #define	res_nupdate	__ISC_res_nupdate
38*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
39*9525b14bSRao Shoaib 
40*9525b14bSRao Shoaib #endif /* _ARPA_PORT_NAMESER_H */