1*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /*
2*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * CDDL HEADER START
3*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  *
4*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  *
8*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * and limitations under the License.
12*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  *
13*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
14*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
15*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  *
19*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * CDDL HEADER END
20*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  */
21*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
22*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /*
23*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  * Use is subject to license terms.
25*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker  */
26*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
27*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #ifndef	_FRU_ACCESS_IMPL_H
28*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	_FRU_ACCESS_IMPL_H
29*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
30*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #ifdef __cplusplus
31*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker extern "C" {
32*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #endif
33*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
34*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <stdlib.h>
35*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <stdio.h>
36*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <sys/types.h>
37*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <unistd.h>
38*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <sys/stat.h>
39*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <fcntl.h>
40*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <dial.h>
41*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <strings.h>
42*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <libdevinfo.h>
43*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <sys/systeminfo.h>
44*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <sys/byteorder.h>
45*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <syslog.h>
46*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <errno.h>
47*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <libfru.h>
48*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <limits.h>
49*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <fru_tag.h>
50*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #include <fru_access.h>
51*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
52*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
53*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* object types */
54*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	enum {CONTAINER_TYPE, SECTION_TYPE, SEGMENT_TYPE, PACKET_TYPE} object_t;
55*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
56*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	TABLE_SIZE		64	/* hash table size */
57*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
58*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
59*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* section header */
60*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_TAG		0x08
61*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_VER		0x0001
62*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_LENGTH	0x06
63*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_CRC8	0x00
64*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_VER_BIT0	0x00
65*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SECTION_HDR_VER_BIT1	0x01
66*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
67*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	READ_ONLY_SECTION	1	/* section is read-only */
68*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
69*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	GET_SEGMENT_DESCRIPTOR	\
70*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		(BE_16(seg_layout->descriptor[1])| \
71*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		BE_16(seg_layout->descriptor[0] << 16))
72*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
73*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	GET_SECTION_HDR_VERSION	\
74*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		(sec_hdr.headerversion[1]|sec_hdr.headerversion[0] << 8)
75*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
76*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* Segment Trailer Tag */
77*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SEG_TRAILER_TAG 0x0C
78*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
79*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* defines fixed segment */
80*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	SEGMENT_FIXED		1
81*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
82*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef union {
83*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint32_t all_bits;
84*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct {
85*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		unsigned read_only : 1;
86*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		unsigned unused : 8;
87*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		unsigned : 8;
88*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		unsigned : 8;
89*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		unsigned : 7;
90*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	} field;
91*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } sectdescbit_t;
92*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
93*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef enum {
94*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	ENC_STANDARD = 0,	/* proper fruid data */
95*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	ENC_SPD			/* serial presence detect data */
96*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } sectencoding_t;
97*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
98*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct {
99*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	sectdescbit_t	description;
100*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint32_t	address; /* for SEEPROMS this is the offset */
101*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint32_t	size;
102*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	sectencoding_t	encoding;
103*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } sectioninfo_t;
104*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
105*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef uint16_t headerrev_t;
106*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
107*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #define	MAX_NUMOF_SECTION	2
108*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
109*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct {
110*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	headerrev_t header_ver;
111*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int num_sections;
112*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	sectioninfo_t section_info[MAX_NUMOF_SECTION];
113*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } container_info_t;
114*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
115*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
116*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* section header layout */
117*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct {
118*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t	headertag; /* section header tag */
119*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t	headerversion[2]; /* header version (msb) */
120*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t	headerlength; /* header length */
121*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t	headercrc8; /* crc8 */
122*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t	segmentcount; /* total number of segment */
123*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } section_layout_t;
124*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
125*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* segment header layout */
126*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct  {
127*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint16_t	name; 	/* segment name */
128*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint16_t	descriptor[2]; /* descriptor (msb) */
129*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint16_t	offset; /* segment data offset */
130*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint16_t	length; /* segment length */
131*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } segment_layout_t;
132*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
133*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* segment information used in finding new offset for a new segment */
134*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct {
135*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int segnum;	/* segment number */
136*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int offset;	/* segment offset */
137*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int length;	/* segment length */
138*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int fixed;	/* fixed or non-fixed segment */
139*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } seg_info_t;
140*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
141*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	uint64_t	handle_t;
142*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
143*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker struct	hash_obj;
144*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
145*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* packet hash object */
146*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	struct {
147*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	handle_t	segment_hdl;	/* segment handle */
148*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	fru_tag_t	tag;
149*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int		tag_size;
150*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint8_t		*payload;
151*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint32_t	paylen;
152*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	uint32_t	payload_offset;
153*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj *next;
154*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } packet_obj_t;
155*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
156*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* segment hash object */
157*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef struct {
158*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	handle_t	section_hdl;	/* section handle */
159*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int		num_of_packets;	/* in a segment */
160*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int		trailer_offset;
161*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	segment_t	segment;
162*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj	*pkt_obj_list;	/* packet object list */
163*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj	*next;
164*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } segment_obj_t;
165*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
166*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* section hash object */
167*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	struct {
168*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	handle_t	cont_hdl;	/* container handle */
169*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	section_t	section;
170*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	sectencoding_t	encoding;	/* standard or needing interpretation */
171*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int	num_of_segment;		/* in a section */
172*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj	*seg_obj_list;	/* points to segment objects list */
173*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj	*next;
174*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } section_obj_t;
175*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
176*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* container hash object */
177*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	struct {
178*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	char	device_pathname[PATH_MAX]; /* device name */
179*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int	num_of_section;	/* num of section in container */
180*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj	*sec_obj_list; /* points to section objects list */
181*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } container_obj_t;
182*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
183*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker /* hash object */
184*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker typedef	struct hash_obj {
185*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	int	object_type;
186*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	handle_t obj_hdl;
187*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	union {
188*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		container_obj_t		*cont_obj;
189*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		section_obj_t		*sec_obj;
190*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		segment_obj_t		*seg_obj;
191*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 		packet_obj_t		*pkt_obj;
192*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	} u;
193*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj 	*next;
194*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 	struct hash_obj 	*prev;
195*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker } hash_obj_t;
196*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
197*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker unsigned char compute_crc8(unsigned char *bytes, int length);
198*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker long compute_crc32(unsigned char *bytes, int length);
199*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker long compute_checksum32(unsigned char *bytes, int length);
200*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
201*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #ifdef	__cplusplus
202*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker }
203*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #endif
204*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker 
205*6bbe0590SSundeep Panicker #endif /* _FRU_ACCESS_IMPL_H */