1b819cea2SGordon Ross /*
2b819cea2SGordon Ross  * CDDL HEADER START
3b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
4b819cea2SGordon Ross  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5b819cea2SGordon Ross  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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8b819cea2SGordon Ross  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9b819cea2SGordon Ross  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10b819cea2SGordon Ross  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
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13b819cea2SGordon Ross  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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18b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
19b819cea2SGordon Ross  * CDDL HEADER END
20b819cea2SGordon Ross  */
21b819cea2SGordon Ross /*
22b819cea2SGordon Ross  * Copyright (c) 1991, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
23b819cea2SGordon Ross  * Copyright 2013 Nexenta Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont  * Copyright 2017 RackTop Systems.
25b819cea2SGordon Ross  */
26b819cea2SGordon Ross 
27b819cea2SGordon Ross #ifndef _SYS_MUTEX_H
28b819cea2SGordon Ross #define	_SYS_MUTEX_H
29b819cea2SGordon Ross 
30b819cea2SGordon Ross #include <sys/synch.h>	/* lwp_mutex_t */
31b819cea2SGordon Ross 
32b819cea2SGordon Ross #ifdef	__cplusplus
33b819cea2SGordon Ross extern "C" {
34b819cea2SGordon Ross #endif
35b819cea2SGordon Ross 
36b819cea2SGordon Ross /*
37b819cea2SGordon Ross  * Public interface to mutual exclusion locks.  See mutex(9F) for details.
38b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
39b819cea2SGordon Ross  * The basic mutex type is MUTEX_ADAPTIVE, which is expected to be used
40b819cea2SGordon Ross  * in almost all of the kernel.  MUTEX_SPIN provides interrupt blocking
41b819cea2SGordon Ross  * and must be used in interrupt handlers above LOCK_LEVEL.  The iblock
42b819cea2SGordon Ross  * cookie argument to mutex_init() encodes the interrupt level to block.
43b819cea2SGordon Ross  * The iblock cookie must be NULL for adaptive locks.
44b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
45b819cea2SGordon Ross  * MUTEX_DEFAULT is the type usually specified (except in drivers) to
46b819cea2SGordon Ross  * mutex_init().  It is identical to MUTEX_ADAPTIVE.
47b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
48b819cea2SGordon Ross  * MUTEX_DRIVER is always used by drivers.  mutex_init() converts this to
49b819cea2SGordon Ross  * either MUTEX_ADAPTIVE or MUTEX_SPIN depending on the iblock cookie.
50b819cea2SGordon Ross  *
51b819cea2SGordon Ross  * Mutex statistics can be gathered on the fly, without rebooting or
52*bbf21555SRichard Lowe  * recompiling the kernel, via the lockstat driver (lockstat(4D)).
53b819cea2SGordon Ross  */
54b819cea2SGordon Ross typedef enum {
55b819cea2SGordon Ross 	MUTEX_ADAPTIVE = 0,	/* spin if owner is running, otherwise block */
56b819cea2SGordon Ross 	MUTEX_SPIN = 1,		/* block interrupts and spin */
57b819cea2SGordon Ross 	MUTEX_DRIVER = 4,	/* driver (DDI) mutex */
58b819cea2SGordon Ross 	MUTEX_DEFAULT = 6	/* kernel default mutex */
59b819cea2SGordon Ross } kmutex_type_t;
60b819cea2SGordon Ross 
61b819cea2SGordon Ross struct _kmutex {
62b819cea2SGordon Ross 	lwp_mutex_t m_lock;
63b819cea2SGordon Ross 	void *m_owner;
64b819cea2SGordon Ross };
65b819cea2SGordon Ross typedef struct _kmutex kmutex_t;
66b819cea2SGordon Ross 
67b819cea2SGordon Ross #if defined(_KERNEL) || defined(_FAKE_KERNEL)
68b819cea2SGordon Ross /* See the real sys/mutex.h */
69b819cea2SGordon Ross typedef struct pad_mutex {
70b819cea2SGordon Ross 	kmutex_t	pad_mutex;
71b819cea2SGordon Ross #ifdef _LP64
72b819cea2SGordon Ross 	char		pad_pad[64 - sizeof (kmutex_t)];
73b819cea2SGordon Ross #endif
74b819cea2SGordon Ross } pad_mutex_t;
75b819cea2SGordon Ross #endif	/* _KERNEL */
76b819cea2SGordon Ross 
77f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont extern char *volatile panicstr;  /* panic string pointer */
78f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont 
79b819cea2SGordon Ross #define	MUTEX_HELD(x)		(mutex_owned(x))
80b819cea2SGordon Ross #define	MUTEX_NOT_HELD(x)	(!mutex_owned(x) || panicstr)
81b819cea2SGordon Ross 
82b819cea2SGordon Ross /*
83b819cea2SGordon Ross  * We're simulating the kernel mutex API here, and the
84b819cea2SGordon Ross  * user-level has a different signature, so rename.
85b819cea2SGordon Ross  */
86b819cea2SGordon Ross #define	mutex_init	kmutex_init
87b819cea2SGordon Ross #define	mutex_destroy	kmutex_destroy
88b819cea2SGordon Ross 
89f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont /*
90f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont  * We want to avoid binding against the versions of these
91f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont  * functions in libc which causes bad things to happen.
92f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont  */
93f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont #define	mutex_enter	kmutex_enter
94f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont #define	mutex_exit	kmutex_exit
95f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont 
96b819cea2SGordon Ross extern	void	kmutex_init(kmutex_t *, char *, kmutex_type_t, void *);
97b819cea2SGordon Ross extern	void	kmutex_destroy(kmutex_t *);
98b819cea2SGordon Ross 
99f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont extern	void	kmutex_enter(kmutex_t *);
100f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont extern	void	kmutex_exit(kmutex_t *);
101f06dce2cSAndrew Stormont 
102b819cea2SGordon Ross extern	int	mutex_tryenter(kmutex_t *);
103b819cea2SGordon Ross extern	int	mutex_owned(const kmutex_t *);
104b819cea2SGordon Ross 
105b819cea2SGordon Ross extern	void *mutex_owner(const kmutex_t *);
106b819cea2SGordon Ross 
107b819cea2SGordon Ross #ifdef	__cplusplus
108b819cea2SGordon Ross }
109b819cea2SGordon Ross #endif
110b819cea2SGordon Ross 
111b819cea2SGordon Ross #endif	/* _SYS_MUTEX_H */