1*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
2*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# CDDL HEADER START
3*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
4*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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7*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
8*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# You can obtain a copy of the license at src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# and limitations under the License.
12*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
13*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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16*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
19*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# CDDL HEADER END
20*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
21*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
22*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
23*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov#
24*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
25*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# Toolset to unify the code conversion tables.
26*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# Created for one-time use.
27*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
28*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovinclude $(SRC)/Makefile.master
29*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
30*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovINTEGRATED = \
31*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646%8859.c \
32*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646da%8859.c \
33*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646de%8859.c \
34*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646en%8859.c \
35*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646es%8859.c \
36*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646fr%8859.c \
37*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646it%8859.c \
38*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	646sv%8859.c \
39*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646.c \
40*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646da.c \
41*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646de.c \
42*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646en.c \
43*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646es.c \
44*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646fr.c \
45*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646it.c \
46*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859%646sv.c \
47*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859-1%IBM-037.c \
48*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859-1%IBM-500.c \
49*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	8859-1%IBM-850.c \
50*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	IBM-037%8859-1.c \
51*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	IBM-500%8859-1.c \
52*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	IBM-850%8859-1.c \
53*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%iso5.c \
54*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%koi8.c \
55*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%mac.c \
56*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%win5.c \
57*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%dos2.c \
58*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%iso2.c \
59*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%maz.c \
60*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%win2.c \
61*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dos2%dhn.c \
62*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dos2%iso2.c \
63*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dos2%maz.c \
64*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dos2%win2.c \
65*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso2%dhn.c \
66*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso2%dos2.c \
67*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso2%maz.c \
68*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso2%win2.c \
69*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso5%alt.c \
70*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso5%koi8.c \
71*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso5%mac.c \
72*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso5%win5.c \
73*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi8%alt.c \
74*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi8%iso5.c \
75*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi8%mac.c \
76*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi8%win5.c \
77*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%alt.c \
78*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%iso5.c \
79*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%koi8.c \
80*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%win5.c \
81*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%dhn.c \
82*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%dos2.c \
83*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%iso2.c \
84*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%win2.c \
85*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win2%dhn.c \
86*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win2%dos2.c \
87*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win2%iso2.c \
88*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win2%maz.c \
89*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win5%alt.c \
90*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win5%iso5.c \
91*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win5%koi8.c \
92*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win5%mac.c
93*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
94*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovMISSING = \
95*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%iso.c \
96*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%koi.c \
97*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	alt%win.c \
98*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%ib2.c \
99*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%is2.c \
100*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	dhn%wi2.c \
101*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ib2%dhn.c \
102*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ib2%is2.c \
103*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ib2%maz.c \
104*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ib2%wi2.c \
105*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	is2%dhn.c \
106*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	is2%ib2.c \
107*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	is2%maz.c \
108*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	is2%wi2.c \
109*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso%alt.c \
110*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso%koi.c \
111*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso%mac.c \
112*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	iso%win.c \
113*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi%alt.c \
114*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi%iso.c \
115*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi%mac.c \
116*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	koi%win.c \
117*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%iso.c \
118*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%koi.c \
119*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	mac%win.c \
120*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%ib2.c \
121*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%is2.c \
122*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	maz%wi2.c \
123*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	wi2%dhn.c \
124*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	wi2%ib2.c \
125*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	wi2%is2.c \
126*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	wi2%maz.c \
127*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win%alt.c \
128*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win%iso.c \
129*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win%koi.c \
130*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	win%mac.c
131*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
132*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovMODULES	= $(INTEGRATED)
133*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# $(MISSING)
134*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
135*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovBINARYTABLES = \
136*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        8859-16%8859-2 \
137*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        8859-16%ibm850 \
138*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        8859-16%ibm870 \
139*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        8859-2%8859-16 \
140*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        ibm850%8859-16 \
141*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov        ibm870%8859-16
142*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
143*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovTABLES = table.8859-1.IBM-500.c table.IBM-500.8859-1.c table.alt.iso.c table.alt.koi.c \
144*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovtable.alt.mac.c table.alt.win.c table.dhn.ib2.c table.dhn.is2.c table.dhn.maz.c table.dhn.wi2.c table.ib2.dhn.c table.ib2.is2.c \
145*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovtable.ib2.maz.c table.ib2.wi2.c table.is2.dhn.c table.is2.ib2.c table.is2.maz.c table.is2.wi2.c table.iso.alt.c table.iso.koi.c \
146*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovtable.iso.mac.c table.iso.win.c table.koi.alt.c table.koi.iso.c table.koi.mac.c table.koi.win.c table.mac.alt.c table.mac.iso.c \
147*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovtable.mac.koi.c table.mac.win.c table.maz.dhn.c table.maz.ib2.c table.maz.is2.c table.maz.wi2.c table.wi2.dhn.c table.wi2.ib2.c \
148*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovtable.wi2.is2.c table.wi2.maz.c table.win.alt.c table.win.iso.c table.win.koi.c table.win.mac.c
149*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
150*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovGEN_SRC = $(MODULES:%.c=gen_%.c)
151*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovGEN_BIN = $(MODULES:%.c=gen_%)
152*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovTBL = $(MODULES:%.c=%.tbl)
153*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovHEADERS = $(MODULES:%.c=%.head)
154*16d86563SAlexander PyhalovBTBL = $(BINARYTABLES:%=%.btbl)
155*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
156*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovall: $(TBL) $(BTBL)
157*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	echo Now run: ./rename
158*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
159*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# .c -> .tbl
160*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovgen_%.c: ../%.c debug.inc
161*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	cat $< debug.inc > $@
162*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
163*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov%.head: ../%.c
164*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	awk '/stdio.h/{x=1} x==0 && !/^#ident/ && $$1!="" {print}' $< > $@
165*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
166*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovgen_%: gen_%.c
167*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(CC) -xO3 -I. -I.. -DDEBUG -o $@ $<
168*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
169*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov%.tbl: gen_% %.head input copyright
170*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	./$< input > $@.tmp
171*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ID=`echo $@ | perl -pe 's:\.tbl::'` ; \
172*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	echo "\n/*\n * Automatically generated from: $$ID.c\n */" > $$ID.info ; \
173*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	cat $$ID.head $$ID.info copyright $@.tmp > $@
174*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(RM) $@.tmp
175*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
176*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovdebug.inc:
177*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	printf "\n#include \"debug.c\"\n\n" > $@
178*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
179*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovgeninput: geninput.c
180*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(CC) -o $@ geninput.c
181*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
182*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovinput: geninput
183*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	./geninput > $@
184*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
185*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovgentbl: gentbl.c
186*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(CC) -o $@ gentbl.c
187*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
188*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
189*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov# .bt -> .btbl
190*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov%.btbl: %.out btbl.head
191*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	./rewritetbl $< > $@.tmp
192*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	ID=`echo $@ | perl -pe 's:\.btbl::'` ; \
193*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	echo "\n/*\n * Automatically generated from: $$ID.bt\n */" > $$ID.info ; \
194*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	cat btbl.head $$ID.info $@.tmp > $@
195*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(RM) $@.tmp
196*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
197*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov%.out: input
198*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	FROM=`echo $@ | perl -pe 's:%.*::'` ; \
199*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	TO=`echo $@ | perl -pe 's:.*%:: ; s:\.out::'` ; \
200*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	/usr/bin/iconv -f $$FROM -t $$TO input > $@
201*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
202*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovbtbl.head: rewritetbl.c
203*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	awk '/stdio.h/{x=1} x==0 && $$1!="" {print}' rewritetbl.c  > $@
204*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
205*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovrewritetbl: rewritetbl.c
206*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(CC) -o $@ rewritetbl.c
207*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov
208*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalovclean:
209*16d86563SAlexander Pyhalov	$(RM) -r *.head *.tbl gen_* *info debug.inc *.out *.btbl