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24*26947304SEvan Yan#
25*26947304SEvan Yan# lib/cfgadm_plugins/pci/pci.xcl
26*26947304SEvan Yan#
27*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "acquire "
28*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "get-status "
29*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "list "
30*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "connect "
31*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "disconnect "
32*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "configure "
33*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "unconfigure "
34*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "insert "
35*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "remove "
36*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "open "
37*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "fstat "
38*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-c [connect|disconnect|configure|unconfigure|insert|remove] "
39*26947304SEvan Yan       "ap_id [ap_id...]"
40*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-x enable_slot  ap_id [ap_id...]"
41*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-x disable_slot ap_id [ap_id...]"
42*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-x enable_autoconfig  ap_id [ap_id...]"
43*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-x disable_autoconfig ap_id [ap_id...]"
44*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\t-x led[=[fault|power|active|attn],mode=[on|off|blink]] ap_id [ap_id...]"
45*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "unknown"
46*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "SCSI"
47*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "IDE"
48*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "FlpyDisk"
49*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "IPI"
50*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "RAID"
51*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "MassStrg"
52*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Ethernet"
53*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "TokenRg"
54*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "FDDI"
55*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ATM"
56*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Network"
57*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "VGA8514"
58*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "xGA"
59*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Display"
60*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Vedio"
61*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Audio"
62*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "MultiMda"
63*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Ram"
64*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Flash"
65*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Memory"
66*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Host-PCI"
67*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-ISA"
68*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-EISA"
69*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-MC"
70*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-PCI"
71*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-MCIA"
72*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-NuBs"
73*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "PCI-Card"
74*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Bridge"
75*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "???"
76*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "HP"
77*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "NHS"
78*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "BHS"
79*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "FHS"
80*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "HS"
81*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "enable_slot"
82*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "disable_slot"
83*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "enable_autoconfig"
84*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "disable_autoconfig"
85*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "led"
86*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "mode"
87*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "fault"
88*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "power"
89*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "attn"
90*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "active"
91*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "off"
92*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "on"
93*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "blink"
94*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "slot"
95*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_idx(%s)\n"
96*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "<%d>"
97*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s"
98*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_change_state:(%s)\n"
99*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_change_state: state is %d\n"
100*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_get_condition failed\n"
101*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_get_state failed\n"
102*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_get_state:(%x)\n"
103*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "malloc failed\n"
104*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "prt_led_mod function\n"
105*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Ap_Id\t\t\tLed\n"
106*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "physpath2node failed\n"
107*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "malloc "
108*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s\t\t"
109*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s=%s,"
110*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s:%s\n"
111*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s=%s\n"
112*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfgadm_private_func: ap_id:%s\n"
113*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "  options: %s\n"
114*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "null"
115*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "  confp: %x\n"
116*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "  cfga_msg: %x\n"
117*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "  flag: %d\n"
118*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%c\n"
119*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "buf = %s\n"
120*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "buf_mode= %s\n"
121*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "Print mode\n"
122*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "default\n"
123*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "open"
124*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_test:(%s)\n"
125*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "/devices%s:%s"
126*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "slot-names"
127*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "di_prom_prop_lookup_ints"
128*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "slot-names:"
129*26947304SEvan Yan       " %s \n"
130*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "/"
131*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "di_init() failed\n"
132*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "di_prom_init() failed\n"
133*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ddi_ctl:attachment_point:pci"
134*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "MULT"
135*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_stat:(%d)\n"
136*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_rstate = CFGA_STAT_EMPTY\n"
137*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_rstate = CFGA_STAT_DISCONNECTED\n"
138*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_rstate = CFGA_STAT_CONNECTED\n"
139*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_ostate = CFGA_STAT_CONFIGURED\n"
140*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_ostate = CFGA_STAT_UNCONFIGURED\n"
141*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_cond = CFGA_COND_OK\n"
142*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_cond = CFGA_COND_FAILING\n"
143*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_cond = CFGA_COND_FAILED\n"
144*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_cond = CFGA_COND_UNUSABLE\n"
145*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "ap_cond = CFGA_COND_UNKNOW\n"
146*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_stat return success\n"
147*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_list:(%s)\n"
148*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "cfga_help\n"
149*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "<%s>"
150*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "\n"
151*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "i:%d, %s\n"
152*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "%s\n"
153*26947304SEvan Yanmsgid  "rpath=%s,cp=%s\n"
154*26947304SEvan Yan