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27*9a70fc3bSMark J. Nelson	.file	"synonyms.s"
297257d1b4Sraf#define	SYN(name)					\
307257d1b4Sraf	.align	16;					\
317257d1b4Sraf	.globl	name;					\
327257d1b4Sraf	.globl	_/**/name;				\
337257d1b4Sraf	.type	_/**/name, @function;			\
347257d1b4Sraf_/**/name:						\
357257d1b4Sraf	call	1f;					\
367257d1b4Sraf1:	popl	%eax;					\
377257d1b4Sraf	addl	$_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ + [. - 1b], %eax;\
387257d1b4Sraf	movl	name@GOT(%eax), %eax;			\
397257d1b4Sraf	jmp	*%eax;					\
407257d1b4Sraf	.size	_/**/name, [. - _/**/name]
427257d1b4Sraf#define	SYN2(name)					\
437257d1b4Sraf	.align	16;					\
447257d1b4Sraf	.globl	name;					\
457257d1b4Sraf	.globl	__/**/name;				\
467257d1b4Sraf	.type	__/**/name, @function;			\
477257d1b4Sraf__/**/name:						\
487257d1b4Sraf	call	1f;					\
497257d1b4Sraf1:	popl	%eax;					\
507257d1b4Sraf	addl	$_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ + [. - 1b], %eax;\
517257d1b4Sraf	movl	name@GOT(%eax), %eax;			\
527257d1b4Sraf	jmp	*%eax;					\
537257d1b4Sraf	.size	__/**/name, [. - __/**/name]
557257d1b4Sraf#include "synonym_list"