xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/data/zoneinfo/backward (revision 06965442)
1# tzdb links for backward compatibility
3# This file is in the public domain, so clarified as of
4# 2009-05-17 by Arthur David Olson.
6# This file provides links from old or merged timezone names to current ones.
7# Many names changed in late 1993.  Several of these names are
8# also present in the file 'backzone', which has data important only
9# for pre-1970 timestamps and so is out of scope for tzdb proper.
12Link	Africa/Nairobi		Africa/Asmera
13Link	Africa/Abidjan		Africa/Timbuktu
14Link	America/Argentina/Catamarca	America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia
15Link	America/Adak		America/Atka
16Link	America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires	America/Buenos_Aires
17Link	America/Argentina/Catamarca	America/Catamarca
18Link	America/Panama		America/Coral_Harbour
19Link	America/Argentina/Cordoba	America/Cordoba
20Link	America/Tijuana		America/Ensenada
21Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	America/Fort_Wayne
22Link	America/Nuuk		America/Godthab
23Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	America/Indianapolis
24Link	America/Argentina/Jujuy	America/Jujuy
25Link	America/Indiana/Knox	America/Knox_IN
26Link	America/Kentucky/Louisville	America/Louisville
27Link	America/Argentina/Mendoza	America/Mendoza
28Link	America/Toronto		America/Montreal
29Link	America/Rio_Branco	America/Porto_Acre
30Link	America/Argentina/Cordoba	America/Rosario
31Link	America/Tijuana		America/Santa_Isabel
32Link	America/Denver		America/Shiprock
33Link	America/Puerto_Rico	America/Virgin
34Link	Pacific/Auckland	Antarctica/South_Pole
35Link	Asia/Ashgabat		Asia/Ashkhabad
36Link	Asia/Kolkata		Asia/Calcutta
37Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Chongqing
38Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Chungking
39Link	Asia/Dhaka		Asia/Dacca
40Link	Asia/Shanghai		Asia/Harbin
41Link	Asia/Urumqi		Asia/Kashgar
42Link	Asia/Kathmandu		Asia/Katmandu
43Link	Asia/Macau		Asia/Macao
44Link	Asia/Yangon		Asia/Rangoon
45Link	Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh	Asia/Saigon
46Link	Asia/Jerusalem		Asia/Tel_Aviv
47Link	Asia/Thimphu		Asia/Thimbu
48Link	Asia/Makassar		Asia/Ujung_Pandang
49Link	Asia/Ulaanbaatar	Asia/Ulan_Bator
50Link	Atlantic/Faroe		Atlantic/Faeroe
51Link	Europe/Oslo		Atlantic/Jan_Mayen
52Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/ACT
53Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/Canberra
54Link	Australia/Hobart	Australia/Currie
55Link	Australia/Lord_Howe	Australia/LHI
56Link	Australia/Sydney	Australia/NSW
57Link	Australia/Darwin	Australia/North
58Link	Australia/Brisbane	Australia/Queensland
59Link	Australia/Adelaide	Australia/South
60Link	Australia/Hobart	Australia/Tasmania
61Link	Australia/Melbourne	Australia/Victoria
62Link	Australia/Perth		Australia/West
63Link	Australia/Broken_Hill	Australia/Yancowinna
64Link	America/Rio_Branco	Brazil/Acre
65Link	America/Noronha		Brazil/DeNoronha
66Link	America/Sao_Paulo	Brazil/East
67Link	America/Manaus		Brazil/West
68Link	America/Halifax		Canada/Atlantic
69Link	America/Winnipeg	Canada/Central
70# This line is commented out, as the name exceeded the 14-character limit
71# and was an unused misnomer.
72#Link	America/Regina		Canada/East-Saskatchewan
73Link	America/Toronto		Canada/Eastern
74Link	America/Edmonton	Canada/Mountain
75Link	America/St_Johns	Canada/Newfoundland
76Link	America/Vancouver	Canada/Pacific
77Link	America/Regina		Canada/Saskatchewan
78Link	America/Whitehorse	Canada/Yukon
79Link	America/Santiago	Chile/Continental
80Link	Pacific/Easter		Chile/EasterIsland
81Link	America/Havana		Cuba
82Link	Africa/Cairo		Egypt
83Link	Europe/Dublin		Eire
84Link	Etc/UTC			Etc/UCT
85Link	Europe/London		Europe/Belfast
86Link	Europe/Chisinau		Europe/Tiraspol
87Link	Europe/London		GB
88Link	Europe/London		GB-Eire
89Link	Etc/GMT			GMT+0
90Link	Etc/GMT			GMT-0
91Link	Etc/GMT			GMT0
92Link	Etc/GMT			Greenwich
93Link	Asia/Hong_Kong		Hongkong
94Link	Atlantic/Reykjavik	Iceland
95Link	Asia/Tehran		Iran
96Link	Asia/Jerusalem		Israel
97Link	America/Jamaica		Jamaica
98Link	Asia/Tokyo		Japan
99Link	Pacific/Kwajalein	Kwajalein
100Link	Africa/Tripoli		Libya
101Link	America/Tijuana		Mexico/BajaNorte
102Link	America/Mazatlan	Mexico/BajaSur
103Link	America/Mexico_City	Mexico/General
104Link	Pacific/Auckland	NZ
105Link	Pacific/Chatham		NZ-CHAT
106Link	America/Denver		Navajo
107Link	Asia/Shanghai		PRC
108Link	Pacific/Kanton		Pacific/Enderbury
109Link	Pacific/Honolulu	Pacific/Johnston
110Link	Pacific/Pohnpei		Pacific/Ponape
111Link	Pacific/Pago_Pago	Pacific/Samoa
112Link	Pacific/Chuuk		Pacific/Truk
113Link	Pacific/Chuuk		Pacific/Yap
114Link	Europe/Warsaw		Poland
115Link	Europe/Lisbon		Portugal
116Link	Asia/Taipei		ROC
117Link	Asia/Seoul		ROK
118Link	Asia/Singapore		Singapore
119Link	Europe/Istanbul		Turkey
120Link	Etc/UTC			UCT
121Link	America/Anchorage	US/Alaska
122Link	America/Adak		US/Aleutian
123Link	America/Phoenix		US/Arizona
124Link	America/Chicago		US/Central
125Link	America/Indiana/Indianapolis	US/East-Indiana
126Link	America/New_York	US/Eastern
127Link	Pacific/Honolulu	US/Hawaii
128Link	America/Indiana/Knox	US/Indiana-Starke
129Link	America/Detroit		US/Michigan
130Link	America/Denver		US/Mountain
131Link	America/Los_Angeles	US/Pacific
132Link	Pacific/Pago_Pago	US/Samoa
133Link	Etc/UTC			UTC
134Link	Etc/UTC			Universal
135Link	Europe/Moscow		W-SU
136Link	Etc/UTC			Zulu