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17How to update the TZ database information.
19Welcome! You've probably heard that some aspect of time has changed and
20you're wondering what to do. The first thing to do is to grab the latest
21version of the time database which can currently be found at:
25You'll need the data tarball. Most data files are used in the gate
26directly; however, a few have slightly different names. The following
27commands assume that you're inside of the directory you extracted the
28time zone files.
30$ cp africa antarctica asia australasia backward etcetera europe \
31  northamerica southamerica $CODEMGR_WS/usr/src/data/zoneinfo
33Next you need to copy the country tab and the zone tab files. These have
34different names in our source tree.
36$ cp iso3166.tab $CODEMGR_WS/usr/src/data/zoneinfo/country.tab
37$ cp zone.tab $CODEMGR_WS/usr/src/data/zoneinfo/zone.tab.txt
39Now, you need to manually fix up the zone_sun.tab. zone_sun.tab has
40additional different zone names that the original does not. As things
41are changed and removed, or coordinates updated, the same should be done
42in zone_sun.tab. The simplest way known to deal with it today is
43something like the following:
45$ cd $CODEMGR_WS/usr/src/data/zoneinfo
46$ vimdiff zone.tab.txt zone_sun.tab
48And as you see things that show up as egregiously different, do a 'git
49diff zone.tab.txt' and see what changed and fix zone_sun.tab
50appropriately. Usually this means deleting removed entries and adding
51new ones.
53********** IMPORTANT **********
54*** zone_sun.tab must remain sorted.
55*** The upstream zone.tab.txt is not always completely in alphabetical order.
57To check the final zone_sun.tab file, the `zonelint` script in the current
58directory can be used within a bldenv environment. First run `dmake install`
59to stage the zone files to proto, then run `./zonelint`. If it produces no
60output then you're okay.
62After that's done, you'll need to go through the more agonizing process of
63packaging. To do this, you'll want to look through the differences that have
64occurred in zone.tab.txt and backward. The contents of backward describe
65hardlinks that need to exist in packaging. Specifically, if you have a line in
66the form of:
68LINK	Arda/Beleriand	Arda/Gondolin
70That instructs that Gondolin should be hardlinked to Beleriand. In IPS parlance
71that'd be:
73hardlink path=usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/Arda/Gondolin target=../Arda/Beleriand
75The differences in zone.tab.txt describe the additions and removals of various
76file entries. If you're not friends with protocmp yet, this should help you out.
77Once both of those are done, you'll need to update the version of the package
78itself in the manifest. IANA releases these as <year><letter>, eg. 2013i.
79Instead, you need to encode that letter to its spot in the alphabet. So 2013i
80would become 2013.9.
82Once packaging is all done, then you should be all set.