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1655908bd7SJohn LevonMicrocode Management
1755908bd7SJohn Levon
1855908bd7SJohn LevonHistorically microcode files were delivered by Intel as a single
1955908bd7SJohn Levonmicrocode file that we would break apart and install with ucodeadm. Each
2055908bd7SJohn Levonindividual file represented a single platform's microcode. However,
2155908bd7SJohn Levonrecently Intel has changed that policy and is no longer distributing
2255908bd7SJohn Levonmicrocode in that fashion. Further, we also relied on bootadm to go
2355908bd7SJohn Levonthrough and turn this microcode into individual files as part of setting
2455908bd7SJohn Levonup the boot environment.
2555908bd7SJohn Levon
2655908bd7SJohn LevonIntead of using this method, we will update the microcode and manage
2755908bd7SJohn Levonthem in here as individual files. When updating files, please indicate
2855908bd7SJohn Levonthe release that the microcode was obtained from here.
2955908bd7SJohn Levon
3055908bd7SJohn LevonThe upstream microcode for Intel can currently be found at:
3155908bd7SJohn Levon
3255908bd7SJohn Levonhttps://github.com/intel/Intel-Linux-Processor-Microcode-Data-Files
3355908bd7SJohn Levon
3455908bd7SJohn LevonThe script "update.intel" in this directory can be used to help automate
3555908bd7SJohn Levonthe update by providing a tarball of the above microcode, and takes care
3655908bd7SJohn Levonof updating the manifest as necessary. Be careful about new files.
3755908bd7SJohn Levon
3855908bd7SJohn LevonAMD: Updated in March 2012 as part of illumos#2546. Exact revision
3955908bd7SJohn Levonunknown.
4055908bd7SJohn Levon
41*ec6a85f5SDan McDonaldIntel: Linux YYYYMMDD release, see
42*ec6a85f5SDan McDonald    usr/src/pkg/manifests/system-microcode-intel.p5m
43*ec6a85f5SDan McDonaldfor exact current version