1bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore#
2bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore# This file is a list of pairs of ranges of Unicode values. Characters
3bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore# within these ranges (inclusive) have screen width 2.
4bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore#
5bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0x1100 0x115f
6bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0x2329 0x2329
7bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0x232a 0x232a
8bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0x2e80 0x303e
9bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0x3040 0xa4cf
10bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xac00 0xd7a3
11bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xf900 0xfaff
12bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xfe10 0xfe19
13bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xfe30 0xfe6f
14bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xff00 0xff60
15bfe5cd09SGarrett D'Amore0xffe0 0xffe6