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1d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiAMD Performance Monitor Counters
2d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchi
3d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiThis directory contains structured forms of the AMD Performance Monitor
4d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiCounters. These data files are created based on information in AMD's
5d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchidocumentation. This data is transformed into manual pages and C files
6d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchithat are used to implement the kernel performance monitoring interfaces.
7d0e58ef5SRobert MustacchiFor more information, see the cpcgen tool. This data is derived from the
8d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchifollowing documents:
9d0e58ef5SRobert Mustacchi
10*31aa6202SRobert MustacchiFAMILY	CORE	DOCUMENT
11*31aa6202SRobert Mustacchi17h	Zen 1	OSRR for AMD Family 17h processors, Models 00h-2Fh (56255 Rev 3.03 - July, 2018)
12*31aa6202SRobert Mustacchi17h	Zen 2	Preliminary Processor Programming Reference (PPR) for AMD Family 17h
13*31aa6202SRobert Mustacchi			Model 31h, Revision B0 Processors (55803 Rev 0.54 - Sep 12, 2019)
14*31aa6202SRobert Mustacchi		Processor Programming Reference (PPR) for AMD Family 17h
15*31aa6202SRobert Mustacchi			Model 71h, Revision B0 Processors (56176 Rev 3.06 - Jul 17, 2019)