112-07-25 add debug diagnostics
211-10-11 dll_lib.c: add { dllnames() dll_lib() }
310-10-20 dllscan.c: version arg "-" => 0
410-10-19 dllplug.c: fix bug that wiped out dlopen() error message
510-10-19 dllplug.c: un-localize lookup names (happens with cut and paste)
610-10-19 dllscan.c: still no code for implicit libs missed by dlopen()
710-08-02 dllplug.c: fix local path dllcheck() call
810-05-28 dllplug.c: add dllplugin() with dllcheck() version check
910-05-28 dllcheck.c: add dllcheck() to do plugin_version() checks
1010-05-28 dllerror.c: add dllerror(int retain) for dll*() and dl*() messages
1109-11-17 dllscan.c: handle name[-.]version in dlsopen()
1209-04-15 dllopen.c: add, use dllopen() internally to wrap dlopen()
1308-05-12 dllscan.c: LIBSUFFIX==.dylib => default plugin version match 0.0
1406-10-11 dllscan.c: check sfstruse() return values -- doh
1506-01-25 dllplug.c: add errorf() library message for dlopen() error
1605-02-14 dllscan.c: "" || "-" => NiL
1704-10-01 dllfind.c: drop ksh "builtin" workaround
18	 dllscan.c: directory prefix in name limits search to dir and siblings
1904-07-22 dllscan.c: access() => eaccess()
2004-01-30 dllfind.c: dllplug(error_info.id) then dllplug(0)
2104-01-28 dllscan.c: update for new plugin scheme: lib/foo/bar.xxx
22	 dllplug.c: add dllplug() for plugin dllfind()
2303-03-12 dllfind.c: dlopen() with RTLD_GLOBAL|RTLD_PARENT defaults
2403-02-11 dllscan.c: change LIBPATH to <dir>[:<env>[:<pat>]][,...]
2503-01-08 dllscan.c: hack version logic again -- is consistency rocket science?
2603-01-07 dlfcn.c: fix darwin.ppc dlopen/dlsym/dlclose
2702-11-18 dllfind.c: add path,size args (with backwards compatibility checks)
2802-11-15 dllfind.c: check for ./path if '.' in path but no '/'
2902-08-30 dllfind.c: fix a bug that returned uninitialized value on not found
3002-08-28 dllscan.c: handle and display bin as a sibling dir
3102-07-31 dllscan.c: add dllsopen,dllsread,dllsclose
32	 dllfind.c: use dllsopen,dllsread,dllsclose
3302-07-26 dllfind.c: add dllinfo()
3402-06-27 dllnext.c: define _GNU_SOURCE to enable RTLD_NEXT
3502-03-17 dllfind.c: fix dll prefix search (for cygwin)
3602-01-11 features/dll: include <dlfcn.h> only if _hdr_dlfcn&&_lib_dlopen
3701-10-31 dlfcn.c: change hp.pa dlopen() prototype (<dlfcn.h> but no -ldl!)
3801-09-25 dllfind: add LIBSUFFIX
3901-07-17 dllfind: do at least one dlopen() to prime dlerror()
4001-05-29 dlopen: fix dlopen(0,0) for HP
4101-04-20 dllfind: use getconf HOSTTYPE LIBPATH LIBSUFFIX
4201-02-14 features/dll: fix unbalanced ' quote and ancient hostinfo reference
4300-01-26 dlllook: add -- dlsym() with `_' weak prefix fallback
4499-04-01 features/dll: drop <stdio.h> -- iffe protos printf
4599-03-19 static=1 for all but win32.*
4698-06-01 dllfind: fix version search
4798-03-11 features/dll: probe for _DLL_RLD_SYM
4898-03-01 dllnext: fix to work!
4998-01-23 -ldl test moved to lib0ast
5098-01-11 update for astconf("LIBPATH")
51	 add dllnext(flags) to uncover next layer
52	 dllfind() and dllnext() in separate files (for 3d)
5397-10-11 move from libast so libast can link static