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astsa.omkH A D14-Feb-20211.2 KiB8370

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sfstr.hH A D14-Feb-20212.3 KiB6134

strdup.cH A D14-Feb-20211.7 KiB389

strmatch.cH A D14-Feb-202112.5 KiB598476

times.hH A D14-Feb-20211.6 KiB284

vmalloc.cH A D14-Feb-20212.8 KiB10369

vmalloc.hH A D14-Feb-20212.3 KiB6229


1astsa implements a small subset of the ast library for other ast
2standalone commands and libraries using X/Open interfaces.
4To get better performance and functionality, consider using any of
5the full-featured ast-* packages at
9astsa.omk is an old make makefile that builds the headers and objects
10and defines these variables for use in other makefiles
12	ASTSA_OPTIMIZE	``-O'' by default
14The astsa files may be combined in a single directory with other ast
15standalone packages.