110-10-20 msgcc.sh: add raw type (like str) for ksh -D style strings
210-06-01 sync with ast api 20100601
306-11-15 msgcc.sh: date -f x => date +x for ast-base portability
406-10-11 add sfstruse() error checks
502-03-11 msgcc: fix merge replacement threshhold logic
6	 msggen: convert { \a \b \f \n \r \v } back to C escapes
7	 msgcpp: set pp:modern
802-02-14 msggen: add -f to list printf format signatures
901-10-10 msgcc: allow some email forms to pass
1001-06-10 msgcpp: add proper escapes to OMIT pattern
1101-05-29 msgcc: add similar unused message replacement, -M-similar
1201-04-22 msgcc,msggen,msgget: use mcindex()
1301-01-31 ignore ls generation errors
1400-04-20 first release