xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/svc/milestone/net-loc (revision bbf21555)
16ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#!/sbin/sh
26ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
36ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# CDDL HEADER START
46ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
56ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
66ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
76ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
86ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
96ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
106ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
116ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
126ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# and limitations under the License.
136ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
146ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
156ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
166ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
176ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
186ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
196ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
206ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# CDDL HEADER END
216ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
226ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
234a44f0a1SAnurag S. Maskey# Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
246ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
256ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
266ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey. /lib/svc/share/smf_include.sh
276ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey. /lib/svc/share/net_include.sh
286ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
296ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# FMRI consts
306ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyAUTOFS_FMRI="svc:/system/filesystem/autofs"
316ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyDNS_CLIENT_FMRI="svc:/network/dns/client"
326ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyIPSEC_IKE_FMRI="svc:/network/ipsec/ike"
336ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyIPSEC_POLICY_FMRI="svc:/network/ipsec/policy"
346ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyIPFILTER_FMRI="svc:/network/ipfilter:default"
356ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyLDAP_CLIENT_FMRI="svc:/network/ldap/client"
366ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyLOCATION_FMRI="svc:/network/location:default"
376ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyMAPID_FMRI="svc:/network/nfs/mapid:default"
386ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNIS_CLIENT_FMRI="svc:/network/nis/client"
396ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNWAM_FMRI="svc:/network/physical:nwam"
406ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
416ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# commands
426ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyCP=/usr/bin/cp
436ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyDHCPINFO=/sbin/dhcpinfo
446ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyDOMAINNAME=/usr/bin/domainname
456ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyGREP=/usr/bin/grep
466ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyLDAPCLIENT=/usr/sbin/ldapclient
476ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyMKDIR=/usr/bin/mkdir
486ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyMV=/usr/bin/mv
496ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNAWK=/usr/bin/nawk
506ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNWAMADM=/usr/sbin/nwamadm
516ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNWAMCFG=/usr/sbin/nwamcfg
526ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyRM=/usr/bin/rm
536ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeySED=/usr/bin/sed
546ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeySVCADM=/usr/sbin/svcadm
556ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeySVCCFG=/usr/sbin/svccfg
566ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeySVCPROP=/usr/bin/svcprop
576ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyTOUCH=/usr/bin/touch
586ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
596ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Path to directories
606ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyETC_DEFAULT_DOMAIN=/etc/defaultdomain
616ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyNIS_BIND_PATH=/var/yp/binding
626ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyLEGACY_LOC_PATH=/etc/nwam/loc/Legacy
636ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeyUSER_LOC_PATH=/etc/nwam/loc/User
646ba597c5SAnurag S. MaskeySCRIPT_PATH=/etc/svc/volatile/nwam
656ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
666ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
676ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# echoes DHCP controlled interfaces separated by commas
686ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
69*bbf21555SRichard Lowe# Don't parse the output of ifconfig(8) because interfaces that haven't
706ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# acquired a DHCP lease also have the DHCP flag set.
716ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
726ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeyget_dhcp_interfaces () {
736ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
74*bbf21555SRichard Lowe	# 1. parse netstat(8) output for v4 interfaces in BOUND
756ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#    or INFORMATION state
766ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# 2. make a space-separated list of interface names
776ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
786ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	netstat -D -f inet | $NAWK '
796ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	    $2 ~ /BOUND/ { printf "%s ", $1 }
806ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	    $2 ~ /INFORMATION/ { printf "%s ", $1 }'
816ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
826ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
836ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
846ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# get_dhcpinfo <code/identifier>
856ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
8603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# echoes the value received through each interface controlled by DHCP;
8703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# multiple values are echoed as a space-separated list
8803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld#
896ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# returns:
906ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#	0 => property is set
916ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#	1 => property is not set
926ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
936ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeyget_dhcpinfo () {
946ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	code=$1
956ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
966ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# Get all interfaces with DHCP control, IFS is " "
976ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	interfaces=`get_dhcp_interfaces`
986ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
996ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	info=""
1006ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey 	for intf in $interfaces; do
1016ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		val=`$DHCPINFO -i $intf $code`
1026ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
1036ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			if [ "$info" = "" ]; then
1046ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey				info="$val"
1056ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			else
10603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				info="$info $val"
1076ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			fi
1086ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
1096ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey 	done
1106ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	echo $info
1116ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1126ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1136ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1146ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# set_smf_prop <fmri> <property name> <property value>
1156ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1166ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeyset_smf_prop () {
1176ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$SVCCFG -s $1 setprop $2 = astring: "$3" && return
1186ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1196ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1206ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1216ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# refresh_svc <fmri>
1226ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1236ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Refreshes the service.
1246ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1256ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeyrefresh_svc () {
1266ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$SVCADM refresh $1
1276ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1286ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1296ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1306ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# restart_svc <fmri>
1316ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1326ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Restarts the service.
1336ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1346ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeyrestart_svc () {
1356ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$SVCADM restart $1
1366ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1376ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1386ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1396ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# start_svc <fmri>
1406ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1416ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Starts the service.  If the service is already enabled, restarts it.  If
1426ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# it is not enabled, temporarily enables it.
1436ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1446ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeystart_svc () {
1456ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	if service_is_enabled $1; then
1466ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		$SVCADM restart $1
1476ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	else
1486ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		$SVCADM enable -t $1
1496ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	fi
1506ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1516ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1526ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1536ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# stop_svc <fmri>
1546ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1556ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Temporarily disables the service.
1566ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1576ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeystop_svc () {
1586ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$SVCADM disable -t $1
1596ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1606ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1616ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1626ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# copy_default <dir> <file>
1636ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1646ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Copies <dir>/<file>.dfl to <dir>/<file>
1656ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1666ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeycopy_default () {
1676ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$CP -p $1/$2.dfl $1/$2
1686ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
1696ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1706ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1716ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# do_dns <location>
1726ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
1736ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Installs DNS information on /etc/resolv.conf for location
1746ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
17503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# Returns 0 on success, 1 on failure
17603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld#
1776ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeydo_dns () {
1786ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	loc=$1
1796ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	file=/etc/resolv.conf
1806ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
1816ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# Write out to temporary file first
1826ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$TOUCH $file.$$
1836ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
18403e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	DNS_CONFIGSRC=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc dns-nameservice-configsrc`
185ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	if [ -z "$DNS_CONFIGSRC" ]; then
186ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey		echo "missing 'dns-nameservice-configsrc' property for '$loc'"
18703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld		return 1
188ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	fi
189ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey
1906ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	for configsrc in $DNS_CONFIGSRC; do
1916ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		case "$configsrc" in
1926ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'manual')
19303e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			DNS_SERVERS=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc \
19403e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			    dns-nameservice-servers`
19503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			if [ -z "$DNS_SERVERS" ]; then
19603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				echo "DNS nameserver not set for '$loc'"
19703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				return 1
19803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			fi
1996ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			DNS_DOMAIN=`nwam_get_loc_prop $loc \
2006ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    dns-nameservice-domain`
20103e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			DNS_SEARCH=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc \
2026ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    dns-nameservice-search`
2036ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2046ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'dhcp')
205276043a4SHans Rosenfeld			DNS_SEARCH=`get_dhcpinfo DNSdmain`
2066ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			DNS_SERVERS=`get_dhcpinfo DNSserv`
207276043a4SHans Rosenfeld			# Use first search list entry as default domain
208276043a4SHans Rosenfeld			set -- $DNS_SEARCH
209276043a4SHans Rosenfeld			DNS_DOMAIN=$1
2106ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2116ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'*')
2126ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "Unrecognized DNS configsrc ${configsrc}; ignoring"
2136ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2146ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		esac
2156ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
2166ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		# Write DNS settings
2176ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ -n "$DNS_DOMAIN" ]; then
2186ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "$DNS_DOMAIN" | $NAWK \
21903e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			    '{ for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) \
2206ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    print "domain ", $i }' >> $file.$$
2216ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
2226ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ -n "$DNS_SEARCH" ]; then
2236ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "$DNS_SEARCH" | $NAWK \
22403e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld                            '{ printf("search"); \
2256ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) printf(" %s", $i); \
2266ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    printf("\n") }' >> $file.$$
2276ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
2286ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ -n "$DNS_SERVERS" ]; then
2296ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "$DNS_SERVERS" | $NAWK \
23003e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			    '{ for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) \
2316ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    print "nameserver ", $i }' >> $file.$$
2326ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
233ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	done
234ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey
2356ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# Finally, copy our working version to the real thing
2366ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$MV -f $file.$$ $file
2376ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	start_svc $DNS_CLIENT_FMRI
23803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld
23903e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	return 0
2406ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
2416ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
2426ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
2436ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# do_nis <location>
2446ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
2456ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Installs NIS information on /var/yp/binding/ for location
2466ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
24703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# Returns 0 on success, 1 on failure
24803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld#
2496ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeydo_nis () {
2506ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	loc=$1
2516ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
25203e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	NIS_CONFIGSRC=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc nis-nameservice-configsrc`
253ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	if [ -z "$NIS_CONFIGSRC" ]; then
254ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey		echo "missing 'nis-nameservice-configsrc' property for '$loc'"
25503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld		return 1
256ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	fi
257ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey
2586ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	for configsrc in $NIS_CONFIGSRC; do
2596ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		case "$configsrc" in
2606ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'manual')
26103e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			NIS_SERVERS=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc \
2626ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    nis-nameservice-servers`
2636ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			DEFAULT_DOMAIN=`nwam_get_loc_prop $loc default-domain`
2646ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			# user-specified default-domain always wins
265ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey			if [ -n "$DEFAULT_DOMAIN" ]; then
266ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey				$DOMAINNAME $DEFAULT_DOMAIN
267ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey				$DOMAINNAME > $ETC_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
26803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			else
26903e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				echo "'domainname' not set for '$loc'"
27003e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				return 1
271ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey			fi
2726ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2736ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'dhcp')
2746ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			# Use only the first name
2756ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			DEFAULT_DOMAIN=`get_dhcpinfo NISdmain | \
27603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			    $NAWK '{ print $1 }'`
2776ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			NIS_SERVERS=`get_dhcpinfo NISservs`
2788f605d57SRenee Danson Sommerfeld			$DOMAINNAME $DEFAULT_DOMAIN
2798f605d57SRenee Danson Sommerfeld			$DOMAINNAME > $ETC_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
2806ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2816ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'*')
2826ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "Unrecognized NIS configsrc ${configsrc}; ignoring"
2836ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
2846ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		esac
2856ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
2866ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		# Place NIS settings in appropriate directory/file.
2876ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ ! -d "$NIS_BIND_PATH/$DEFAULT_DOMAIN" ]; then
2886ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			$MKDIR -p $NIS_BIND_PATH/$DEFAULT_DOMAIN
2896ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
2906ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ -n "$NIS_SERVERS" ]; then
2916ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			echo "$NIS_SERVERS" | $NAWK \
29203e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			    '{ for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) print $i }' \
2936ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    > $NIS_BIND_PATH/$DEFAULT_DOMAIN/ypservers
2946ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
2956ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	done
29603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld
2976ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	start_svc $NIS_CLIENT_FMRI
29803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld
29903e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	return 0
3006ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
3016ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
3026ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
3036ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# do_ldap <location>
3046ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
305*bbf21555SRichard Lowe# Installs LDAP information using ldapclient(8) for location
3066ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
30703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# Returns 0 on success, 1 on failure
30803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld#
3096ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeydo_ldap () {
3106ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	loc=$1
3116ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
31203e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	LDAP_CONFIGSRC=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc ldap-nameservice-configsrc`
313ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	if [ -z "$LDAP_CONFIGSRC" ]; then
314ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey		echo "missing 'ldap-nameservice-configsrc' property for '$loc'"
31503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld		return 1
316ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	fi
317ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey
3186ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	for configsrc in $LDAP_CONFIGSRC; do
3196ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		case "$configsrc" in
3206ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'manual')
32103e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			LDAP_SERVERS=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc \
3226ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    ldap-nameservice-servers`
3236ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			DEFAULT_DOMAIN=`nwam_get_loc_prop $loc default-domain`
32403e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			if [ -z $LDAP_SERVERS -o -z $DEFAULT_DOMAIN ]; then
32503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				echo "LDAP configuration could not be set "\
32603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				    "for '$loc'"
32703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld				return 1
32803e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			fi
3296ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			$DOMAINNAME $DEFAULT_DOMAIN
3306ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			$DOMAINNAME > $ETC_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
3316ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
3326ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'*')
33303e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld			echo "Invalid LDAP configsrc ${configsrc}; ignoring"
3346ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;
3356ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		esac
3366ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
337*bbf21555SRichard Lowe		# Use ldapclient(8) to initialize LDAP client settings.
3386ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		if [ -n "$DEFAULT_DOMAIN" -o -n "$LDAP_SERVERS" ]; then
3396ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			$LDAPCLIENT init -a domainName=$DEFAULT_DOMAIN \
3406ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			    $LDAP_SERVERS
3416ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		fi
3426ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	done
34303e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld
3446ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	start_svc $LDAP_CLIENT_FMRI
34503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld
34603e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	return 0
3476ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey}
3486ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
3496ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
3506ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# do_ns <location>
3516ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
3526ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey# Installs different nameservices for location
3536ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey#
35403e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld# Returns 0 on success, 1 on failure
35503e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld#
3566ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskeydo_ns () {
3576ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	loc=$1
3586ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
3596ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
3606ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# Disable nameservices temporarily while we reconfigure.  Copy
3616ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# /etc/nsswitch.files to /etc/nsswitch.conf first so that only "files"
3626ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# are used.
3636ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
3646ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$CP -p /etc/nsswitch.files /etc/nsswitch.conf
3656ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	stop_svc $DNS_CLIENT_FMRI
3666ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	stop_svc $NIS_CLIENT_FMRI
3676ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	stop_svc $LDAP_CLIENT_FMRI
3686ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
3696ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
370*bbf21555SRichard Lowe	# Remove /etc/defaultdomain and unset domainname(8).  If NIS
3716ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	# and/or LDAP is configured, they will create /etc/defaultdomain
372*bbf21555SRichard Lowe	# and set the domainname(8).
3736ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	#
3746ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$RM -f $ETC_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
3756ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	$DOMAINNAME " "
3766ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
37703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld	NAMESERVICES=`nwam_get_loc_list_prop $loc nameservices`
378ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	if [ -z "$NAMESERVICES" ]; then
379ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey		echo "missing 'nameservices' property for location '$loc'"
38003e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld		return 1
381ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	fi
3826ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
383ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	NAMESERVICES_CONFIG_FILE=`nwam_get_loc_prop \
384ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	    $loc nameservices-config-file`
385ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	if [ -z "$NAMESERVICES_CONFIG_FILE" ]; then
386ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey		echo "missing 'nameservices-config-file' property for '$loc'"
38703e9aa6dSRenee Danson Sommerfeld		return 1
3886ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	fi
389ad559becSAnurag S. Maskey	$CP -p $NAMESERVICES_CONFIG_FILE /etc/nsswitch.conf
3906ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey
3916ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey	for ns in $NAMESERVICES; do
3926ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		case "$ns" in
3936ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey		'files')
3946ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			# no additional setup needed for files nameservice
3956ba597c5SAnurag S. Maskey			;;