xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/sgs/elfedit/common/sys.c (revision ba2be530)
1d29b2c44Sab /*
2d29b2c44Sab  * CDDL HEADER START
3d29b2c44Sab  *
4d29b2c44Sab  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
5d29b2c44Sab  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
6d29b2c44Sab  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7d29b2c44Sab  *
8d29b2c44Sab  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
9d29b2c44Sab  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
10d29b2c44Sab  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
11d29b2c44Sab  * and limitations under the License.
12d29b2c44Sab  *
13d29b2c44Sab  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
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15d29b2c44Sab  * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
16d29b2c44Sab  * fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
17d29b2c44Sab  * information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]
18d29b2c44Sab  *
19d29b2c44Sab  * CDDL HEADER END
20d29b2c44Sab  */
22d29b2c44Sab /*
23*ba2be530Sab  * Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
24d29b2c44Sab  * Use is subject to license terms.
25d29b2c44Sab  */
26d29b2c44Sab #pragma ident	"%Z%%M%	%I%	%E% SMI"
28d29b2c44Sab #include <fcntl.h>
29d29b2c44Sab #include <sys/types.h>
30d29b2c44Sab #include <sys/stat.h>
31d29b2c44Sab #include <unistd.h>
32d29b2c44Sab #include <strings.h>
33d29b2c44Sab #include <elfedit.h>
34d29b2c44Sab #include "_elfedit.h"
35d29b2c44Sab #include "msg.h"
40d29b2c44Sab /*
41d29b2c44Sab  * This file provides the builtin sys module. It is similar to the
42d29b2c44Sab  * other modules, but differs in several important ways:
43d29b2c44Sab  *
44d29b2c44Sab  *	- It is built as a static part of elfedit, and not
45d29b2c44Sab  *		as a sharable object.
46d29b2c44Sab  *	- It must be avaialble before the ELFCLASS of the object
47d29b2c44Sab  *		is known, so it is not ELFCLASS specific. We don't build
48*ba2be530Sab  *		it twice with <sys/machelf.h>, as we do for the loadable
49*ba2be530Sab  *		modules. This means that commands need to test for the type
50d29b2c44Sab  *		of their obj_state argument at runtime.
51d29b2c44Sab  *	- The init function signature is different. We build an entire
52d29b2c44Sab  *		module definition statically.
53d29b2c44Sab  */
57d29b2c44Sab /*
58d29b2c44Sab  * This function is supplied to elfedit through our elfedit_module_t
59d29b2c44Sab  * definition. It translates the opaque elfedit_i18nhdl_t handles
60d29b2c44Sab  * in our module interface into the actual strings for elfedit to
61d29b2c44Sab  * use.
62d29b2c44Sab  *
63d29b2c44Sab  * note:
64d29b2c44Sab  *	This module uses Msg codes for its i18n handle type.
65d29b2c44Sab  *	So the translation is simply to use MSG_INTL() to turn
66d29b2c44Sab  *	it into a string and return it.
67d29b2c44Sab  */
68d29b2c44Sab static const char *
mod_i18nhdl_to_str(elfedit_i18nhdl_t hdl)69d29b2c44Sab mod_i18nhdl_to_str(elfedit_i18nhdl_t hdl)
70d29b2c44Sab {
71d29b2c44Sab 	Msg msg = (Msg)hdl;
73d29b2c44Sab 	return (MSG_INTL(msg));
74d29b2c44Sab }
78d29b2c44Sab /*
79d29b2c44Sab  * The sys_opt_t enum specifies a bit value for every optional argument
80d29b2c44Sab  * allowed by a command in this module.
81d29b2c44Sab  */
82d29b2c44Sab typedef enum {
83d29b2c44Sab 	SYS_OPT_F_ALL =		1,	/* -a */
84d29b2c44Sab 	SYS_OPT_F_FORCE =	2,	/* -f */
85d29b2c44Sab 	SYS_OPT_F_SYNOPSIS =	4,	/* -s */
86d29b2c44Sab } dyn_opt_t;
89d29b2c44Sab /*
90d29b2c44Sab  * Given a generic (void *) pointer to an obj_state argument, determine
91d29b2c44Sab  * which type it is, and return the st_file, st_fd and st_elf fields.
92d29b2c44Sab  */
93d29b2c44Sab static void
get_obj_state_info(void * obj_state,const char ** file,int * fd,Elf ** elf)94d29b2c44Sab get_obj_state_info(void *obj_state, const char **file, int *fd, Elf **elf)
95d29b2c44Sab {
96d29b2c44Sab 	if (state.elf.elfclass == ELFCLASS32) {
97d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit32_obj_state_t *s = (elfedit32_obj_state_t *)obj_state;
99d29b2c44Sab 		*file = s->os_file;
100d29b2c44Sab 		*fd = s->os_fd;
101d29b2c44Sab 		*elf = s->os_elf;
102d29b2c44Sab 	} else {
103d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit64_obj_state_t *s = (elfedit64_obj_state_t *)obj_state;
105d29b2c44Sab 		*file = s->os_file;
106d29b2c44Sab 		*fd = s->os_fd;
107d29b2c44Sab 		*elf = s->os_elf;
108d29b2c44Sab 	}
109d29b2c44Sab }
113d29b2c44Sab /*
114d29b2c44Sab  * Helper for cmd_help(). Displays synopsis information for one command.
115d29b2c44Sab  */
116d29b2c44Sab static void
cmd_help_synopsis(elfeditGC_module_t * mod,elfeditGC_cmd_t * cmd)117d29b2c44Sab cmd_help_synopsis(elfeditGC_module_t *mod, elfeditGC_cmd_t *cmd)
118d29b2c44Sab {
119d29b2c44Sab 	char		name_buf[128];
120d29b2c44Sab 	const char	*name;
121d29b2c44Sab 	const char	**cmd_name;
123d29b2c44Sab 	if (cmd->cmd_name[1] == NULL) {   /* One name */
124d29b2c44Sab 		name = *cmd->cmd_name;
125d29b2c44Sab 	} else {
126d29b2c44Sab 		const char *cname;
127d29b2c44Sab 		int need_comma = 0;
129d29b2c44Sab 		name = name_buf;
130d29b2c44Sab 		(void) snprintf(name_buf, sizeof (name_buf),
131d29b2c44Sab 		    MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_MULTNAM), cmd->cmd_name[0]);
132d29b2c44Sab 		for (cmd_name = cmd->cmd_name + 1;
133d29b2c44Sab 		    *cmd_name; cmd_name++) {
134d29b2c44Sab 			if (need_comma)
135d29b2c44Sab 				(void) strlcat(name_buf,
136d29b2c44Sab 				    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_COMMA_SP),
137d29b2c44Sab 				    sizeof (name_buf));
138d29b2c44Sab 			need_comma = 1;
139d29b2c44Sab 			cname = (cmd_name[0][0] == '\0') ?
140d29b2c44Sab 			    MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_MODDEFCMD) : *cmd_name;
141d29b2c44Sab 			(void) strlcat(name_buf, cname,
142d29b2c44Sab 			    sizeof (name_buf));
143d29b2c44Sab 		}
144d29b2c44Sab 		(void) strlcat(name_buf, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_CPAREN),
145d29b2c44Sab 		    sizeof (name_buf));
146d29b2c44Sab 	}
147d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_NAMSUMHDR), name,
148d29b2c44Sab 	    (* mod->mod_i18nhdl_to_str)(cmd->cmd_desc));
149d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_SUMSYNOPSIS),
150d29b2c44Sab 	    elfedit_format_command_usage(mod, cmd,
152d29b2c44Sab 	    strlen(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPSUMINDENT))));
153d29b2c44Sab }
156d29b2c44Sab /*
157d29b2c44Sab  * Helper for cmd_help(). Displays synopsis information for one module.
158d29b2c44Sab  */
159d29b2c44Sab static void
cmd_help_showmod(elfeditGC_module_t * mod)160d29b2c44Sab cmd_help_showmod(elfeditGC_module_t *mod)
161d29b2c44Sab {
162d29b2c44Sab 	elfeditGC_cmd_t	*cmd;
164d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_NAMDSCHDR),
165d29b2c44Sab 	    mod->mod_name, (* mod->mod_i18nhdl_to_str)(mod->mod_desc));
166d29b2c44Sab 	for (cmd = mod->mod_cmds; cmd->cmd_func != NULL; cmd++) {
167d29b2c44Sab 		if (cmd != mod->mod_cmds)
168d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
169d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
170d29b2c44Sab 		cmd_help_synopsis(mod, cmd);
171d29b2c44Sab 	}
172d29b2c44Sab }
175d29b2c44Sab /*
176d29b2c44Sab  * Given a string containing newline characters, break it into
177d29b2c44Sab  * individual lines, and output each line with the given
178d29b2c44Sab  * prefix string in front.
179d29b2c44Sab  */
180d29b2c44Sab static void
write_help_str(const char * str,const char * prefix)181d29b2c44Sab write_help_str(const char *str, const char *prefix)
182d29b2c44Sab {
183d29b2c44Sab 	size_t i;
185d29b2c44Sab 	if (str == NULL)
186d29b2c44Sab 		return;
187d29b2c44Sab 	while (*str) {
188d29b2c44Sab 		i = strcspn(str, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
189d29b2c44Sab 		if (*(str + i) != '\0')
190d29b2c44Sab 			i++;
191d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(prefix);
192d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_write(str, i);
193d29b2c44Sab 		str += i;
194d29b2c44Sab 	}
195d29b2c44Sab }
198d29b2c44Sab /*
199d29b2c44Sab  * Given a title, and a NULL terminated list of option/argument
200d29b2c44Sab  * descriptors, output the list contents.
201d29b2c44Sab  */
202d29b2c44Sab static void
write_optarg(elfeditGC_module_t * mod,const char * title,elfedit_cmd_optarg_t * optarg)203d29b2c44Sab write_optarg(elfeditGC_module_t *mod, const char *title,
204d29b2c44Sab     elfedit_cmd_optarg_t *optarg)
205d29b2c44Sab {
206d29b2c44Sab 	int			cnt;
207d29b2c44Sab 	int			len;
208d29b2c44Sab 	const char		*help;
209d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_optarg_item_t	item;
211d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(title);
212d29b2c44Sab 	for (cnt = 0; optarg->oa_name != NULL; cnt++) {
213d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_next_optarg(&optarg, &item);
215d29b2c44Sab 		/* Insert a blank line between items */
216d29b2c44Sab 		if (cnt > 0)
217d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
219d29b2c44Sab 		/* Indentation */
220d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPINDENT));
221d29b2c44Sab 		len = strlen(item.oai_name);
222d29b2c44Sab 		help = elfedit_optarg_helpstr(mod, &item);
223d29b2c44Sab 		if (item.oai_flags & ELFEDIT_CMDOA_F_VALUE) {
224d29b2c44Sab 			len += 1 + strlen(item.oai_vname);
225d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPOPTARG2),
226d29b2c44Sab 			    item.oai_name, item.oai_vname);
227d29b2c44Sab 		} else {
228d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPOPTARG),
229d29b2c44Sab 			    item.oai_name);
230d29b2c44Sab 		}
232d29b2c44Sab 		/*
233d29b2c44Sab 		 * If name is too long, inject a newline to avoid
234d29b2c44Sab 		 * crowding the help text.
235d29b2c44Sab 		 */
236d29b2c44Sab 		if (len > 3)
237d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
239d29b2c44Sab 		/* Output the help text with a tab prefix */
240d29b2c44Sab 		write_help_str(help, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_TAB));
241d29b2c44Sab 	}
242d29b2c44Sab }
245d29b2c44Sab /*
246d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:help
247d29b2c44Sab  */
248d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
249d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_help(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])250d29b2c44Sab cmd_help(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
251d29b2c44Sab {
252d29b2c44Sab #define	INITIAL_ITEM_ALLOC 4
255d29b2c44Sab 	/*
256d29b2c44Sab 	 * An array of this type is used to collect the data needed to
257d29b2c44Sab 	 * generate help output.
258d29b2c44Sab 	 */
259d29b2c44Sab 	typedef struct {
260d29b2c44Sab 		elfeditGC_cmd_t		*cmd;
261d29b2c44Sab 		elfeditGC_module_t	*cmd_mod;	/* Used with cmd */
262d29b2c44Sab 		elfeditGC_module_t	*mod;
263d29b2c44Sab 	} ITEM;
265d29b2c44Sab 	static ITEM	*item;
266d29b2c44Sab 	static int	item_cnt;
268d29b2c44Sab 	MODLIST_T		*modlist;
269d29b2c44Sab 	int			dispcnt;
270d29b2c44Sab 	size_t			i;
271d29b2c44Sab 	elfeditGC_module_t	*mod;
272d29b2c44Sab 	elfeditGC_cmd_t		*cmd;
273d29b2c44Sab 	int			minus_s = 0;
274d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_state_t	getopt_state;
275d29b2c44Sab 	ITEM			*cur_item;
277d29b2c44Sab 	/*
278d29b2c44Sab 	 * Process options. The only option accepted is -s, so we
279d29b2c44Sab 	 * don't even have to check the idmask to know.
280d29b2c44Sab 	 */
281d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_init(&getopt_state, &argc, &argv);
282d29b2c44Sab 	while (elfedit_getopt(&getopt_state) != NULL)
283d29b2c44Sab 		minus_s = 1;
285d29b2c44Sab 	/*
286d29b2c44Sab 	 * This command can produce an arbitrary amount of output, so
287d29b2c44Sab 	 * run a pager.
288d29b2c44Sab 	 */
289d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_pager_init();
291d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc == 0) {
292d29b2c44Sab 		if (minus_s) {
293d29b2c44Sab 			/* Force all modules to load so we have data */
294d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_load_modpath();
295d29b2c44Sab 			for (modlist = state.modlist; modlist;
296d29b2c44Sab 			    modlist = modlist->ml_next) {
297d29b2c44Sab 				cmd_help_showmod(modlist->ml_mod);
298d29b2c44Sab 				if (modlist->ml_next != NULL) {
299d29b2c44Sab 					elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
300d29b2c44Sab 					elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
301d29b2c44Sab 				}
302d29b2c44Sab 			}
303d29b2c44Sab 			return (ELFEDIT_CMDRET_NONE);
304d29b2c44Sab 		}
306d29b2c44Sab 		/*
307d29b2c44Sab 		 * If no arguments are present, we display a simple
308d29b2c44Sab 		 * "how to use help" tutorial, which will hopefully
309d29b2c44Sab 		 * bootstrap the user into a position where they
310d29b2c44Sab 		 * know how to run the help command, and then find
311d29b2c44Sab 		 * what they're really after.
312d29b2c44Sab 		 */
313d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_SYS_HELP_HELP_NOARG));
314d29b2c44Sab 		return (ELFEDIT_CMDRET_NONE);
315d29b2c44Sab 	}
318d29b2c44Sab 	/*
319d29b2c44Sab 	 * As we process the arguments, we are willing to treat each
320d29b2c44Sab 	 * one as either a module or a command:
321d29b2c44Sab 	 *	1) An item without a colon can be a module,
322d29b2c44Sab 	 *		or a command from the sys: module.
323d29b2c44Sab 	 *	2) An item with a colon, and no command part is
324d29b2c44Sab 	 *		a module, and it can also be the default
325d29b2c44Sab 	 *		command for the module, if it has one. We choose
326d29b2c44Sab 	 *		to only display the module info in this case, since
327d29b2c44Sab 	 *		the use of "" to represent the default command is
328d29b2c44Sab 	 *		an implementation detail, not a user-facing concept.
329d29b2c44Sab 	 *	3) An item with a colon and a command part can only be
330d29b2c44Sab 	 *		a command.
331d29b2c44Sab 	 *
332d29b2c44Sab 	 * Note that there are cases where one argument can have two
333d29b2c44Sab 	 * valid interpretations. In this case, we display them both.
334d29b2c44Sab 	 *
335d29b2c44Sab 	 * Pass over the arguments and determine how many distinct
336d29b2c44Sab 	 * "things" we need to display. At the same time, force any
337d29b2c44Sab 	 * needed modules to load so that the debug load messages won't
338d29b2c44Sab 	 * show up in between the displayed items, and save the command
339d29b2c44Sab 	 * and module definitions we will need to generate the output.
340d29b2c44Sab 	 */
341d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc > item_cnt) {
342d29b2c44Sab 		int n = (item_cnt == 0) ? INITIAL_ITEM_ALLOC : item_cnt;
344d29b2c44Sab 		while (n < argc)
345d29b2c44Sab 			n *= 2;
347d29b2c44Sab 		item = elfedit_realloc(MSG_INTL(MSG_ALLOC_HELPITEM), item,
348d29b2c44Sab 		    n * sizeof (*item));
349d29b2c44Sab 		item_cnt = n;
350d29b2c44Sab 	}
352d29b2c44Sab 	dispcnt = 0;
353d29b2c44Sab 	for (i = 0; i < argc; i++) {
354d29b2c44Sab 		const char *colon = strchr(argv[i], ':');
356d29b2c44Sab 		if (colon == NULL) {	/* No colon: sys: cmd or module */
357d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].cmd =
358d29b2c44Sab 			    elfedit_find_command(argv[i], 0, &item[i].cmd_mod);
359d29b2c44Sab 			if (item[i].cmd != NULL)
360d29b2c44Sab 				dispcnt++;
362d29b2c44Sab 			/*
363d29b2c44Sab 			 * Also try to load it as a module. If a command
364d29b2c44Sab 			 * was found, then this need not succeed. Otherwise,
365d29b2c44Sab 			 * it has to be a module, and we cause an error
366d29b2c44Sab 			 * to be issued if not.
367d29b2c44Sab 			 */
368d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].mod = elfedit_load_module(argv[i],
369d29b2c44Sab 			    item[i].cmd == NULL, 0);
370d29b2c44Sab 			if (item[i].mod != NULL)
371d29b2c44Sab 				dispcnt++;
372d29b2c44Sab 		} else if (*(colon + 1) == '\0') {
373d29b2c44Sab 			/* Just colon: Module (and maybe default command) */
374d29b2c44Sab 			char buf[ELFEDIT_MAXMODNAM + 1];
375d29b2c44Sab 			const char *str = argv[i];
376d29b2c44Sab 			int len = colon - str;
378d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].cmd = NULL;
379d29b2c44Sab 			/* Strip off the colon */
380d29b2c44Sab 			if (len < sizeof (buf)) {
381d29b2c44Sab 				(void) strncpy(buf, str, len);
382d29b2c44Sab 				buf[len] = '\0';
383d29b2c44Sab 				str = buf;
384d29b2c44Sab 			}
385d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].mod = elfedit_load_module(str, 1, 0);
386d29b2c44Sab 			dispcnt++;
387d29b2c44Sab 		} else {	/* A command */
388d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].cmd =
389d29b2c44Sab 			    elfedit_find_command(argv[i], 1, &item[i].cmd_mod);
390d29b2c44Sab 			dispcnt++;
391d29b2c44Sab 			item[i].mod = NULL;
392d29b2c44Sab 		}
393d29b2c44Sab 	}
395d29b2c44Sab 	/*
396d29b2c44Sab 	 * Having validated the items, loop over them again and produce
397d29b2c44Sab 	 * the required help output.
398d29b2c44Sab 	 */
399d29b2c44Sab 	for (cur_item = item; argc--; argv++, cur_item++) {
402d29b2c44Sab 		/* Help for a module? */
403d29b2c44Sab 		if (cur_item->mod != NULL) {
404d29b2c44Sab 			if (dispcnt > 1)
405d29b2c44Sab 				elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_MULTIHDR),
406d29b2c44Sab 				    *argv);
407d29b2c44Sab 			cmd_help_showmod(cur_item->mod);
408d29b2c44Sab 			if ((dispcnt > 1) && (argc > 0))
409d29b2c44Sab 				elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_MULTIEND),
410d29b2c44Sab 				    argv[0], argv[1]);
411d29b2c44Sab 			/* An empty line after the last line of output */
412d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
413d29b2c44Sab 		}
415d29b2c44Sab 		/* Help for a command? */
416d29b2c44Sab 		if (cur_item->cmd == NULL)
417d29b2c44Sab 			continue;
418d29b2c44Sab 		cmd = cur_item->cmd;
419d29b2c44Sab 		mod = cur_item->cmd_mod;
420d29b2c44Sab 		if (dispcnt > 1)
421d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_MULTIHDR), *argv);
423d29b2c44Sab 		/* If -s, display quick synopsis rather than the whole thing */
424d29b2c44Sab 		if (minus_s) {
425d29b2c44Sab 			cmd_help_synopsis(mod, cmd);
426d29b2c44Sab 			continue;
427d29b2c44Sab 		}
429d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_MOD), mod->mod_name,
430d29b2c44Sab 		    (* mod->mod_i18nhdl_to_str)(mod->mod_desc));
431d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_NAME),
432d29b2c44Sab 		    *cmd->cmd_name,
433d29b2c44Sab 		    (* mod->mod_i18nhdl_to_str)(cmd->cmd_desc));
434d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_SYNOPSIS),
435d29b2c44Sab 		    elfedit_format_command_usage(mod, cmd,
436d29b2c44Sab 		    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPUSEINDENT),
437d29b2c44Sab 		    strlen(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPINDENT))));
438d29b2c44Sab 		/* If there are alias names, show them */
439d29b2c44Sab 		if (cmd->cmd_name[1] != NULL) {
440d29b2c44Sab 			const char **alias = cmd->cmd_name + 1;
442d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_ALIASES));
443d29b2c44Sab 			do {
444d29b2c44Sab 				elfedit_printf(
445d29b2c44Sab 				    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPINDENT));
446d29b2c44Sab 				elfedit_printf(
447d29b2c44Sab 				    MSG_ORIG(MSG_FMT_MODCMD),
448d29b2c44Sab 				    mod->mod_name, *alias);
449d29b2c44Sab 				if (**alias == '\0')
450d29b2c44Sab 					elfedit_printf(
451d29b2c44Sab 					    MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_DEFCMD));
452d29b2c44Sab 				elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
453d29b2c44Sab 				alias++;
454d29b2c44Sab 			} while (*alias);
455d29b2c44Sab 		}
456d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_DESC));
457d29b2c44Sab 		write_help_str(
458d29b2c44Sab 		    (* mod->mod_i18nhdl_to_str)(cmd->cmd_help),
459d29b2c44Sab 		    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_HLPINDENT));
460d29b2c44Sab 		if (cmd->cmd_args != NULL)
461d29b2c44Sab 			write_optarg(mod, MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_ARGS),
462d29b2c44Sab 			    cmd->cmd_args);
463d29b2c44Sab 		if (cmd->cmd_opt != NULL)
464d29b2c44Sab 			write_optarg(mod, MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_OPT),
465d29b2c44Sab 			    cmd->cmd_opt);
466d29b2c44Sab 		if ((dispcnt > 1) && (argc > 0))
467d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_MULTIEND),
468d29b2c44Sab 			    argv[0], argv[1]);
469d29b2c44Sab 		/* An empty line after the last line of output */
470d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_NL));
471d29b2c44Sab 	}
473d29b2c44Sab 	return (ELFEDIT_CMDRET_NONE);
475d29b2c44Sab #undef	INITIAL_ITEM_ALLOC
476d29b2c44Sab }
479d29b2c44Sab /*
480d29b2c44Sab  * Command completion function for sys:help
481d29b2c44Sab  */
482d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
483d29b2c44Sab static void
cpl_help(void * obj_state,void * cpldata,int argc,const char * argv[],int num_opt)484d29b2c44Sab cpl_help(void *obj_state, void *cpldata, int argc, const char *argv[],
485d29b2c44Sab     int num_opt)
486d29b2c44Sab {
487d29b2c44Sab 	/*
488d29b2c44Sab 	 * The arguments can be any module or command. Supplying the
489d29b2c44Sab 	 * commands implicitly supplies the modules too.
490d29b2c44Sab 	 */
491d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_cpl_command(cpldata);
492d29b2c44Sab }
495d29b2c44Sab /*
496d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:load
497d29b2c44Sab  */
498d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
499d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_load(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])500d29b2c44Sab cmd_load(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
501d29b2c44Sab {
502d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_state_t	getopt_state;
503d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_ret_t	*getopt_ret;
504d29b2c44Sab 	struct stat		statbuf;
506d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_init(&getopt_state, &argc, &argv);
507d29b2c44Sab 	while ((getopt_ret = elfedit_getopt(&getopt_state)) != NULL) {
508d29b2c44Sab 		switch (getopt_ret->gor_idmask) {
509d29b2c44Sab 		case SYS_OPT_F_ALL:
510d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_load_modpath();
511d29b2c44Sab 			break;
512d29b2c44Sab 		}
513d29b2c44Sab 	}
515d29b2c44Sab 	/* For each remaining argument, load them individually */
516d29b2c44Sab 	for (; argc-- > 0; argv++) {
517d29b2c44Sab 		/* Is it a directory? Load everything in it */
518d29b2c44Sab 		if ((stat(*argv, &statbuf) == 0) &&
519d29b2c44Sab 		    (statbuf.st_mode & S_IFDIR)) {
520d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_load_moddir(*argv, 1, 1);
521d29b2c44Sab 		} else {	/* Not a directory. Normal load */
522d29b2c44Sab 			(void) elfedit_load_module(*argv, 1, 1);
523d29b2c44Sab 		}
524d29b2c44Sab 	}
526d29b2c44Sab 	return (0);
527d29b2c44Sab }
530d29b2c44Sab /*
531d29b2c44Sab  * Command completion function for sys:load
532d29b2c44Sab  */
533d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
534d29b2c44Sab static void
cpl_load(void * obj_state,void * cpldata,int argc,const char * argv[],int num_opt)535d29b2c44Sab cpl_load(void *obj_state, void *cpldata, int argc, const char *argv[],
536d29b2c44Sab     int num_opt)
537d29b2c44Sab {
538d29b2c44Sab 	/*
539d29b2c44Sab 	 * Module names. Note that this causes elfedit to load all
540d29b2c44Sab 	 * of the modules, which probably makes the current load
541d29b2c44Sab 	 * operation unnecessary. This could be improved, but I don't
542d29b2c44Sab 	 * see it as worth the complexity. Explicit load calls are
543d29b2c44Sab 	 * rare, and the user will usually not use command completion.
544d29b2c44Sab 	 */
545d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_cpl_module(cpldata, 1);
546d29b2c44Sab }
549d29b2c44Sab /*
550d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:quit
551d29b2c44Sab  */
552d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
553d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_quit(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])554d29b2c44Sab cmd_quit(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
555d29b2c44Sab {
556d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_state_t	getopt_state;
557d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_ret_t	*getopt_ret;
558d29b2c44Sab 	int			force = 0;
559d29b2c44Sab 	const char		*file;
560d29b2c44Sab 	int			fd;
561d29b2c44Sab 	Elf			*elf;
563d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_init(&getopt_state, &argc, &argv);
564d29b2c44Sab 	while ((getopt_ret = elfedit_getopt(&getopt_state)) != NULL) {
565d29b2c44Sab 		switch (getopt_ret->gor_idmask) {
566d29b2c44Sab 		case SYS_OPT_F_FORCE:
567d29b2c44Sab 			force = 1;
568d29b2c44Sab 			break;
569d29b2c44Sab 		}
570d29b2c44Sab 	}
571d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc != 0)
572d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_command_usage();
574d29b2c44Sab 	if (state.file.present) {
575d29b2c44Sab 		/*
576d29b2c44Sab 		 * If session is not READONLY, then refuse to quit if file
577d29b2c44Sab 		 * needs flushing and -f option was not used.
578d29b2c44Sab 		 */
579d29b2c44Sab 		if (!(state.flags & ELFEDIT_F_READONLY) && state.file.dirty &&
580d29b2c44Sab 		    !force)
581d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_msg(ELFEDIT_MSG_ERR,
582d29b2c44Sab 			    MSG_INTL(MSG_ERR_NODIRTYQUIT));
584d29b2c44Sab 		get_obj_state_info(obj_state, &file, &fd, &elf);
585d29b2c44Sab 		(void) close(fd);
586d29b2c44Sab 		(void) elf_end(elf);
587d29b2c44Sab 		free(obj_state);
588d29b2c44Sab 	}
590d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_exit(0);
591d29b2c44Sab 	/*NOTREACHED*/
592d29b2c44Sab 	return (0);
593d29b2c44Sab }
596d29b2c44Sab /*
597d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:status
598d29b2c44Sab  */
599d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
600d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_status(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])601d29b2c44Sab cmd_status(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
602d29b2c44Sab {
603d29b2c44Sab 	MODLIST_T	*modlist;
604d29b2c44Sab 	const char	*s;
605d29b2c44Sab 	size_t		i;
607d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc > 0)
608d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_command_usage();
610d29b2c44Sab 	/*
611d29b2c44Sab 	 * This command can produce an arbitrary amount of output, so
612d29b2c44Sab 	 * run a pager.
613d29b2c44Sab 	 */
614d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_pager_init();
616d29b2c44Sab 	/* Files */
617d29b2c44Sab 	if (state.file.present == 0) {
618d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_INFILENONE));
619d29b2c44Sab 	} else if (state.flags & ELFEDIT_F_READONLY) {
620d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_INFILERO),
621d29b2c44Sab 		    state.file.infile);
622d29b2c44Sab 	} else {
623d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_INFILE), state.file.infile);
624d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_OUTFILE),
625d29b2c44Sab 		    state.file.outfile);
626d29b2c44Sab 	}
627d29b2c44Sab 	if (state.file.dirty)
628d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_CNGPENDING));
630d29b2c44Sab 	/* Option Variables */
631d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_VARHDR));
632d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_AFLG),
633d29b2c44Sab 	    (state.flags & ELFEDIT_F_AUTOPRINT) ? MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_ON) :
634d29b2c44Sab 	    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_OFF));
635d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_DFLG),
636d29b2c44Sab 	    (state.flags & ELFEDIT_F_DEBUG) ? MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_ON) :
637d29b2c44Sab 	    MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_OFF));
638d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_OFLG),
639d29b2c44Sab 	    elfedit_atoconst_value_to_str(ELFEDIT_CONST_OUTSTYLE,
640d29b2c44Sab 	    state.outstyle, 1));
642d29b2c44Sab 	/* Module Load Path */
643d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_PATHHDR));
644d29b2c44Sab 	for (i = 0; i < state.modpath.n; i++)
645d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_PATHELT),
646d29b2c44Sab 		    state.modpath.seg[i]);
648d29b2c44Sab 	/* Currently Loaded Modules */
649d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_printf(MSG_INTL(MSG_HLPFMT_MODHDR));
650d29b2c44Sab 	for (modlist = state.modlist; modlist;
651d29b2c44Sab 	    modlist = modlist->ml_next) {
652d29b2c44Sab 		s = modlist->ml_path ? modlist->ml_path :
653d29b2c44Sab 		    MSG_INTL(MSG_FMT_BUILTIN);
654d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_printf(MSG_ORIG(MSG_HLPFMT_NAMDSCCOL),
655d29b2c44Sab 		    modlist->ml_mod->mod_name, s);
656d29b2c44Sab 	}
658d29b2c44Sab 	return (ELFEDIT_CMDRET_NONE);
659d29b2c44Sab }
661d29b2c44Sab /*
662d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:set
663d29b2c44Sab  */
664d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
665d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_set(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])666d29b2c44Sab cmd_set(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
667d29b2c44Sab {
668d29b2c44Sab 	if ((argc != 2) || (strlen(argv[0]) > 1))
669d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_command_usage();
671d29b2c44Sab 	switch (**argv) {
672d29b2c44Sab 	case 'a':
673d29b2c44Sab 	case 'A':
674d29b2c44Sab 		if (elfedit_atobool(argv[1], MSG_INTL(MSG_SYSSET_A)))
675d29b2c44Sab 			state.flags |= ELFEDIT_F_AUTOPRINT;
676d29b2c44Sab 		else
677d29b2c44Sab 			state.flags &= ~ELFEDIT_F_AUTOPRINT;
678d29b2c44Sab 		break;
680d29b2c44Sab 	case 'd':
681d29b2c44Sab 	case 'D':
682d29b2c44Sab 		if (elfedit_atobool(argv[1], MSG_INTL(MSG_SYSSET_D)))
683d29b2c44Sab 			state.flags |= ELFEDIT_F_DEBUG;
684d29b2c44Sab 		else
685d29b2c44Sab 			state.flags &= ~ELFEDIT_F_DEBUG;
686d29b2c44Sab 		break;
688d29b2c44Sab 	case 'o':
689d29b2c44Sab 	case 'O':
690d29b2c44Sab 		if (elfedit_atooutstyle(argv[1], &state.outstyle) == 0)
691d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_msg(ELFEDIT_MSG_ERR,
692d29b2c44Sab 			    MSG_INTL(MSG_ERR_BADOSTYLE), argv[1]);
693d29b2c44Sab 		break;
695d29b2c44Sab 	default:
696d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_command_usage();
697d29b2c44Sab 	}
699d29b2c44Sab 	return (0);
700d29b2c44Sab }
703d29b2c44Sab /*
704d29b2c44Sab  * Command completion function for sys:set
705d29b2c44Sab  */
706d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
707d29b2c44Sab static void
cpl_set(void * obj_state,void * cpldata,int argc,const char * argv[],int num_opt)708d29b2c44Sab cpl_set(void *obj_state, void *cpldata, int argc, const char *argv[],
709d29b2c44Sab     int num_opt)
710d29b2c44Sab {
711d29b2c44Sab 	const char *s;
713d29b2c44Sab 	/*
714d29b2c44Sab 	 * This command doesn't accept options, so num_opt should be
715d29b2c44Sab 	 * 0. This is a defensive measure, in case that should change.
716d29b2c44Sab 	 */
717d29b2c44Sab 	argc -= num_opt;
718d29b2c44Sab 	argv += num_opt;
720d29b2c44Sab 	if ((argc < 1) || (argc > 2))
721d29b2c44Sab 		return;
723d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc == 1) {	/* The first argument is a variable letter */
724d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_A), 1);
725d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_D), 1);
726d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_O), 1);
727d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_W), 1);
728d29b2c44Sab 		return;
729d29b2c44Sab 	}
731d29b2c44Sab 	/* We're dealing with the second argument, the value */
732d29b2c44Sab 	s = argv[0];
733d29b2c44Sab 	if (strlen(s) > 1)	/* One letter variables */
734d29b2c44Sab 		return;
735d29b2c44Sab 	switch (*s) {
736d29b2c44Sab 	case 'a':		/* Booleans */
737d29b2c44Sab 	case 'A':
738d29b2c44Sab 	case 'd':
739d29b2c44Sab 	case 'D':
740d29b2c44Sab 	case 'w':
741d29b2c44Sab 	case 'W':
742d29b2c44Sab 		/* The second argument is a boolean */
743d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_atoconst(cpldata, ELFEDIT_CONST_BOOL);
745d29b2c44Sab 		/* The numbers are not symbolic, but we want them in the list */
746d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_0), 1);
747d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_match(cpldata, MSG_ORIG(MSG_STR_1), 1);
748d29b2c44Sab 		break;
750d29b2c44Sab 	case 'o':		/* Output style */
751d29b2c44Sab 	case 'O':
752d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_cpl_atoconst(cpldata, ELFEDIT_CONST_OUTSTYLE);
753d29b2c44Sab 		break;
754d29b2c44Sab 	}
755d29b2c44Sab }
758d29b2c44Sab /*
759d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:unload
760d29b2c44Sab  */
761d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
762d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_unload(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])763d29b2c44Sab cmd_unload(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
764d29b2c44Sab {
765d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_state_t	getopt_state;
766d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_ret_t	*getopt_ret;
767d29b2c44Sab 	MODLIST_T		*moddef;
768d29b2c44Sab 	int			do_all = 0;
770d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_getopt_init(&getopt_state, &argc, &argv);
771d29b2c44Sab 	while ((getopt_ret = elfedit_getopt(&getopt_state)) != NULL) {
772d29b2c44Sab 		switch (getopt_ret->gor_idmask) {
773d29b2c44Sab 		case SYS_OPT_F_ALL:
774d29b2c44Sab 			do_all = 1;
775d29b2c44Sab 			break;
776d29b2c44Sab 		}
777d29b2c44Sab 	}
779d29b2c44Sab 	/*
780d29b2c44Sab 	 * If -a is specified, unload everything except builtins. Don't
781d29b2c44Sab 	 * allow plain arguments in this case because there is nothing
782d29b2c44Sab 	 * left to unload after -a.
783d29b2c44Sab 	 */
784d29b2c44Sab 	if (do_all) {
785d29b2c44Sab 		if (argc > 0)
786d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_command_usage();
787d29b2c44Sab 		/*
788d29b2c44Sab 		 * Until we run out of non-builtin modules, take the first
789d29b2c44Sab 		 * one from the list and unload it. Each removal alters
790d29b2c44Sab 		 * the list, so we always start at the beginning, but this
791d29b2c44Sab 		 * is efficient since we always remove the first available item
792d29b2c44Sab 		 */
793d29b2c44Sab 		while (state.modlist != NULL) {
794d29b2c44Sab 			for (moddef = state.modlist; moddef != NULL;
795d29b2c44Sab 			    moddef = moddef->ml_next)
796d29b2c44Sab 				if (moddef->ml_dl_hdl != NULL) break;
798d29b2c44Sab 			/* If we made it to the end, then the list is empty */
799d29b2c44Sab 			if (moddef == NULL)
800d29b2c44Sab 				break;
802d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_unload_module(moddef->ml_mod->mod_name);
803d29b2c44Sab 		}
804d29b2c44Sab 		return (0);
805d29b2c44Sab 	}
807d29b2c44Sab 	/* Unload each module individually */
808d29b2c44Sab 	for (; argc-- > 0; argv++)
809d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_unload_module(*argv);
811d29b2c44Sab 	return (0);
812d29b2c44Sab }
815d29b2c44Sab /*
816d29b2c44Sab  * Command completion function for sys:unload
817d29b2c44Sab  */
818d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
819d29b2c44Sab static void
cpl_unload(void * obj_state,void * cpldata,int argc,const char * argv[],int num_opt)820d29b2c44Sab cpl_unload(void *obj_state, void *cpldata, int argc, const char *argv[],
821d29b2c44Sab     int num_opt)
822d29b2c44Sab {
823d29b2c44Sab 	/*
824d29b2c44Sab 	 * Module names. Don't allow elfedit to load all the modules,
825d29b2c44Sab 	 * as the only modules we want to unload are those already
826d29b2c44Sab 	 * in memory.
827d29b2c44Sab 	 */
828d29b2c44Sab 	elfedit_cpl_module(cpldata, 0);
829d29b2c44Sab }
832d29b2c44Sab /*
833d29b2c44Sab  * Implementation of sys:write
834d29b2c44Sab  */
835d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED2*/
836d29b2c44Sab static elfedit_cmdret_t
cmd_write(void * obj_state,int argc,const char * argv[])837d29b2c44Sab cmd_write(void *obj_state, int argc, const char *argv[])
838d29b2c44Sab {
839d29b2c44Sab 	const char	*file;
840d29b2c44Sab 	int		fd;
841d29b2c44Sab 	Elf		*elf;
843d29b2c44Sab 	if (argc != 0)
844d29b2c44Sab 		elfedit_command_usage();
846d29b2c44Sab 	if (state.file.present != 0) {
847d29b2c44Sab 		if (state.flags & ELFEDIT_F_READONLY)
848d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_msg(ELFEDIT_MSG_ERR,
849d29b2c44Sab 			    MSG_INTL(MSG_ERR_READONLY));
851d29b2c44Sab 		get_obj_state_info(obj_state, &file, &fd, &elf);
852d29b2c44Sab 		if (elf_update(elf, ELF_C_WRITE) == -1)
853d29b2c44Sab 			elfedit_msg(ELFEDIT_MSG_ERR, MSG_INTL(MSG_ERR_LIBELF),
854d29b2c44Sab 			    file, MSG_ORIG(MSG_ELF_UPDATE),
855d29b2c44Sab 			    elf_errmsg(elf_errno()));
857d29b2c44Sab 		/*
858d29b2c44Sab 		 * An update has succeeded for this file, so revoke the need
859d29b2c44Sab 		 * to unlink it on exit.
860d29b2c44Sab 		 */
861d29b2c44Sab 		state.file.unlink_on_exit = 0;
862d29b2c44Sab 	}
864d29b2c44Sab 	return (ELFEDIT_CMDRET_FLUSH);
865d29b2c44Sab }
871d29b2c44Sab /*ARGSUSED*/
872d29b2c44Sab MODLIST_T *
elfedit_sys_init(elfedit_module_version_t version)873d29b2c44Sab elfedit_sys_init(elfedit_module_version_t version)
874d29b2c44Sab {
875d29b2c44Sab 	/* sys:help */