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118%T An Overview of SL5
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136%T M\s-2UNIX\s0, A Multiprocessing Version of U\s-2NIX\s0
137%K munix unix
138%R M.S. Thesis
139%I Naval Postgraduate School
140%C Monterey, Cal.
141%D 1975
143%T The U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System
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160%T UNIX for Beginners
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162%D 1978
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169%O Seventh Edition.
170%D 1978
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173%T The U\s-2NIX\s0 Command Language
174%B Structured Programming\(emInfotech State of the Art Report
175%I Infotech International Ltd.
176%C Nicholson House, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
177%D March 1975
178%P 375-384
179%K unix
180%X pwb
181Brief description of shell syntax and semantics, without much
182detail on implementation.
183Much on pipes and convenience of hooking programs together.
184Includes SERMONETTE:
185"Many familiar computing `concepts' are missing from UNIX.
186Files have no records. There are no access methods.
187There are no file types.  These concepts fill a much-needed gap.
188I sincerely hope that when future systems are designed by
189manufacturers the value of some of these ingrained notions is re-examined.
190Like the politician and his `common man', manufacturers have
191their `average user'.
193%A J. R. Mashey
194%T PWB/UNIX Shell Tutorial
195%D September 30, 1977
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210%T LR Parsing
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217%D June 1974
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221%A S. C. Johnson
222%A J. D. Ullman
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235%D 1977
238%r 65
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243%D December 1977
244%O updated version TM 78-1273-3
245%D 1978
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251%P 97-104
252%D January 1978
255%r 39
256%K CSTR
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258%I Bell Laboratories
259%C Murray Hill, New Jersey
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261%T Lex \(em A Lexical Analyzer Generator
262%D October 1975
266%r 32
267%K CSTR
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269%I Bell Laboratories
270%C Murray Hill, New Jersey
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272%T Yacc \(em  Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
273%D July 1975
276%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Portability of C Programs and the U\s-2NIX\s0 System
277%K unix bstj
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286%T Typing Documents on UNIX and GCOS:  The -ms Macros for Troff
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288%D 1977
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291%A D. M. Ritchie
292%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Programmer's Manual
293%K unix
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295%O Sixth Edition
296%D May 1975
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299%K unix
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302%V 9
303%N 5
304%P 60-66
305%D 1975
306%O Also in \f2Proc. 5th Symp. on Operating Systems Principles.\f1
308%T Spider \(em An Experimental Data Communications System
309%Z ctr127
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312%P 21F
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314%D June 1974
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329%A M. D. McIlroy
330%T An Algorithm for Differential File Comparison
331%D June 1976
334%A F. P. Brooks, Jr.
335%T The Mythical Man-Month
336%I Addison-Wesley
337%C Reading, Mass.
338%D 1975
339%X pwb
340Readable, classic reference on software engineering and
341problems of large projects, from someone with experience in them.
342Required reading for any software engineer, even if conclusions may not
343always be agreed with.
345"The second is the most dangerous system a man every designs." p.55.
347"Hence plan to throw one away; you will, anyhow." p.116.
349"Cosgrove has perceptively pointed out that the programmer delivers
350satisfaction of a user need rather than any tangible product.
351And both the actual need and the user's perception of that need
352will change as programs are built, tested, and used." p.117.
354"The total cost of maintaining a widely used program is typically 40 percent
355or more of the cost of developing it." p.121.
357"As shown above, amalgamating prose and program reduces the total
358number of characters to be stored." p.175.
360%T A Portable Compiler for the Language C
361%A A. Snyder
362%I Master's Thesis, M.I.T.
363%C Cambridge, Mass.
364%D 1974
366%T The C Language Calling Sequence
367%A M. E. Lesk
368%A S. C. Johnson
369%A D. M. Ritchie
370%D 1977
372%T Optimal Code Generation for Expression Trees
373%A A. V. Aho
374%A S. C. Johnson
375%D 1975
376%J J. Assoc. Comp. Mach.
377%K acm jacm
378%V 23
379%N 3
380%P 488-501
381%O Also in \f2Proc. ACM Symp. on Theory of Computing,\f1 pp. 207-217, 1975.
383%A R. Sethi
384%A J. D. Ullman
385%T The Generation of Optimal Code for Arithmetic Expressions
386%J J. Assoc. Comp. Mach.
387%K acm jacm
388%V 17
389%N 4
390%D October 1970
391%P 715-728
392%O Reprinted as pp. 229-247 in \fICompiler Techniques\fR, ed. B. W. Pollack, Auerbach, Princeton NJ (1972).
393%X pwb
394Optimal approach for straight-line, fixed
395number of regs.
397%T Code Generation for Machines with Multiregister
399%A A. V. Aho
400%A S. C. Johnson
401%A J. D. Ullman
402%J Proc. 4th ACM Symp. on Principles of Programming Languages
403%P 21-28
404%D January 1977