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1%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Preface
2%A T. H. Crowley
3%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
4%V 57
5%N 6
6%P 1897-1898
7%D 1978
8%K bstj unix
10%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Foreword
11%A M. D. McIlroy
12%A E. N. Pinson
13%A B. A. Tague
14%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
15%V 57
16%N 6
17%P 1899-1904
18%D 1978
19%K unix bstj
21%T The U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System
22%K unix bstj
23%A D. M. Ritchie
24%A K. Thompson
25%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
26%V 57
27%N 6
28%P 1905-1929
29%D 1978
31%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: U\s-2NIX\s0 Implementation
32%K unix bstj
33%A K. Thompson
34%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
35%V 57
36%N 6
37%P 1931-1946
38%D 1978
40%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: A Retrospective
41%K unix bstj
42%A D. M. Ritchie
43%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
44%V 57
45%N 6
46%P 1947-1969
47%D 1978
48%O Also in \f1Proc. Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science,\f1 Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan. 1977.
50%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The U\s-2NIX\s0 Shell
51%A S. R. Bourne
52%K unix bstj
53%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
54%V 57
55%N 6
56%P 1971-1990
57%D 1978
59%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The C Programming Language
60%A D. M. Ritchie
61%A S. C. Johnson
62%A M. E. Lesk
63%A B. W. Kernighan
64%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
65%V 57
66%N 6
67%P 1991-2019
68%D 1978
69%K bstj
71%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Portability of C Programs and the U\s-2NIX\s0 System
72%K unix bstj
73%A S. C. Johnson
74%A D. M. Ritchie
75%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
76%V 57
77%N 6
78%P 2021-2048
79%D 1978
81%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The M\s-2ERT\s0 Operating System
82%A H. Lycklama
83%A D. L. Bayer
84%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
85%V 57
86%N 6
87%K mert
88%P 2049-2086
89%D 1978
90%K bstj
92%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: U\s-2NIX\s0 on a Microprocessor
93%K unix bstj
94%A H. Lycklama
95%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
96%V 57
97%N 6
98%P 2087-2101
99%D 1978
101%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: A Minicomputer Satellite Processor System
102%A H. Lycklama
103%A C. Christensen
104%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
105%V 57
106%N 6
107%P 2103-2113
108%D 1978
109%K bstj unix
111%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Document Preparation
112%K unix bstj
113%A B. W. Kernighan
114%A M. E. Lesk
115%A J. F. Ossanna
116%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
117%V 57
118%N 6
119%P 2115-2135
120%D 1978
122%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Statistical Text Processing
123%K unix bstj
124%A L. E. McMahon
125%A L. L. Cherry
126%A R. Morris
127%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
128%V 57
129%N 6
130%P 2137-2154
131%D 1978
133%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Language Development Tools
134%K unix bstj
135%A S. C. Johnson
136%A M. E. Lesk
137%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
138%V 57
139%N 6
140%P 2155-2175
141%D 1978
143%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The Programmer's Workbench
144%A T. A. Dolotta
145%A R. C. Haight
146%A J. R. Mashey
147%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
148%V 57
149%N 6
150%P 2177-2200
151%D 1978
152%K unix bstj
154%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The U\s-2NIX\s0 Operating System as
155a Base for Applications
156%K unix bstj
157%A G. W. R. Luderer
158%A J. F. Maranzano
159%A B. A. Tague
160%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
161%V 57
162%N 6
163%P 2201-2207
164%D 1978
166%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Microcomputer Control of Apparatus, Machinery, and Experiments
167%K unix bstj
168%A B. C. Wonsiewicz
169%A A. R. Storm
170%A J. D. Sieber
171%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
172%V 57
173%N 6
174%P 2209-2232
175%D 1978
177%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: Circuit Design Aids
178%K unix bstj
179%A A. G. Fraser
180%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
181%V 57
182%N 6
183%P 2233-2249
184%D 1978
186%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: A Support Environment for M\s-2AC\s0-8 Systems
187%A H. D. Rovegno
188%K mac8 unix
189%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
190%V 57
191%N 6
192%P 2251-2263
193%K bstj
194%D 1978
196%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: No. 4 ESS Diagnostic Environment
197%K unix bstj
198%A S. P. Pekarich
199%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
200%V 57
201%N 6
202%P 2265-2274
203%D 1978
205%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: R\s-2BCS\s0/R\s-2CMAS\s0 \(em Converting to the M\s-2ERT\s0 Operating System
206%K unix bstj
207%A E. R. Nagelberg
208%A M. A. Pilla
209%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
210%V 57
211%N 6
212%P 2275-2287
213%D 1978
215%T U\s-2NIX\s0 Time-Sharing System: The Network Operations Center System
216%K unix bstj
217%A H. Cohen
218%A J. C. Kaufeld, Jr.
219%J Bell Sys. Tech. J.
220%V 57
221%N 6
222%P 2289-2304
223%D 1978