103831d35Sstevel /*
203831d35Sstevel  * CDDL HEADER START
303831d35Sstevel  *
403831d35Sstevel  * The contents of this file are subject to the terms of the
503831d35Sstevel  * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
603831d35Sstevel  * You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
703831d35Sstevel  *
803831d35Sstevel  * You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
903831d35Sstevel  * or http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing.
1003831d35Sstevel  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
1103831d35Sstevel  * and limitations under the License.
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1303831d35Sstevel  * When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
1403831d35Sstevel  * file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
1503831d35Sstevel  * If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
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1903831d35Sstevel  * CDDL HEADER END
2003831d35Sstevel  */
2203831d35Sstevel /*
2303831d35Sstevel  * Copyright 2004 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
2403831d35Sstevel  * Use is subject to license terms.
2503831d35Sstevel  */
2703831d35Sstevel #include <stdio.h>
2803831d35Sstevel #include <errno.h>
2903831d35Sstevel #include <fcntl.h>
3003831d35Sstevel #include <unistd.h>
3103831d35Sstevel #include <stdlib.h>
3203831d35Sstevel #include <stdarg.h>
3303831d35Sstevel #include <strings.h>
3403831d35Sstevel #include <limits.h>
3503831d35Sstevel #include <syslog.h>
3603831d35Sstevel #include <sys/open.h>
3703831d35Sstevel #include <string.h>
3803831d35Sstevel #include <alloca.h>
3903831d35Sstevel #include <libintl.h>
4003831d35Sstevel #include <sys/stat.h>
4103831d35Sstevel #include <sys/systeminfo.h>
4203831d35Sstevel #include <picl.h>
4303831d35Sstevel #include <picltree.h>
4403831d35Sstevel #include <fru_access.h>
4503831d35Sstevel #include <sys/sgfrutree.h>
4703831d35Sstevel /*
4803831d35Sstevel  * these functions will overlay the symbol table of libfruaccess
4903831d35Sstevel  * at runtime
5003831d35Sstevel  */
5103831d35Sstevel container_hdl_t	fru_open_container(picl_nodehdl_t fru);
5203831d35Sstevel int		fru_close_container(container_hdl_t fru);
5303831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_num_sections(container_hdl_t container,
5403831d35Sstevel 		    door_cred_t *cred);
5503831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_sections(container_hdl_t container, section_t *section,
5603831d35Sstevel 		    int max_sections, door_cred_t *cred);
5703831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_num_segments(section_hdl_t section, door_cred_t *cred);
5803831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_segments(section_hdl_t section, segment_t *segment,
5903831d35Sstevel 		    int max_segments, door_cred_t *cred);
6003831d35Sstevel int		fru_add_segment(section_hdl_t section, segment_t *segment,
6103831d35Sstevel 		    section_hdl_t *newsection, door_cred_t *cred);
6203831d35Sstevel int		fru_delete_segment(segment_hdl_t segment,
6303831d35Sstevel 		    section_hdl_t *newsection, door_cred_t *cred);
6403831d35Sstevel ssize_t		fru_read_segment(segment_hdl_t segment, void *buffer,
6503831d35Sstevel 		    size_t nbytes, door_cred_t *cred);
6603831d35Sstevel ssize_t		fru_write_segment(segment_hdl_t segment, const void *data,
6703831d35Sstevel 		    size_t nbytes, segment_hdl_t *newsegment,
6803831d35Sstevel 		    door_cred_t *cred);
6903831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_num_packets(segment_hdl_t segment, door_cred_t *cred);
7003831d35Sstevel int		fru_get_packets(segment_hdl_t segment, packet_t *packet,
7103831d35Sstevel 		    int max_packets, door_cred_t *cred);
7203831d35Sstevel int		fru_update_payload(packet_hdl_t packet, const void *data,
7303831d35Sstevel 		    size_t nbytes, packet_hdl_t *newpacket, door_cred_t *cred);
7403831d35Sstevel int		fru_append_packet(segment_hdl_t segment, packet_t *packet,
7503831d35Sstevel 		    const void *payload, size_t nbytes,
7603831d35Sstevel 		    segment_hdl_t *newsegment, door_cred_t *cred);
7703831d35Sstevel int		fru_delete_packet(packet_hdl_t packet,
7803831d35Sstevel 		    segment_hdl_t *newsegment, door_cred_t *cred);
79*ada2da53SToomas Soome int		fru_is_data_available(picl_nodehdl_t fru);
8103831d35Sstevel #define	PICL_PROP_SC_HANDLE	"SC_handle"
8203831d35Sstevel #define	PICL_PROP_DATA_AVAIL	"FRUDataAvailable"
8303831d35Sstevel #define	MAX_LINE_SIZE		1024
8503831d35Sstevel #define	OPENDEVFRU gettext("fru_open_dev: open of %s failed %s")
8603831d35Sstevel #define	GETPV gettext("fru_open_container: ptree_get_propval_by_name failed %s")
8803831d35Sstevel static int
fru_open_dev(void)8903831d35Sstevel fru_open_dev(void)
9003831d35Sstevel {
9103831d35Sstevel 	static int opendevfru = 0;
9203831d35Sstevel 	static int frufd = 0;
9403831d35Sstevel 	if ((opendevfru == 0) && (frufd == 0)) {
9503831d35Sstevel 		if ((frufd = open(FRU_PSEUDO_DEV, O_RDWR, access)) == -1) {
9603831d35Sstevel 			syslog(LOG_ERR, OPENDEVFRU, FRU_PSEUDO_DEV,
9703831d35Sstevel 			    strerror(errno));
9803831d35Sstevel 			return (-1);
9903831d35Sstevel 		}
10003831d35Sstevel 		opendevfru = 1;
10103831d35Sstevel 	}
10203831d35Sstevel 	return (frufd);
10303831d35Sstevel }
10503831d35Sstevel /*
10603831d35Sstevel  * Look up the container_hdl in the PICL tree.
10703831d35Sstevel  */
10803831d35Sstevel container_hdl_t
fru_open_container(picl_nodehdl_t fruh)10903831d35Sstevel fru_open_container(picl_nodehdl_t fruh)
11003831d35Sstevel {
11103831d35Sstevel 	int err;
11203831d35Sstevel 	container_hdl_t container_hdl;
11403831d35Sstevel 	if (fru_open_dev() == -1) {
115*ada2da53SToomas Soome 		return (0);
11603831d35Sstevel 	}
118*ada2da53SToomas Soome 	err = ptree_get_propval_by_name(fruh, PICL_PROP_DATA_AVAIL, NULL, 0);
11903831d35Sstevel 	if (err != PICL_SUCCESS) {
12003831d35Sstevel 		syslog(LOG_ERR, GETPV, PICL_PROP_DATA_AVAIL, err);
121*ada2da53SToomas Soome 		return (0);
12203831d35Sstevel 	}
12303831d35Sstevel 	err = ptree_get_propval_by_name(fruh, PICL_PROP_SC_HANDLE,
12403831d35Sstevel 	    &container_hdl, sizeof (container_hdl_t));
12503831d35Sstevel 	if (err != PICL_SUCCESS) {
12603831d35Sstevel 		syslog(LOG_ERR, GETPV, PICL_PROP_SC_HANDLE, err);
127*ada2da53SToomas Soome 		return (0);
12803831d35Sstevel 	}
12903831d35Sstevel 	return (container_hdl);
13003831d35Sstevel }
13203831d35Sstevel /*
13303831d35Sstevel  * Note : fru_open_container and fru_close_container do not map onto the opens
13403831d35Sstevel  * and closes of the sgfru device on lw8. There is one sgfru device which
13503831d35Sstevel  * handles all containers.
13603831d35Sstevel  */
13703831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
13803831d35Sstevel int
fru_close_container(container_hdl_t fru)13903831d35Sstevel fru_close_container(container_hdl_t fru)
14003831d35Sstevel {
14103831d35Sstevel 	if (fru_open_dev() == -1) {
14203831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
14303831d35Sstevel 	}
14403831d35Sstevel 	return (0);
14503831d35Sstevel }
14703831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
14803831d35Sstevel int
fru_get_num_sections(container_hdl_t container,door_cred_t * cred)14903831d35Sstevel fru_get_num_sections(container_hdl_t container, door_cred_t *cred)
15003831d35Sstevel {
15103831d35Sstevel 	section_info_t numsections;
15203831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
15403831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
15503831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
15603831d35Sstevel 	}
15703831d35Sstevel 	numsections.hdl = container;
15803831d35Sstevel 	numsections.cnt = 0;
15903831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_GETNUMSECTIONS, &numsections) != 0) {
16003831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
16103831d35Sstevel 	}
16203831d35Sstevel 	return (numsections.cnt);
16303831d35Sstevel }
16503831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
16603831d35Sstevel int
fru_get_sections(container_hdl_t container,section_t * section,int max_sections,door_cred_t * cred)16703831d35Sstevel fru_get_sections(container_hdl_t container, section_t *section,
16803831d35Sstevel     int max_sections, door_cred_t *cred)
16903831d35Sstevel {
17003831d35Sstevel 	sections_t sections;
17103831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
17303831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
17403831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
17503831d35Sstevel 	}
17603831d35Sstevel 	sections.fru_hdl = container;
17703831d35Sstevel 	sections.fru_cnt = max_sections;
17803831d35Sstevel 	sections.frus = section;
17903831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_GETSECTIONS, &sections) != 0) {
18003831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
18103831d35Sstevel 	}
18203831d35Sstevel 	return (sections.fru_cnt);
18303831d35Sstevel }
18503831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
18603831d35Sstevel int
fru_get_num_segments(section_hdl_t section,door_cred_t * cred)18703831d35Sstevel fru_get_num_segments(section_hdl_t section, door_cred_t *cred)
18803831d35Sstevel {
18903831d35Sstevel 	segment_info_t numsegments;
19003831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
19203831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
19303831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
19403831d35Sstevel 	}
19503831d35Sstevel 	numsegments.hdl = section;
19603831d35Sstevel 	numsegments.cnt = 0;
19703831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_GETNUMSEGMENTS, &numsegments) != 0) {
19803831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
19903831d35Sstevel 	}
20003831d35Sstevel 	return (numsegments.cnt);
20103831d35Sstevel }
20303831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
20403831d35Sstevel int
fru_get_segments(section_hdl_t section,segment_t * segment,int max_segments,door_cred_t * cred)20503831d35Sstevel fru_get_segments(section_hdl_t section, segment_t *segment, int max_segments,
20603831d35Sstevel     door_cred_t *cred)
20703831d35Sstevel {
20803831d35Sstevel 	segments_t segments;
20903831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
21103831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
21203831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
21303831d35Sstevel 	}
21403831d35Sstevel 	segments.fru_hdl = section;
21503831d35Sstevel 	segments.fru_cnt = max_segments;
21603831d35Sstevel 	segments.frus = segment;
21703831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_GETSEGMENTS, &segments) != 0) {
21803831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
21903831d35Sstevel 	}
22003831d35Sstevel 	return (segments.fru_cnt);
22103831d35Sstevel }
22303831d35Sstevel /*ARGSUSED*/
22403831d35Sstevel int
fru_add_segment(section_hdl_t section,segment_t * segment,section_hdl_t * newsection,door_cred_t * cred)22503831d35Sstevel fru_add_segment(section_hdl_t section, segment_t *segment,
22603831d35Sstevel     section_hdl_t *newsection, door_cred_t *cred)
22703831d35Sstevel {
22803831d35Sstevel 	segments_t newsegment;
22903831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
23103831d35Sstevel 	/* check the effective uid of the client */
23203831d35Sstevel 	if (cred->dc_euid != 0) {
23303831d35Sstevel 		errno = EPERM;
23403831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);	/* not a root */
23503831d35Sstevel 	}
23703831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
23803831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
23903831d35Sstevel 	}
24003831d35Sstevel 	newsegment.fru_hdl = section;
24103831d35Sstevel 	newsegment.fru_cnt = 1;
24203831d35Sstevel 	newsegment.frus = segment;
24303831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_ADDSEGMENT, &newsegment) != 0) {
24403831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
24503831d35Sstevel 	}
24603831d35Sstevel 	/*
24703831d35Sstevel 	 * The new segment handle is returned in segment,
24803831d35Sstevel 	 * return the updated section handle in newsection.
24903831d35Sstevel 	 */
25003831d35Sstevel 	*newsection = newsegment.fru_hdl;
25103831d35Sstevel 	return (0);
25203831d35Sstevel }
25403831d35Sstevel int
fru_delete_segment(segment_hdl_t segment,section_hdl_t * newsection,door_cred_t * cred)25503831d35Sstevel fru_delete_segment(segment_hdl_t segment, section_hdl_t *newsection,
25603831d35Sstevel     door_cred_t *cred)
25703831d35Sstevel {
25803831d35Sstevel 	segment_info_t delsegment;
25903831d35Sstevel 	int fd;
26103831d35Sstevel 	/* check the effective uid of the client */
26203831d35Sstevel 	if (cred->dc_euid != 0) {
26303831d35Sstevel 		errno = EPERM;
26403831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);	/* not a root */
26503831d35Sstevel 	}
26703831d35Sstevel 	if ((fd = fru_open_dev()) == -1) {
26803831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
26903831d35Sstevel 	}
27003831d35Sstevel 	delsegment.hdl = segment;
27103831d35Sstevel 	if (ioctl(fd, SGFRU_DELETESEGMENT, &delsegment) != 0) {
27203831d35Sstevel 		return (-1);
27303831d35Sstevel 	}