xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/ast/README.ast (revision 9ecd05bd)
1This area contains the build configuration for selected AT&T Software Technology
2(AST) libraries and commands. In particular ksh (the illumos /bin/sh), its
3supporting libraries and and a small number of system commands, see
6The source for these components is in usr/src/contrib/ast/; see the README
7file there for more information.
9The AST library builds use FEATURE files to describe the capabilities of the
10host system and build environment (similar to the output from tools like
11GNU autoconf). In order to support cross compilation and ensure reproducible
12builds, these files are present in this tree under libXXX/<arch>/FEATURE/
13alongside a small number of other generated files.
15The FEATURE files can be re-generated based on the current contents of
16proto using 'make _feature' in this directory. This should be done after
17adding new features to the standard libraries that AST can detect and use.
18This needs to be done for all supported architectures.
20Note that for the moment, as long as building gate using gcc 4.4.4 as the
21primary compiler is supported, libast/i386/FEATURE/aso has some additional
22local edits to use the appropriate atomic ops for 32-bit objects built
23with this version of gcc.