xref: /illumos-gate/usr/src/boot/sys/sys/tem.h (revision ffd79eb6)
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269890ff83SToomas Soome /*	Copyright (c) 1990, 1991 UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.	*/
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289890ff83SToomas Soome /*	Copyright (c) 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 AT&T	*/
299890ff83SToomas Soome /*		All Rights Reserved	*/
309890ff83SToomas Soome 
319890ff83SToomas Soome #ifndef	_SYS_TEM_H
329890ff83SToomas Soome #define	_SYS_TEM_H
339890ff83SToomas Soome 
349890ff83SToomas Soome #ifdef __cplusplus
359890ff83SToomas Soome extern "C" {
369890ff83SToomas Soome #endif
379890ff83SToomas Soome 
389890ff83SToomas Soome #include <sys/types.h>
399890ff83SToomas Soome #include <sys/visual_io.h>
40*ffd79eb6SToomas Soome #include <stdbool.h>
419890ff83SToomas Soome 
429890ff83SToomas Soome typedef uint8_t text_color_t;
439890ff83SToomas Soome 
449890ff83SToomas Soome typedef struct __tem_modechg_cb_arg *tem_modechg_cb_arg_t;
459890ff83SToomas Soome typedef void (*tem_modechg_cb_t) (tem_modechg_cb_arg_t arg);
469890ff83SToomas Soome typedef	struct __tem_vt_state *tem_vt_state_t;
479890ff83SToomas Soome 
489890ff83SToomas Soome /*
499890ff83SToomas Soome  * tems_* fuctions mean that they just operate on the common soft state
509890ff83SToomas Soome  * (tem_state_t), and tem_* functions mean that they operate on the
519890ff83SToomas Soome  * per-tem structure (tem_vt_state).
529890ff83SToomas Soome  */
539890ff83SToomas Soome int	tems_cls(struct vis_consclear *);
549890ff83SToomas Soome void	tems_display(struct vis_consdisplay *);
559890ff83SToomas Soome void	tems_copy(struct vis_conscopy *);
569890ff83SToomas Soome void	tems_cursor(struct vis_conscursor *);
579890ff83SToomas Soome 
589890ff83SToomas Soome int	tem_initialized(tem_vt_state_t);
599890ff83SToomas Soome 
609890ff83SToomas Soome tem_vt_state_t tem_init(void);
619890ff83SToomas Soome 
629890ff83SToomas Soome int	tem_info_init(struct console *);
639890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_write(tem_vt_state_t, uint8_t *, ssize_t);
649890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_get_size(uint16_t *, uint16_t *, uint16_t *, uint16_t *);
659890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_save_state(void);
669890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_register_modechg_cb(tem_modechg_cb_t, tem_modechg_cb_arg_t);
67*ffd79eb6SToomas Soome void	tem_activate(tem_vt_state_t, bool);
689890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_switch(tem_vt_state_t, tem_vt_state_t);
699890ff83SToomas Soome void	tem_get_colors(tem_vt_state_t, text_color_t *, text_color_t *);
709890ff83SToomas Soome 
719890ff83SToomas Soome #ifdef __cplusplus
729890ff83SToomas Soome }
739890ff83SToomas Soome #endif
749890ff83SToomas Soome 
759890ff83SToomas Soome #endif /* _SYS_TEM_H */