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H A Dtest_common.h27 typedef struct test *test_t; typedef
28 typedef void (*test_func_t)(test_t, void *);
32 extern test_t test_start(const char *name, ...);
33 extern void test_failed(test_t, const char *format, ...);
34 extern void test_passed(test_t);
35 extern void test_debugf(test_t, const char *format, ...);
47 extern int test_load_config(test_t, const char *, ...);
H A Dtest_common.c44 void (*func)(test_t t, void *);
59 test_t
63 test_t t; in test_start()
96 test_failed(test_t t, const char *format, ...) in test_failed()
135 test_passed(test_t t) in test_passed()
176 test_debugf(test_t t, const char *format, ...) in test_debugf()
200 test_t t = arg; in test_thr_one()
206 test_run(int nthr, void (*func)(test_t, void *), void *arg, in test_run() argument
209 test_t t; in test_run()
264 test_load_config(test_t t, const char *fname, ...) in test_load_config()
H A Dwcsrtombs_test.c83 test_t t; in test_wcsrtombs_1()
123 test_t t; in test_wcsrtombs_l()
167 test_wcsrtombs_thr_iter(test_t t, const char *locale, in test_wcsrtombs_thr_iter()
203 test_wcsrtombs_thr_work(test_t t, void *arg) in test_wcsrtombs_thr_work()
226 test_t t; in test_wcsrtombs_partial()
280 test_t t; in test_wcsrtombs_negative()
306 test_t t; in test_wcsnrtombs_partial()
H A Dnewlocale_test.c59 testlocale_thr_one(test_t t, void *arg) in testlocale_thr_one()
138 test_t t; in test_newlocale_negative()
167 test_t t; in test_newlocale_categories()
202 test_t t; in test_newlocale_composite()
H A Dfpround_test.c36 run_one(test_t t, int i, int j, int precision, boolean_t verbose) in run_one()
82 test_t t; in main()
H A Dstatics.sh39 typeset -T test_t=(
90 test_t -r -a tests=(
H A Dnl_langinfo_test.c183 test_t t; in test_nl_langinfo_1()
215 test_t t; in test_nl_langinfo_l()
H A Dsymbols_test.c685 show_file(test_t t, const char *path) in show_file()
762 test_t t; in find_compiler()
846 do_compile(test_t t, struct sym_test *st, struct compile_env *cenv, int need) in do_compile()
937 test_t t; in test_compile()
H A Dbindtextdomain_test.c121 test_t t = test_start(tc->name); in main()
H A Dwctype_test.c42 test_t t = test_start(#x "_should is subset of " #y);\
H A DREADME32 int test_load_config(test_t, const char *, ...);