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H A Dwa.h481 kcondvar_t wr_cv; /* cv, use Rpipe's mutex to protect */ member
H A Dusba_impl.h147 kcondvar_t wr_cv; member
H A Dusbai_req.c658 cv_init(&wrp->wr_cv, NULL, CV_DRIVER, NULL); in usba_req_wrapper_alloc()
708 cv_destroy(&wrp->wr_cv); in usba_req_wrapper_free()
790 cv_signal(&req_wrp->wr_cv); in usba_req_normal_cb()
899 cv_signal(&req_wrp->wr_cv); in usba_req_exc_cb()
1017 cv_wait(&wrp->wr_cv, &ph_data->p_mutex); in usba_pipe_sync_wait()