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H A Dsmatch_db.c338 char *data_name; in sql_insert_data_info() local
340 data_name = get_data_info_name(data); in sql_insert_data_info()
341 if (!data_name) in sql_insert_data_info()
345 data_name, type, value); in sql_insert_data_info()
H A Dcheck_sprintf_overflow.c25 char *data_name = NULL; in match_sprintf() local
42 data_name = expr_to_str(data); in match_sprintf()
48 data_name, data_size, dest_size); in match_sprintf()
50 free_string(data_name); in match_sprintf()
H A Dcheck_strcpy_overflow.c25 char *data_name = NULL; in match_strcpy() local
46 data_name = expr_to_str(data); in match_strcpy()
50 fn, data_name, dest_name, data_size, dest_size); in match_strcpy()
53 fn, data_name, dest_name); in match_strcpy()
56 free_string(data_name); in match_strcpy()
H A Dcheck_snprintf_overflow.c26 char *data_name = NULL; in match_snprintf() local
48 data_name = expr_to_str(data); in match_snprintf()
54 data_name, data_size, sval_to_str(limit_size)); in match_snprintf()
56 free_string(data_name); in match_snprintf()
H A Dutils.c549 if (protp != NULL && protp->data_name != NULL) {
550 printer(arg, "[%s data] %8.*B", protp->data_name, len, p);
H A Dpppd.h375 char *data_name; /* Text name of corresponding data protocol */ member