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H A Dmp_startup.c284 mp_cpu_configure_common(int cpun, boolean_t boot) in mp_cpu_configure_common()
1360 mp_start_cpu_common(cpu_t *cp, boolean_t boot) in mp_start_cpu_common()
1687 mp_startup_common(boolean_t boot) in mp_startup_common()
H A Dpmbr.s117 boot: mov %bx,%es # Reset %es to zero label
H A Dlog.c593 kstat_named_t *boot; in log_init() local
H A Ddlmgmt_db.c1395 boolean_t boot = B_FALSE; in dlmgmt_db_init() local
H A Dif_iwnvar.h136 struct iwn_fw_part boot; member
H A Dlibzfs_pool.c4497 boolean_t boot = B_FALSE; in read_efi_label() local