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H A Ddb.h88 struct __db; typedef struct __db DB; typedef
H A Dtip.h81 int DB; /* dialback - ignore hangup */ variable
H A Dsetlocale.c231 #define DB ((int)sizeof(wchar_t)*8-1) macro
H A Ddb.h112 } DB; typedef
H A Ddevinfo_devlink.h254 #define DB(h) (&(h)->db) macro
H A Dcurses.c51 bool AM, BS, CA, DA, DB, EO, HC, HZ, IN, MI, MS, NC, NS, OS, UL, XB, XN, variable
H A Dpc_fs.h536 #define pc_dbtocl(PCFS, DB) /* disk blks to clusters */ \ argument
542 #define pc_dbdaddr(PCFS, DB) /* sector to DEV_BSIZE "sector" addr */ \ argument