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H A Dvar.h48 int v_maxup; /* Max number of processes per user. */ member
H A Drctl_proc.c379 RCTL_GLOBAL_COUNT, MAX(v.v_maxup, 8192), MAX(v.v_maxup, 8192), in rctlproc_init()
H A Dfork.c1060 if (nproc >= v.v_maxup && /* short-circuit; usually false */ in getproc()
1062 upcount_get(ruid, zoneid) >= v.v_maxup) && in getproc()
H A Dsysconfig.c96 return (v.v_maxup); in sysconfig()
H A Dparam.c624 v.v_maxup = MIN(maxuprc, v.v_maxupttl); /* max procs per user */ in param_init()
H A Dsysdef.c405 v.v_maxup); in main()
H A DKstat.xs314 SAVE_INT32(self, varp, v_maxup); in save_var()
H A Dkstat.c1142 SAVE_INT32(ksi, var, v_maxup); in save_var()