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H A Dmain.c272 if (setjmp(toplevel) != 0) in main()
279 (void) setjmp(toplevel); in main()
H A Dexterns.h221 extern jmp_buf toplevel; /* For error conditions. */
H A Dsys_bsd.c655 longjmp(toplevel, -1);
H A Dcommands.c1589 longjmp(toplevel, 1);
3529 longjmp(toplevel, 1);
H A Dtelnet.c150 jmp_buf toplevel = { 0 }; variable
H A Dmain.c100 jmp_buf toplevel; variable
315 if (setjmp(toplevel)) in main()
326 top = setjmp(toplevel) == 0; in main()
371 longjmp(toplevel, 1); in intr()
H A Dftp_var.h173 extern jmp_buf toplevel; /* non-local goto stuff for cmd scanner */
H A Dtftpprivate.h53 extern jmp_buf toplevel;
H A Dmain.c75 jmp_buf toplevel; variable
263 if (setjmp(toplevel) != 0) in main()
268 top = (setjmp(toplevel) == 0); in main()
740 longjmp(toplevel, -1); in intr()
H A Dtftp.c103 longjmp(toplevel, -1); in timer()
H A Dscope.h43 static inline int toplevel(struct scope *scope) in toplevel() function
H A Dparse.dtd43 toplevel (0|1) #IMPLIED attribute
H A Dcheck_rosenberg.c125 return toplevel(sym->scope); in has_global_scope()
H A Dsmatch_function_ptrs.c147 else if (sym && toplevel(sym->scope)) in ptr_prefix()
H A Dsymbol.h125 struct token *(*toplevel)(struct token *token, struct symbol_list **list); member
H A Dparse.c358 .toplevel = toplevel_asm_declaration,
362 .toplevel = parse_static_assert,
2978 if (s && s->op->toplevel) in external_declaration()
2979 return s->op->toplevel(token, list); in external_declaration()
H A Dsymbol.c642 if (ns == NS_SYMBOL && toplevel(scope)) { in bind_symbol()
H A Dexpression.c718 if (toplevel(block_scope)) in cast_expression()
H A Dldap.c647 bool toplevel; local
657 toplevel = (recurse == NULL);
1150 if (toplevel)
H A Dlibzfs_sendrecv.c3451 boolean_t raw, boolean_t toplevel, nvlist_t *recvprops, nvlist_t *cmdprops, in zfs_setup_cmdline_props() argument
3592 if (toplevel) { in zfs_setup_cmdline_props()
3673 boolean_t toplevel = B_FALSE; in zfs_receive_one() local
4138 toplevel = B_TRUE; in zfs_receive_one()
4150 stream_wantsnewfs, raw, toplevel, rcvprops, cmdprops, origprops, in zfs_receive_one()
H A Dzpool_main.c5220 boolean_t toplevel = (vs->vs_space != 0); in print_list_stats() local
5247 toplevel, format); in print_list_stats()
5249 toplevel, format); in print_list_stats()
5251 scripted, toplevel, format); in print_list_stats()
5253 vs->vs_checkpoint_space, scripted, toplevel, format); in print_list_stats()
5258 (vs->vs_fragmentation != ZFS_FRAG_INVALID && toplevel), in print_list_stats()
5262 print_one_column(ZPOOL_PROP_CAPACITY, cap, scripted, toplevel, in print_list_stats()
H A DZFS.po122 …rom any subset of devices. In some\ncases, particularly when an entire toplevel virtual device is…
H A Didsconfig.sh4906 ) > ${TMPDIR}/toplevel.${ou}