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H A DTrace.cc44 vector<vector<Trace *> > Trace::stacks; member in Trace
140 if (stacks.size() < tid+1) { in Trace()
141 stacks.resize(tid+1); in Trace()
146 stacks[tid].push_back(this); in Trace()
159 stacks[tid].pop_back(); in ~Trace()
167 for (vector<Trace *>::size_type i = stacks[tid].size() - 1; ; i--) { in stackTrace()
169 msg += (stacks[tid])[i]->label(); in stackTrace()
H A DTrace.h109 static std::vector<std::vector<Trace *> > stacks; variable
H A Dpmadvise.c187 static lwpstack_t *stacks; variable
283 stacks[*np].lwps_stack.ss_flags |= SS_ONSTACK; in getstack()
284 stacks[*np].lwps_lwpid = lsp->pr_lwpid; in getstack()
289 stacks[*np].lwps_lwpid = lsp->pr_lwpid; in getstack()
593 lname = anon_name(newmap->label, Psp, stacks, nstacks, in create_maplist()
1072 stacks = calloc(nstacks, sizeof (stacks[0])); in main()
1073 if (stacks != NULL) { in main()
1076 qsort(stacks, nstacks, sizeof (stacks[0]), in main()
1144 if (stacks != NULL) { in main()
1145 free(stacks); in main()
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H A Dexhaust.c52 caddr_t stacks[512]; in main() local
65 stacks[ncpus] = mmap(0, 1<<23, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, in main()
74 thr_create(stacks[ncpus], 1<<23, be_thread, NULL, THR_BOUND, in main()
H A Dpmap.c166 static lwpstack_t *stacks = NULL; variable
178 stacks[*np].lwps_lwpid = lsp->pr_lwpid; in getstack()
426 stacks = calloc(nstacks, sizeof (stacks[0])); in main()
427 if (stacks != NULL) { in main()
430 qsort(stacks, nstacks, sizeof (stacks[0]), in main()
475 if (stacks != NULL) { in main()
476 free(stacks); in main()
477 stacks = NULL; in main()
566 if (stacks != NULL) { in main()
567 free(stacks); in main()
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H A Dpmap_common.c117 anon_name(char *name, const pstatus_t *Psp, lwpstack_t *stacks, uint_t nstacks, in anon_name() argument
151 (stk = bsearch(&key, stacks, nstacks, sizeof (stacks[0]), in anon_name()
H A Dtst.spin.ksh54 @stacks[ustack(4)] = count();
85 printa("START%kEND\n", @stacks);
H A Dprofile.d25 @stacks[stack()] = count();
H A Doffcpu-profile.d30 @stacks[stack()] = sum(timestamp - self->ts);
H A Dfindstack.h67 extern int stacks(uintptr_t, uint_t, int, const mdb_arg_t *);
H A Dfindstack.c597 stacks(uintptr_t addr, uint_t flags, int argc, const mdb_arg_t *argv) in stacks() function
H A Dgenunix.c4267 stacks, stacks_help },
H A Dtxzonemgr.sh1124 stacks[0]="Shared Stack"
1125 stacks[1]="Exclusive Stack"
H A Darm64-detecting-tagged-addresses.txt77 non-zero. It will recurse up the possible call stacks as far as it can go. This
H A Dyaccpar199 ** put a state and value onto the stacks
H A Dseg_kp.c923 #error Red stacks only supported with downwards stack growth.
H A Dlibc.c1030 int rval = stacks(addr, flags, argc, argv); in stacks_dcmd()
H A DSUNWonld-README1219 6672544 elf_rtbndr must support non-ABI aligned stacks on amd64