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H A DMakefile203 SMATCH_DB_DATA += mtag_map.schema
206 SMATCH_DB_DATA += param_map.schema
216 SMATCH_DB_DATA += data_info.schema
218 SMATCH_DB_DATA += sink_info.schema
219 SMATCH_DB_DATA += db.schema
220 SMATCH_DB_DATA += mtag_about.schema
221 SMATCH_DB_DATA += type_info.schema
223 SMATCH_DB_DATA += mtag_alias.schema
224 SMATCH_DB_DATA += type_size.schema
226 SMATCH_DB_DATA += mtag_data.schema
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H A Dkerberos.ldif35 dn: cn=schema
48 dn: cn=schema
63 dn: cn=schema
75 dn: cn=schema
103 dn: cn=schema
115 dn: cn=schema
127 dn: cn=schema
141 dn: cn=schema
157 dn: cn=schema
170 dn: cn=schema
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H A Dsmatch_files.c38 int open_schema_file(const char *schema) in open_schema_file() argument
43 fd = open_data_file(schema); in open_schema_file()
46 snprintf(buf, 256, "%s/smatch_data/%s", bin_dir, schema); in open_schema_file()
H A Dsmatch.h1033 int open_schema_file(const char *schema);
H A Didsconfig.sh3616 dn: cn=schema
4130 dn: cn=schema
4256 dn: cn=schema
4261 dn: cn=schema
4266 dn: cn=schema
4271 dn: cn=schema
4276 dn: cn=schema
4281 dn: cn=schema
4286 dn: cn=schema
4291 dn: cn=schema
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H A Dcreate_db.sh20 for i in ${bin_dir}/*.schema ; do
H A Dtemptable.test186 #} {1 {database schema has changed}}
247 #} {1 {database schema has changed}}
300 #} {1 {database schema has changed}}
H A Dinterrupt.test113 # and that transaction is later rolled back, the internal schema tables do
H A Dversion.test94 # Add some triggers, views, and indices to the schema and make sure the
H A Dattach.test270 #} {1 {database schema has changed}}
370 # Unable to reinitialize the schema tables because the aux database
H A Dpragma.test184 # Make sure we can read the schema when empty_result_callbacks are
H A Dlock.test43 #} {1 {database schema has changed}}
H A Dtrigger1.test425 # schema was reloaded. The following tests ensure that TEMP triggers are
H A DMakefile131 xmllint --schema $(ADTXSDFILE) --noout $(ADTXMLFILE)
H A DsunPrinter.at.conf.txt27 # IPP Draft 4 schema and Sun Printer Schema
H A Dspaceanal.tcl297 used to store schema information.
326 the database schema information stored in the SQLITE_MASTER table. The
H A DREADME1720 See the file cf/sendmail.schema for the actual LDAP schemas. Note that
1721 this schema (and therefore the lookups and examples below) is experimental
1731 lookups. To use the default schema, simply use:
1735 By doing so, you will use the default schema which expands to a map
1809 If you prefer not to use the default LDAP schema for your aliases, you can
1887 If you prefer not to use the default LDAP schema for your maps, you can
1904 use the default LDAP schema. For example:
1971 If you prefer not to use the default LDAP schema for your classes, you can
H A Dsqlite.h.in164 #define SQLITE_SCHEMA 17 /* The database schema changed */
H A Dsouthamerica1265 # schema for DST. ... Announcement in video (in Spanish):
H A Dwords19880 schema
H A Dlist19879 schema