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H A Dpp.h31 #ifdef ppsymbol
36 #undef ppsymbol
80 #define ppsymget(t,n) (struct ppsymbol*)hashlook(t,n,HASH_LOOKUP,NiL)
81 #define ppsymref(t,n) (struct ppsymbol*)hashlook(t,n,pp.truncate?HASH_LOOKUP:HASH_LOOKUP|HASH_INTER…
82 #define ppsymset(t,n) (struct ppsymbol*)hashlook(t,n,HASH_CREATE|HASH_SIZE(sizeof(struct ppsymbol))…
376 struct ppsymbol /* pp symbol info */ struct
404 struct ppsymbol* symbol; /* last symbol if PP_COMPILE */ argument
446 extern void ppmacref(struct ppsymbol*, char*, int, int, unsigned long);
H A Dpplib.h127 struct ppsymbol;
147 struct ppsymbol* symbol; /* macro info */
499 #define INC_CLEAR ((struct ppsymbol*)0)
500 #define INC_IGNORE ((struct ppsymbol*)pp.addbuf)
501 #define INC_TEST ((struct ppsymbol*)pp.catbuf)
626 n = strlen(error_info.file) + strlen(((struct ppsymbol*)p)->name) + 24; \
701 struct ppsymbol* guard; /* guard symbol */
720 struct ppsymbol sym; /* symbol as usual */
813 extern int ppcall(struct ppsymbol*, int);
825 extern int ppmultiple(struct ppfile*, struct ppsymbol*);
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H A Dppmisc.c34 struct ppsymbol*
37 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in pprefmac()
74 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in ppassert()
H A Dppmacref.c31 ppmacref(struct ppsymbol* sym, char* file, int line, int type, unsigned long sum) in ppmacref()
H A Dppinput.c352 register struct ppsymbol* sym = (struct ppsymbol*)v; in dump()
473 struct ppsymbol* sym; in ppload()
H A Dppcontrol.c60 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in assert()
159 static struct ppsymbol*
162 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in macsym()
261 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in ppcontrol()
279 struct ppsymbol* symbol; in ppcontrol()
H A Dppsearch.c70 ppmultiple(register struct ppfile* fp, register struct ppsymbol* test) in ppmultiple()
72 register struct ppsymbol* status; in ppmultiple()
H A Dppbuiltin.c52 struct ppsymbol* sym; in ppbuiltin()
H A Dppcall.c41 ppcall(register struct ppsymbol* sym, int tok) in ppcall()
H A Dppexpr.c157 register struct ppsymbol* sym; in predicate()
H A Dppop.c316 struct ppmacro* mac = ((struct ppsymbol*)p)->macro; in undefine()
1418 struct ppsymbol tmp; in ppop()
H A DRELEASE264 fix T_BUILTIN ppsymbol -> ppsymkey pun
431 90-06-11 add internal ppsymkey to avoid ppsymbol.value pun for SYM_KEYWORD
H A DHISTORY75 04/19/88 change pp.h to check for old nmake cpp clash with ppsymbol
H A Dpplex.c191 struct ppsymbol* sym; in ppcpp()
1565 pp.symbol = sym = (struct ppsymbol*)ppkeyset(pp.symtab, tp); in ppcpp()
H A Dpp.probe532 …sed -e '/^ppsymbol$/d' -e '/^.$/d' -e '/^..$/d' -e '/[ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ].*[abcdefghijklmn…
H A Dproto.c208 struct ppsymbol;
215 typedef void (*PPMACREF) __PROTO__((struct ppsymbol*, const char*, int, int, unsigned long));
228 struct ppsymbol* symbol;
349 struct ppsymbol struct
370 struct ppsymbol* symbol; argument
412 extern __MANGLE__ void ppmacref __PROTO__((struct ppsymbol*, char*, int, int, unsigned long));
443 struct ppsymbol* guard;
462 struct ppsymbol sym;
503 extern __MANGLE__ int ppcall __PROTO__((struct ppsymbol*, int));
515 extern __MANGLE__ int ppmultiple __PROTO__((struct ppfile*, struct ppsymbol*));
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