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H A Dpim.h82 typedef struct pim { struct
H A DMakefile34 ip_mroute.h ip_var.h pim.h sctp.h tcp.h tcp_debug.h tcp_fsm.h \
H A Dprotocols54 pim 103 PIM # Protocol Independent Multicast
H A Dtopo_xml.c649 boolean_t pim; in props_create() local
666 e = nvlist_lookup_boolean_value(props[pn], INV_IMMUTE, &pim); in props_create()
673 flag = (pim == B_TRUE) ? in props_create()
H A Dip_mroute.c2306 pim_validate_cksum(mblk_t *mp, ipha_t *ip, struct pim *pimp) in pim_validate_cksum()
2338 struct pim *pimp; /* pointer to a pim struct */ in pim_input()
2378 pimp = (struct pim *)((caddr_t)ip + iphlen); in pim_input()
H A Dsystem-header.mf576 file path=usr/include/netinet/pim.h