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H A Dmcdecode.c162 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in mcdecode_dump() local
169 bzero(&mcs, sizeof (mcs)); in mcdecode_dump()
170 if (ioctl(fd, MC_IOC_DECODE_SNAPSHOT_INFO, &mcs) != 0) { in mcdecode_dump()
174 if ((buf = malloc(mcs.mcs_size)) == NULL) { in mcdecode_dump()
176 "dump snapshot", mcs.mcs_size); in mcdecode_dump()
188 while (mcs.mcs_size > 0) { in mcdecode_dump()
190 size_t out = mcs.mcs_size > MCDECODE_WRITE ? MCDECODE_WRITE : in mcdecode_dump()
191 mcs.mcs_size; in mcdecode_dump()
201 mcs.mcs_size -= ret; in mcdecode_dump()
H A Ddeveloper-object-file.p5m31 …lopment utilities, including ar, dis, dump, elfdump, elfedit, lex, lorder, mcs, nm, prof, ranlib, …
41 file path=usr/bin/$(ARCH64)/mcs mode=0555
44 hardlink path=usr/bin/$(ARCH64)/strip target=../../bin/$(ARCH64)/mcs
56 file path=usr/bin/mcs mode=0555
62 hardlink path=usr/bin/strip target=../bin/mcs
73 link path=usr/ccs/bin/$(ARCH64)/mcs target=../../../bin/$(ARCH64)/mcs
86 link path=usr/ccs/bin/mcs target=../../bin/mcs
140 file path=usr/share/man/man1/mcs.1
152 …lopment utilities, including ar, dis, dump, elfdump, elfedit, lex, lorder, mcs, nm, prof, ranlib, …
H A Dintel_nhmdrv.c122 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in inhm_mc_ioctl() local
143 mcs.mcs_size = (uint32_t)inhm_mc_snapshotsz[chip]; in inhm_mc_ioctl()
144 mcs.mcs_gen = inhm_mc_snapshotgen; in inhm_mc_ioctl()
146 if (ddi_copyout(&mcs, (void *)arg, sizeof (mc_snapshot_info_t), in inhm_mc_ioctl()
H A DMakefile39 mcs -d -a "ELF demo: object comment: $@" $@
43 mcs -d -a "ELF demo: executable comment: $@" $@
H A Dintel_nbdrv.c355 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in inb_mc_ioctl() local
374 mcs.mcs_size = (uint32_t)inb_mc_snapshotsz; in inb_mc_ioctl()
375 mcs.mcs_gen = inb_mc_snapshotgen; in inb_mc_ioctl()
377 if (ddi_copyout(&mcs, (void *)arg, sizeof (mc_snapshot_info_t), in inb_mc_ioctl()
H A Dumem_genasm.c342 genasm_frinit(uint8_t *bp, uint32_t off, uint32_t dp, uint32_t ep, uint32_t mcs) in genasm_frinit() argument
351 bcopy(&mcs, bp + PTC_FRINI_MCS, sizeof (mcs)); in genasm_frinit()
H A DMakefile.com29 PROG= mcs
H A Dchip_amd.c306 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in amd_lookup_by_mcid() local
332 if (ioctl(fd, MC_IOC_SNAPSHOT_INFO, &mcs) == -1 || in amd_lookup_by_mcid()
333 (buf = topo_mod_alloc(mod, mcs.mcs_size)) == NULL || in amd_lookup_by_mcid()
345 err = nvlist_unpack(buf, mcs.mcs_size, &nvl, 0); in amd_lookup_by_mcid()
346 topo_mod_free(mod, buf, mcs.mcs_size); in amd_lookup_by_mcid()
H A Dchip_intel.c915 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in mc_node_create() local
921 if (ioctl(mc_fd, MC_IOC_SNAPSHOT_INFO, &mcs) == -1 || in mc_node_create()
922 (buf = topo_mod_alloc(mod, mcs.mcs_size)) == NULL || in mc_node_create()
933 (void) nvlist_unpack(buf, mcs.mcs_size, &nvl, 0); in mc_node_create()
934 topo_mod_free(mod, buf, mcs.mcs_size); in mc_node_create()
H A DMakefile72 mcs \
H A Drt2860.c1092 uint8_t mcs, pid, qsel; in rt2860_send() local
1176 mcs = rt2860_rate2mcs(rate); in rt2860_send()
1187 mcs |= RT2860_PHY_SHPRE; in rt2860_send()
1190 txwi->phy |= LE_16(mcs); in rt2860_send()
1199 pid = (mcs + 1) & 0xf; in rt2860_send()
1329 #define CCK(mcs) (mcs) in rt2860_enable_mrr() argument
1330 #define OFDM(mcs) ((uint32_t)1 << 3 | (mcs)) in rt2860_enable_mrr() argument
1626 uint8_t wcid, mcs, pid; in rt2860_drain_stats_fifo() local
1648 mcs = (stat >> RT2860_TXQ_MCS_SHIFT) & 0x7f; in rt2860_drain_stats_fifo()
1650 if (mcs + 1 != pid) in rt2860_drain_stats_fifo()
H A Dmcamd_drv.c1160 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in mc_ioctl() local
1167 mcs.mcs_size = mc->mc_snapshotsz; in mc_ioctl()
1168 mcs.mcs_gen = mc->mc_snapshotgen; in mc_ioctl()
1170 if (ddi_copyout(&mcs, (void *)arg, sizeof (mc_snapshot_info_t), in mc_ioctl()
H A Dsmbios_enum.c593 mc_snapshot_info_t mcs; in has_mc_driver() local
598 if (ioctl(mc_fd, MC_IOC_SNAPSHOT_INFO, &mcs) < 0) { in has_mc_driver()
H A DMakefile233 mcs.1 \
H A Dimc.c1450 nvlist_t *mcs[IMC_MAX_IMCPERSOCK]; in imc_nvl_create() local
1460 mcs[i] = imc_nvl_create_mc(imc, &sock->isock_imcs[i]); in imc_nvl_create()
1464 mcs, sock->isock_nimc); in imc_nvl_create()
1467 nvlist_free(mcs[i]); in imc_nvl_create()
H A DSUNWonld-README416 4506164 mcs does not recognize #linkbefore or #linkafter qualifiers
598 4736951 The mcs broken when the target file is an archive file
776 4951840 mcs -c goes into a loop on executable program
1127 6307146 mcs dumps core when appending null string to comment section
1376 6198202 mcs -d dumps core
1399 6473571 strip and mcs get confused and corrupt files when passed
1401 6253589 mcs has problems handling multiple SHT_NOTE sections
1504 6765931 mcs generates unlink(NULL) system calls
H A DMakefile.master180 MCS= /usr/bin/mcs
H A Dcheck_rtime265 # Closed binaries have an old mcs comment mentioning SunOS rather than
H A Dcaps114 micro_char_size, "mcs" "Yf" Character step size when in micro mode
H A Dcaps127 micro_char_size mcs Yf number Character step size when in micro mode
H A Dcaps127 micro_col_size mcs Yf number Character step size when in micro mode